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Playlist: Do, 30.11.23 – Metal & Beer

Donnerstag, 30.11.23 – Metal & Beer

20h Hirngespinste der DJs Kompaktfee

Ne Obliviscaris – Urn pt.1&2
Hacride – Act of God
Ahab – Old Thunder
Hierophant – Crypt of Existence
Black Witchery – Heretic Death Call
Beherit – Pagan Moon
Saor – Bròn
The Pogues – Dirty Old Town


Primordial – The Coffin Ships
Paradise Lost – Darker Thoughts
In Flames – Meet Your Maker
Turisas – To Holmgard and Beyond
Tyr – Another Fallen Brother
Ensiferum – Twilight Tavern
Iron Maiden – Run to the Hills
Savatage – When the Crowds are Gone
Metallica – Ride the Lightning
Sacred Reich – The American Way


Kreator – Phobia
Prong- Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck
Slipknot – Duality
Emil Bulls – The Ninth Wave
Lamb of God- Ghost Shaped People
Gojira – Born in Winter
Debauchery – Blood for the Blood God
Obituary – The Wrong Time
Satyricon – Black Crow on a Tombstone
Bathory – The Lake
Therion – Lemuria
Unto Others – Little Bird
Judas Priest – Beyond the Realms of Death


Dio – Holy Diver
Danzig – Devil’s Plaything
Pantera – This Love
Sepultura – Refuse/Resist
Municipal Waste – The Thrashin‘ of Christ
Pizza Death – Putin Hates Gluten Free Pizza Bases
Machine Head – Who We Are
Soilwork – Stalfagel
Killswitch Engage – Rose of Sharyn
Trivium – Down from the Sky
Death – Spirit Crusher
Celtic Frost – A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh

24h Gute Nacht

Playlist: Sa, 18.11.23 – Newcomer Festival Vorentscheid

Samstag, 18.11.23 – Newcomer Festival Vorentscheid

Judgement of Silence

Luca Juline

Joshy Flavour

Trading Shadows

Herzlichen Glückwunsch an die Gewinner dieses Vorentscheids:
Judgement of Silence & Trading Shadows

Das Finale des Newcomer Festival 2023 findet Sa, 25.11. im Kulturzentrum E-Werk statt.

23:30 DJ KompaktScheibe

Porcupine Tree – Shallow
Editors – Blood
Arcade Fire – Reflektor
Kaiser Chiefs – Everyday I Love you less and less
Gnarwolves – History is Bunk
Faith no More – Epic

Alles Gute zum Geburtsag für den Drummer von Judgement of Silence
Bon Jovi – It’s my Life
Skid Row – Youth Gone Wild
Y & T – Hang ‚em High
Iron Maiden – The Trooper
Manimal – Forged in Metal
Metal Church – Metal Church
Judas Priest – Blood Red Skies
Danzig – Devil’s Plaything
Helloween – Gorgar
Queensryche – The Needle Lies
Metallica – If Darknees Had a Son
Strapping Young Lad – All Hail the New Flesh
Meshuggah – New Millenium Cyanide Christ
Meshuggah – Born In Dissonance


Gute Nacht

b1n4ry – hexadecimal

Playlist: Fr, 17.11.23 – Masters of Metal

Freitag, 17.11.23 – Masters of Metal

20:00 DJ Hauthaar

Toxik – Greed
Enforcer – On the Loose
Cryonic Temple – In Thy Power
Stallion – Killing Time
Double Diamond – In Danger
Black Label Society – Believe
Down – I Scream
Disturbed – Awaken
Frozen Land – Loser’s Game
Possessed – Swing the Axe
Megadeth – We’ll be back
Five Finger Death Punch – Lift me up
Turmion Kätilöt – Sanu Kun Riittää
Trivium – In Waves
Arch Enemy – Deceiver, Deceiver


Obituary – Infected
Suicidal Tendencies – You can’t bring me down
Killswitch Engage – Holy Diver
From Ashes to new – Panic
Falling in Reverse – Zombified
Amon amarth – Tattered Banners and Bloody Falgs
Bolt Thrower – Return from Chaos

DJ KompaktScheibe

Megadeth – Sweating Bullets
Blind Guardian – Time Stands Still
Dio – Sunset Superman
Iron Maiden – Wasted Years
Savatage – Hall of the Mountain King
Hammerfall – Hearts on Fire


