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Playlist: Metal & Beer – Do, 07.09.23

Donnerstag, 07.09.2023 – Metal & Beer

20 Uhr DJ KompaktScheibe

Prong – Snap your Fingers, Snap your Neck
Orgy – Stitches
Lacuna Coil – Swamped
Moonspell – Trebaruna
Vicious Rumors – Digital Dictator
Legend – The Destroyer
Bathory – Enter the Eternal Fire
Herder – Gods
Strapping Young Lad – Almost Again
Xerath – Unite to Defy
Barren Earth – Flicker
Antigama – Division of Lonely Crows
Nails – Violence is Forever
At the Gates – Slaughter of the Soul

21 Uhr

Edge of Sanity – Crimson III
Opeth – Demon of the Fall
Disillusion – And the Mirror Cracked
Melechesh – Sultan of Mischief
Samael – Ceremony of Opposites
Agathodaimon – Tristetea Vehementa
Amorphis – Drowned Maid
Omnium Gatherum – Lovelorn
Shade Empire – Maroon
Wheel – Vultures
Soen – Lucidity

22 Uhr

Porcupine Tree – Kneel and Disconnect + Drawing the Line
Annihilator – Alison Hell
Gwar – Let us Slay
Venom – Leave Me in Hell
Rimruna – Erkaltet
Conqueror – War Cult Supremacy
Cerebral Rot – Repulsive Infestation of Cadaver
Suicidal Tendencies – Accept my Sacrifice
Kittie – Brackish
Misfits – Dig up her Bones
Sepultura – Territory
Corrosion of Conformity – Vote with a Bullet
Mastodon – Mother Puncher
Thin Lizzy – Cold Sweat
Q5 – Freedom

23 Uhr

Hellhammer – Messiah
Asphyx – Deathhammer
Dismember – Override of the Overture
Entartung – Flucht in die Finsternis
Summoning – Long Lost to where no pathway goes
Warlock – Sign of Satan
Running Wild – Uaschitschun
Accept – Midnight Mover
Lee Aaron – Metal Queen
Sword – F.T.W.
Dokken – Mr. Scary
Mercyful Fate – Witches‘ Dance
Lordi – Let’s Go Slaughter He-Man

24 Uhr

Gute Nacht und Adios

MF DOOM – One Beer

Playlist: Metal & Beer – 6.7.23

20 Uhr

Dj KompaktScheibe

Kringa – Cloak of Unbound Fears
Bathory – Call from the Grave
Qurthon – I’ve Had It Coming My Way
Prong – Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck
Waltari – The Lie of the Zombie
Helmet – Unsung
Bethlehem – The 11th Commandment
Varathron – Unholy Funeral
Mystifier – Beelzebuth
Armagedda – Poetry from a Poisoned Mind
Nargaroth – Black Metal Ist Krieg

21 Uhr

Krvna – Gethseman Ablaze
Enslaved – Bounded by Allegiance
Kataklysm – Guillotine
Melechesh – Grand Gathas of Baal Sin
Shores of Lunacy – Left to Rot
Spite – Hangman
Emmure – Natural Born Killer
After the Burial – Behold the Crown
Carnifex – Lie to my Face
Dissection – Leper-I-Set
Gates of Ishtar – At Dusk and Forever
Kublai Khan TX – Self-Destruct
Paleface Swiss – The Orphan
Knocked Loose – Cutting Worms
Jesus Piece – Curse of the Serpent

22 Uhr

Bury Tomorrow – The Eternal
Get the Shot – Deathbound
Faith no More – King for a Day
The Dillinger Escape Plan – One of us is the Killer
Fear Factory – Martyr
Phobophilic – That Which Swalloed the Sun
Death – Bite the Pain
Worm – Subaqueous Funeral
Unholy – Alone
Moonspell – Opium
Katatonia – Gateways of Bereavement
Agathodaimon – Cellos for the Insatiable

23 Uhr

Naglfar – The Mirrors of my Soul
Life of Agony – Through and Through
Soilwork – Distortion Sleep
Avenged Sevenfold – Almost Easy
Mercyful Fate – Come to the Sabbath
Demon – Night of the Demon
Crimson Glory – Azrael
Corrosion of Conformity – Damned for all time
Kyuss – Apothecaries Weight
Mastodon – High Road
Witchcraft – Flag of Fate
Vulvodynia – A Cosmik Betrayal
Vektor – Black Future
The Faceless- Planetary Duality I: Hideous Revelation
Bloodbath – Eaten
Dark Tranquillity – Atoma
Testament – More than Meets the Eye
Meshuggah – Combustion