Sabaton – Night Witches
Powerwolf – Werewolves of Armenia
In Flames – Only for the Weak
Soilwork – Distortion Sleep
Avenged Sevenfold – Welcome to the Family
Slipknot – The Devil in I
Parkway Drive – The Greatest Fear
Linkin Park – Place for my Head
Amorphis – Sky is Mine
Dimmu Borgir – The Sacrilegious Scorn
Therion – Wine of Aluqua
Gloryhammer – Keeper of the Celestial Flame of Abernethy
Beast in Black – Blind and Frozen
Bloodbound – Between the Enemy Lines
Alice in Chains – Rain when I Die
Faith no More – Malpractice

23:00 DJ Hauthaar

Demonauta – Del Vendaval
Heroes del silencio – Entre dos tierras
Misfits – Dig up her Bones
The Offspring – The Kids aren’t alright
Pantera – Cowboys from Hell
System of a Down – B.Y.O.B
Bring me the Horizon – Shadow Moses
Beartooth – Hated
Fear Factory – Slave Labor
Carcass – No Love lost
Devil Driver – Devil’s Son
Sepultura – Territory
Architects – Downfall


Killswitch Engage – This Fire
Exodus – Funeral Hymn
Powerwolf – Sanctified with Dynamite
Twilight Force – Queen of Eternity
Victorious – God of Roar
Children of Bodom – Next in Line
Wintersun – Battle against Time

DJ Kompaktscheibe

Rotting Christ – In Yumen-Xibalba
Eluveitie – Havoc
Norther – Death Unlimited
Machine Head – Davidian
Hatebreed – Proven
Strapping Young Lad – Love
Tesseract – Nocturne


Disturbed – Decadence
In Flames – Alias
Korn – Blind
Ill Nino – This is War
Killswitch Engage – Rose of Sharyn
Mastodon – Mother Puncher
Gojira – Silvera
Trivium – In Waves (Ooops, nochmal, aber Leute wollten’s)
Lamb of God – Laid to Rest
Celeste – Cette Chutte Brutale
Mantar – Spit
Mental Home – Stained
Freedom Call – Warriors of Light
Anacrusis – I Love the World
Dark Tranquility – Atoma


We’re making it out of Bruck with this one
Dj Smokey – traphouse full of nukes

Playlist: Blasts in Brucklyn – Sa, 11.11.23

Samstag, 11.11.23 – Blasts of Brucklyn

DJ Vynnnnn

20:00 Uhr

Morbid Evils – In Hate
Cranial – Dark
Ahab – O Father O Sea
Behemoth – O Father O Satan O Sun
Mgla – Groza II
Gaerea – Salve
Noctem – Sulphur
Marduk – Frontschwein

21:00 Uhr

Windir – Todeswalzer
Lorna Shore – To The Hellfire
Enterprise Earth – You couldn’t save me
Slaughter to Prevail – Hell
Brand Of Sacrifice – Demon King
Larcenia Roe – Alienation
Suicide Silence – Wake Up
Thy Art is Murder – Puppet Master
Carnifex – Bury me in Blasphemy
Get The Shot – Survival Denied
Paleface Swiss – Skin People
Acrania – Disillusion in an discordant System
Cattle Decapitation – Finish Them
Devourment – Babykiller
Esophagus – Killing For Sport
The Dark Prison Massacre – Silence of Decay
Skinless – The Optimist


MK Ultra

immolation – god complex
kataklysm – guillotine
debauchery – let there be blood
vader – this is the war
divine empire – the mauler
watain – legions of the black light
gorgoroth – carving a giant
primordial – to hell or to the hangman
arch enemy – deceiver, deceiver
heaven shall burn – corium
caliban – memorial
mantar – white nights

antigama – empty paths
napalm death – suffer the children
bolt thrower – the killchain
morbid angel – lord of all feavers an plagues
samael – ceremony of oposites
agalloch – not unlike the waves
alcest – ecailles de lune #2
dismember – override of the overture
deranged – mutilate and dump you
dying fetus – grotesque impalement
the crown – crowned in terror


Alles gute Blume, du alter sack

blind guardian – nightfall
rompeprop – vaginal luftwaffe

DJ Wundexperte

Death – Zombie Ritual
Obituary – Slowly We Rot
Entombed – Left Hand Path
Killengod – Masquerade The Master
Hypocrisy – Penetralia
Cryptopsy – Phobophile
Fleshgod Apocalypse – The Violation
Dödsrit – Svard Aska
Kokomo – Kill The Captain, Feed The Fishes