Eminem – One Shot, Two Shot

Playlist: Metal & Beer – Do, 04.05.23

Donnerstag 04.05.2023 – Meddl und Bier

20.00 DJ Egnaro Tnega

teethgrinder – dystopia
dö – atmosfear russian circles – afrika
graves at sea – the curse that is
16 – peaches cream and the placenta
kyuss – welcome to sky valley
scorched oak – swamp
demonic death judge – taxbear
grimm van doom – rust
runemagick – enter the realm of death
necros christos – necromantique nun
vomitory – chaos fury
blood incantation – vitrication of blood


urza – path of tombs
thorrs hammer – norge
cranial – burning bridges
amenra – am kreuz


neurosis – lost
isis – celestial
dopelord – ghost cargo from the bong
demonauta – into the darkness
sleep – dragonaut
red fang – prehistoric dog
stoned jesus – the harvest
uncle acid and the deadbeats – death valley blues
mephistofeles – drug addict
elephant tree – wither


black sabbath – hand of doom
kadavar – black sun
electric wizard – witchcult today
dopethrone – scum fuck blues
legalize crime – 50 bags of cocaine
eyehategod – lack of almost everything
whores. – i am an amateur in everything
mantar – spit
ahab – further south


Playlist: Do, 12.04.23. – Metal(Core) & Beer

Donnerstag 12.04.2023 – Metal(core) & Bier


Agenten der orangenen Sackratten

Nile – Chapter For Transforming Into A Snake
origin – Disease Called Man …
the dillinger escape plan – the running board
despised icon – one last martini
chelsea grin – playing with fire
as i lay dying – my own grave
hsb – hunters will be hunted
bury tomorrow – choke
wurstwasser im müsli
neaera – let the tempest come
suicide silence – you can’t stop me
lorna shore – to the hellfire
caliban – we are the many
tell you what now – stargazing
i prevail – bow down


Sackratten des orangenen Agenten

beartooth – in between
in this moment – whore
while she sleeps – method in madness
slayer – bitter peace
sepultura – firestarter
system of a down – radio/video

the cocaine makes me – zu langsam :slightly_frowning_face:

rage against the machinbe – wake up
pantera – dominator
hatebreed – perseverance
bullet for my valentine – hand of blood
billy talent – a devil is a midnight mass
green day – holiday


Orangen der Sackratten des Agenten

misfits – crimson ghost
sum 41 – over my head
ozzy – crazy train
john porno armani
ich trink mein dunkles im hellen
black sabbath – fairies wear boots
ancient days – white smoke
fluster – sit on me
whores – daddys money
while she sleeps – brainwashed
Hosenstall im Rosental
slipknot – psychosocial
falling in reverse – watch the world burn
stick to your guns – better ash than dust
any given day – diamonds
pierce the veil – king for a day
parkway drive – wild eyes


Orangen, Sackratten und Agenten

architects – dead butterlfy
linkin park – fighting myself
rise of the northstar – samurai spirit
lionheart – lhhc
biohazard – skullcrusher
insanity – toss a coin
agnostic front – still here
bury tomorrow – the grey
soulgates dawn – illuminate
whitechapel – mark of the blade
Finger im Po – Mexiko
texas in july – broken soul
i prevail – scars
bullet for my valentine – your betrayal
nothing more – jenny
betraying the martyrs – jigsaw
drowning pool – think
slipknot – people =shit
nasum – i hate people

mehnersmoos – 3 Uhr nachts

Playlist: Metal & Beer – 30.03.23

Dj Wundagent


Totenmond – membranen
scalpture – to end all wars
mylingar – obalansen
vomit spell – dead end

sign of cain – sign of cain
minotaur head – drowning life
primitive man – my will
taphos – thrive in upheaval
undergang – jomfrublodbad
the lurking fear – the cold jaws of death
nekrovault – sepulkrator
hierophant – death siege
necrowretch – pure hellfire

21:00 It´s Oi

Booze & Gloory – Working Class Hero
Cock Sparrer – Riot Squad
Cockney Rejects – Oi Oi Oi
Control – He´s A Skinhead
Jenny Woo – Should I Stay Or Shoud I Go
Evil Conduct – One Last Drink
Discharger – Riot Kommando
Vollsaufen – Von Einem Bier Werde Ich Nicht Voll
Lion´s Law – It´s A Shame
Perkele – No Shame
Sham 69 – If The Kids Are United
Skinflick – I Hate Hippies
Slime – Bullenschweine
Amenra – Children Of The Eye
Wintersun – Sleeping Stars


nekrogoblikon – no one survives
Billy Talent – Red Flag
wonk unit – green eyed monster
nirvana – negative creep
brutus – war
crass – big a little a
discharge – doomsday
dead kennedys – government flu
Ramones – Pet Cemetery
ramones – pet sematary
blanks 77 – we dont need you
the exploited – alternative
the idiots – amok
chaos z – rocker billy
gbh – city baby attacked by rats
the misfits – die die my darling
voivod – fuck off and die
Anthrax – Got The Time
Kreator – Behind The Mirror