Withered Beauty – Lies
Impaled Nazarene – Sadhu Satana
Desaster – The Art Of Destruction
Celtic Frost – Circle Of The Tyrants
Yacopsae – Frost
Nasum – I Hate People
Rotten Sound – IQ
Death Toll 80K – Bleak
Archagathus – Terrible Human
Slund – Sickness
Agathocles – No More Faith
Lautstürmer – Let´s Raise The Dead
Disfear – Get It Off
Carcass – Carnal Forge
Gorleben – Contaminated
Melt Banana – The Hive
ZEUS!!!- Sick And Destroyed

Tom Petty – Free Fallin´

Playlist: Alternative Fusions – Do, 09.11.23

Donnerstag, 09.11.23 – Alternative Fusions

20 Uhr Dj KompaktScheibe

Faith no More – Jizzlobber
Paradise Lost – Erased
Ra – Broken Hearted Soul
Quorthon – I’ve had it coming my way
Life of Agony – Through
Cavalera Company – Killing Inside
Mastodon – The Motherload
Soundgarden – Rusty Cage
Alice in Chains – Would
Staind – Mudshovel
Primus – My Name is Mud
A Perfect Circle – The Hollow
Cult to Follow – 10 seconds from panic
Three Days Grace – I Hate Everything About you
Incubus – A Certain Shade of Green
Static-X – Skinnyman

21 Uhr

Hatebreed – I will be heard
(Hed) P.E. – Suck It Up
Korn – Falling Away From Me
Kyuss – Green Machine
King’s X – Dogman
Living Colour – Cult of Personality
Prong – Snap your fingers, Snap your neck
Turmion Kätilöt – Teurastaja
Pain – Same Old Song
Machine Head – Halo
Fear Factory – Slave Labor
Bloodywood – Gaddaar
Disturbed – Decadence
Powerman 5000 – When Worlds Collide
Ministry – Jesus Built my Hotrod
Faith No More – Midlife Crisis
Amorphis – Sky Is Mine

22 Uhr

TOOL – The Pot
Slipknot – Duality
Sleep Token – Vore
Brand of Sacrifice – Eclipse
Parkway Drive – Prey
Combichrist – Hate Like Me
White Zombie – More Human Than Human
Otep – Blood Pigs
Filter – Hey Man, Nice Shot
Mnemic – Deathbox
Between the Buried and Me – Mordecai

23 Uhr

Deftones – Elite
Linkin Park – Don’t Stay
Drowning Pool – Bodies
System of a Down – Chop Suey!
Bullet for my Valentine – You Want a Battle
Alter Bridge – Metalingus
Audioslave – Be Yourself
The Smashing Pumpkins – Cherub Rock
Slash – World on Fire
Quicksand – Fazer
Alice in Chains – Bleed the Freak
Haken – Nightingale
Katatonia – Leaders
Alcest – Sapphire
Twelve Foot Ninja – Coming for You


System Reset – Cyber Salvation

Playlist: Coreknaben XXL – Sa, 04.11.23

Samstag, 04.11.23 – Coreknaben XXL

20h DJ Zahnfee

Dead Icarus – Sellout
Svalbard – Faking it
Bad Wolves – If Tommorrow Never Comes
For The Fallen Dreams – Unstoppable
Tenside – Come Alive Dying
Future Palace – Malphas
Make Them Suffer – Doomswitch
Whitechapel – I Will Find You
Chelsea Grin – Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
Mortal Agony – Kiss my Fist
Terror – Hard Lessons
Harms Way – Silent Wolf
Guilt Trip – Thin Ice
Hatebreed – I Will Be Heard
Parkway Drive – Swing
Resolve – Death Awaits


Imminence – Infectious
Any Given Day – Unbreakable
Annisokay – Human
Being As An Ocean – Tragedy
Spiritbox – Jaded
thrown – on the verge
Cabal – Death March
Distant – Aeons of Oblivion
Emil Bulls – The Ninth Wave

21:30h DJ Vynnnnnnn

Blind Channel – DEADZONE
Wage War – The River
August Burns Red – Quake
all that Remains – What if i was nothing
Killswitch Engage – Rose of Sharyn
The Ghost Inside – avalanche
Lamb of God – Ditch
Walls of Jericho – the American Dream
Parkway Drive – Dark Days


Cabal – Blod Af Mit
Upon a Burning Body – Scars
After the Burial – Behold The Crown
All Shall Perish – Wage Slaves
Bring me the horizon – Chelsea Smile
King 810 – Killem all
Drain – Watch you Burn
Get The Shot – Deathbound
Knocked Loose – counting Worms
Nasty – Ressurection
Yokai – Two Hands
Paleface swiss – lights out
Spawn of Disgust – Messerstecherei
Schwarzkopf – Bitch you Know
Slamecoke – Fick Die Bude Kaputt

23h DJ Zahnfee

Thy Art is Murder – Holy War
Trivium – Dying in Your Arms
Ice Nine Kills – Rocking the Boat
Architects – Animals
Falling in Reverse – Zombified
Electric Callboy – Pump It
Landmvrks – Scars
Heaven Shall Burn – Black Tears
Lorna Shore – Sun//Eater
Slaughter to Prevail – VIKING
Brand of Sacrifice feat. We Came as Romans – Darkbloom
Motionless in White – Dark Passenger
Asking Alexandria – Closure
Hatebreed – Destroy Everything
Sick of it All – Step Down
Biohazard – Punishment


Body Count – Body Count’s in the House
The Ghost Inside – Engine 45
Bullet for my Valentine – Waking the Demon
The Devil Wears Prada – Salt
A Day to Remember – The Downfall of Us All
Parkway Drive – Bottom Feeder
Bury Tomorrow – Adandon Us
Suicide Silence – You Only Live Once

DJ Hauthaar

Kublai Khan – Self Destruct
No Face no Case – No Hope
Chelsea Grin – Hostage
Spiritbox – The Summit
Crystal Lake – Watch me burn
Through Life – Sleepless
While she sleeps – You are We
Bring me the Horizon – It never ends
thrown – on the verge


Bury tomorrow – Man on Fire
Miss May I – Forgive and forget
Paleface Swiss – Please end me
Infant Annihilator – Cuntcrusher
Killswitch Engage – My Curse
Motionless in White – Slaughterhouse
Unity TX – ROC SH!T
Electric Callboy – Everytime we touch
Attila – Pizza
I Prevail – Bow down
Born of Osiris – Throw me in the Jungle
Architects – These Colours don’t run
Employed to Serve – Exist
Falling in Reverse – Popular Monster
etzadla hibhob und dann rausschmiss
Body Count – Talk shit, get shot
Mehnersmoos – 3 Uhr nachts

sooo, viel Spaß mit diesem Ohrwurm!
Haddaway – What Is Love? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more…

Playlist: Masters of Metal – Fr, 03.11.23

Freitag, 03.11.2023 – Masters of Metal

DJ Kabelsalat

20:00 Uhr

Die Ärzte – Junge
Dio – The Last in Line
Black Sabbath – God Is Dead?
Atlantean Kodex – Pilgrim
Bathory – The Lake
Megadeth – Holy Wars…The Punishment Due
Hypocrisy – Eraser
Arch Enemy – Handshake with Hell
Amon Amarth – Find A Way Or Make One
Gamma Ray – The Guardians of Mankind

21:00 Uhr

Brothers of Metal – To the Skies and Beyond
Blind Guardian – Skalds And Shadows
Grave Digger – The Reaper
Parkway Drive – The Greatest Fear
Architects – Impermanence
Accept – Midnight Highway
In Extremo – Liam

Und nun werden eure Ohren beschallt von

DJ KompaktScheibe

Danzig – Twist of Cain
Judas Priest – Painkiller
Chastain – The Voice of the Cult
Virigin Steele – veni, Vidi, Vici
Falconer – Mindtraveller
Grand Magus – Hammer of the North

22:00 Uhr

Machine Head – Davidian
From Ashes to New – Panic
Jinjer – Pisces
In Flames – Only for the Weak
Fear Factory – Slave Labor
Slipknot – Psychosocial
Korn – Coming Undone
Linkin Park – One Step Closer
Testament – Practice what you preach
Slayer – Stain of Mind
At the Gates – Slaughter of the Soul
Iron Maiden – Flight of Icarus
Judas Priest – Out in the Cold
Megadeth – Angry Again

23:00 Uhr

DJ Kabelsalat

Kreator – Satan is Real
Trivium – In Waves
Bring me the Horizon – Throne
Green Day 21 Guns
Avril Lavigne – Sk8er Boi
Linkin Park – New Divide
Five Finger Death Punch – This is my War
Helloween – Eagle Fly Free
Gamma Ray – Armageddon
Metallica – Blackened
Slayer – Hell Awaits
Hypocrisy – Children of the Gray

0:00 Uhr

In Flames – Cloud Connected
Slipknot – Duality
System of a Down – Chop Suey
Billy Talent – Viking Death March
Orden Ogan – The Things we Believe in
Blind Guardian – Surfin USA
Pain – Follow Me
Anthrax – Mashouse

Dj KompaktScheibe

Soilwork – Stalfagel
Gojira – Stranded
Enslaved – Ruun
Alcest – Percees de Lumiere
Katatonia – July
System of a Down – I E A I A I O

1:00 Uhr

Korn – Blind
Linkin Park – What I’ve done
Deftones – My Own Summer
Evanescence – Everybody’s Fool
Nightwish – Dead Boy’s Poem
Therion – Lemuria
The Vision Bleak – The Wood Hag
Igorr – Opus Brain
Antigama – Division of Lonely Crows
Jinjer – Teacher, Teacher
Lacuna Coil – Swamped
Ra – Do you call my name
Tool – Undertow
Brutus – Liar

Dann kommt gut heim

Chris Jarvis – Blue Flame

Playlist : Metal & Bier – Do 02.11.23

Donnerstag 2.11.23 – Herbst und Bier

Besser spät als nie.

DJ Kurztus

black sabbath – paranoid
kreator – 666 World divided
legion of the damned – infernal wrath
slayer – supremist
possessed – burning hell
unleashed – death metal victory
viel daddy, wenig sugar
urgehal – antireligious
khold – hekseformula i vev
départe – vessel
wormwood – the isolationist
dödheimsgard – tankespinnerens smerte
wiegedood – fn scar 16
total hate sinister reflection
craft – i want to commit murder
the antichrist imperium – golgothian hieros gamos
antimatter – the weight of the world


amenra – a solitary reign
wake – infinite inward
kwade droes – verkeerde preek


fluisteraars – brandt woedt mijn graf
dödheimsgard – interstellar nexus/It does not follow

Playlist: Halloween Party – Di, 31.10.23

Dienstag 31.10.23 – Halloween Party

DJ Vynnnnn

John Carpenter – Halloween Theme
Wednesday 13 -What the Night brings
Murderdolls – White Wedding
Misfits – Scream
Type O Negative – Love You to Death
Avatar – Hail the Apocalypse
Elena Siegman – 115
Acid Witch – Hardrock Halloween
Denial of God – The Transilvanian Dream
Dimmu Borgir – Interdimensional Summit
Cradle of Filth – Nemesis
Slipknot – Psychosocial
Disturbed – Divisive
Five Finger Death Puch – Welcome to the Circus
Ice Nine Kills – Hip to be Scared
King Diamond – Halloween
Helloween – I Want Out
Iron Maiden – Number of the Beast
Judas Priest – Night Crawler
Powerwolf – Demon’s are girls best friend
Manowar – Kings of Metal
Slayer – Dead Skin Mask
Annihilator – Allison Hell
Metallica – Creeping Death

Aufstand der nicht Diensthabenden!!!
Erfolgreicher Putsch der DJs Kompaktscheibe und Kabelsalat


DJ Kompaktsalat
22:00 Uhr

Arch Enemy – Nemesis
In Flames – Take this Life
Death – Pull the Plug
Gojira – Silvera
System of a Down – B.Y.O.B
DragonForce – Through Fire And Flames
Blind Guardian – Mirror Mirror
Nightwish – End of all hope
Mötley Crüe – Kickstart My Heart
Skid Row – 18 and life
Misfits – Dig up her Bones
Linkin Park – Faint
Machine Head – Locust

23:00 Uhr
DJ Kabelscheibe

Fear Factory – Soul Hacker
Rob Zombie – Dragula
Iron Maiden – Moonchild
Saxon – Wheels of Steel
Queensryche – I don’t believe in Love
Bullet for my Valentine – Tears don’t Fall
Electric Callboy – Hypa Hypa
Architects – Nihilist
Parkway Drive – Carrion
Alestorm – Drink
Korpiklaani – Vodka
Pain – Shut your Mouth
Papa Roach – Last Resort
Queens of the Stone Age – Burn the Witch
The Killers – Human
Marilyn Manson – Sweet Dreams

War lustig, der Putsch ist gelungen, aber Macht macht Müde.
… Verlust

0:00 Uhr Dj Judge

Type O Negative – Wolfmoon
Judas Priest – The Sentinel
Manowar – Warriors of the World United
AC/DC – Youb shook me all night long
Motörhead – Motörhead
Misfits – Die , Die my darling
The Cranberries – Zombie
Iron Maiden – “ Minutes to Midnight
Blink 182 – Whats my age again
Green Day – Holiday
The Offspring – Self Esteem
Rocky Horror Show – Time Warp
BFMV – All these Things
Suicide Silence – Disengage


In flames – Cloud Connected
Heaven shall burn – bring the war home
Satyricon -KING
MAyhem – Freezing Moon
Gorgoroth – Gorgoroth

DJ Kinky Kitten

judas priest turbo lover
marilyn manson – this is haloween
doodseskader – its not an adiction if you dont feel like quiting
gojira – wsidom comes
tool -schism
limp bizkit – living up
korn – right now
sodom – m16


acdc- hells bells
iron maiden – fear of the dark
disturbed – down with the sickeness
Linkin Park – What I’ve done
alien waeponry – kay tangata
heaven shall burn – black tears

DJ Endscheibe

At the Gates – Slaughter of the Soul
Primordial – Gallows Hymn
Hypocrisy – Eraser
The Dillinger Escape Plan – 43% burnt
Jinjer – Vortex
Alice Cooper – Poison

3:00 Uhr

Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus
Depeche Mode – Enjoy the Silence

Jetzt wirklich gute Nacht!

DigBar – 3 BIG BALLS

Playlist: Blasts in Brucklyn – Sa, 28.10.23

Samstag, 28.10.23 – Blasts in Brucklyn

20:00 DJ Hauthaar

TEL – Ouroboros
Herder – Evasion of Truth
UADA – Crepuscule Natura
Deathspell Omega – Absolutist Regeneration
Bölzer – Spiritual Athleticism
Rage Nucléaire – Annihilation Frenzy
Akercocke – The Dark Inside
Valborg – Kreuzer
Triptykon – A Thousand Lies
Urfaust – Das Kind im Spiegel
Horn – Verhallend in Landstrichen


Anaal Nathrakh – Ashes screaming Silence
The Antichrist Imperium – Golgothian Hieros Gamos
Necrophagist – Culinary Hyperversity
Death – Zombie Ritual
Obituary – Slowly we rot
The Crown – Deathexplosion
Cerebral Incubation – Gastrointestinal Rape

DJ Don Hugo Armani

Vulvectomy – grotesque prosthetic prolapse
craniotomy – girl from little village
gorepig – father hog
knocked loose – everything is quiet now
Suffocation – Come Hell or high Priest
Bloodbath – brave new hell
hellhammer – triumph of death
pungent stench – pungent stench


napalm death – c.s.
repulsion – six feet under
blood – scream of anguish
macabre – hitchhiker
takafumi matsubara – dignity
implore – all is not lost is long forgotten
wiegedood – fn scar 16
deprevation – gift
konvent – world of gone
victims of classwar – giftspirale
fredag den 13:e – paria
rotting christ – non servium
benediction – subsconcious terror
obituary – final thoughts
bolt thrower – the killchain
solstafir – köld

23:00 DJ Hauthaar

Primordial – Gods to the Godless
Carach Angren – Little Hector, what have you done
Bethlehem – Fickselbomber Panzerplautze
Dimmu Borgir – Mourning Palace
Lamb of God – Omerta
Six Feet Under – Beneath a black Sky
Bolt Thrower – No Guts no Glory
Playmobil – Piratenschiff
Mantar – Spit
Zeal & Ardor – Götterdämmerung
Animals as Leaders – Tooth and Claw
Shining – For the God below
Harakiri for the Sky – Homecoming: Denied!


Mgla – Age of Excuse III
Opeth – Bleak
The Moth Gatherer – Utopia
Cult of Luna – Lay your head to Rest
Amenra – De Evenmens

DJ Don Chavez Deathsquad

syndrome – absence
ne obliviscaris – devour me, colossus part1
satyricon – mother north


kanonenfieber – die schlacht bei tannenberg
1349 – pitch black
grave – into the grave
wormrot – waste of time
naglfar – vortex of negativity
fäulnis – kommando thanatos
root – pisen pro satana
ossuary – cremation ritual
hypocisy – roswell 47
no one gets out alive – banjo slam
doodseskader – flf
igorrr – tendon
eye of another – the faint young sun

helge schneider – es gibt reis baby

und jetzt reist gut nach hause