Slayer – Disciple
Toxic Holocaust –
Nuke The Cross
Tankard – Fooled By Your Guts
Anaal Nathrakh – To Spit The Face
Death – Crystal Mountain
Gorefest – River
Katatonia – Right Into The Bliss
Black Sabbath – Solitude
Red Fang – Wires
Electric Wizard – I Am Nothing
sleep – dragonaut
16 – peaches cream and the placenta
eyehategod – anxiety hangover

david hasselhoff – verdammt ich lieb dich

Playlist: Metal & Beer – Do, 02.03.23

Donnerstag 02.03.23 – Metal & Beer

20:00 DJ Don Hugo Armani ft. DJ Alaen

Slipknot – disasterpiece
Illdisposed – shine crazy0
lorna shore – pain remains III
God dethroned – no survivors
Slaughter to prevail – bonebreaker
In flames – only for the weak0
Sarkrista – black devouring flame
Anaal nathrakh – endarkenment
Inquisition – power from the …
Horn – die würfel rollen wieder


The unguided – black eyed angel
Ghost – year zero
Ex deo – i, caligva
Children of bodom – taste my scythe
Analepsy – locus of dawning

Anschlag des Agenten Orangus

napalm death – nazi punks fuck off
Cattle decapitation – finish them
shadow of intent – of fury
arch enemy – handshake with hell
bong-ra – wisdom
napalm death – you suffer
napalm death – nazi punks fuck off
our survival depends on us – let my people go
schammasch – a paradigm of beauty
ghost – cirice
traitor – reactor IV
venom – in league with satan
asarhaddon – der wind
whiplash – stage dive
skull fist – attack attack
parkway drive – darker still

Enforcer – high roller
Midnight – women of flame
Inquisition – luciferian rays
Hetze – creep
MooM – tavi li od
Speech odd – tyrant
Konvent – grains


Wiegedood – now will always be
Fortresse – por la bouche de mes canons
Taake – myr
Hecate – nous enfants de personne
Saxon – princess of the night
Oz – fire in the brain
blackbraid – barefoot ghost dance on blood soaked soil
spectral wound – frigid an spellbound
beyrevra – fallen son
rotting christ – demonon vrosis
sijjin – dagger of a thousand deaths

Saufen als barocke Arie

Playlist: Metal & Beer – Do, 02.02.23

Donnerstag, 02.02.23 – Metal & Beer

20:00 DJ Hauthaar

Bong-Ra – Meditations
Chelsea Wolfe – 16 Psyche
Conjurer – Hollow
Absent in Body – The Half Rising Man
Bog Body – The Gate of Grief
Witchburn – Warning to the Weak
Lucifer – Abracadabra
Boris – Huge
die Uhrzeit – stimmt auf jeden Fall


Corrosion of Conformity – Dance of the Dead
Mechanic Tyrants – Denied
Lord of the Lost – Die Tomorrow
Iron Maiden – 2 Minutes to Midnight
Velvet Revolver – Do it for the Kids
Dool – God Particle
Cavernous Gate – Those who walk the Fog
Dopethrone – Porcelain God


E-L-R – Ambrosia
Agalloch – The Astral Dialogue
Electric Wizard – Dunwich
TEL – Choke
Jesus Piece – Curse of the Serpent
Herder – Evasion of Truth
Bloodbath – Outnumbering the Day
karnickelmesser – Identity
menschenstaub. – Drowned by Life
Hatebreed – Perseverance
The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza – The Alpha the Omega
Dragged into Sunlight – Buried with Leeches
Kriegsmaschine – The pallid scourge


Nightbringer – Things which are naught
MOSAIC – Nordwaldrauch
Downfall of Gaia – The Grotesque Illusion of Being
Necros Christos – Baptized by the black urine of the deceased
Grim van Doom – Snowfields
Igorrr – Himalaya Massive Ritual
Voices – Last Train Victoria Line
Death – Voice of the Soul
Woods of Ypres – Everything I touch turns to Gold
Agrypnie – Der tote Trakt

Death Grips – Takyon

Playlist: Metal & Beer – Do, 26.01.23

Donnerstag, 26.0.2023 – Metal & Beer

20:00 DJ Alaen

CNTMPT – Füllung
YounA – Tievelswizzan
Lubbert Das – Forlorn Ages
Isengard – Vinterskugge
Luctus – Užribis
Brahdr’uhz – Mordostrava
Kringa – Across The Firmament, Stride!
Sijjin – Dagger of a Thousand Deaths
Grave Miasma – Rogyapa


Dead Congregation – Serpentskin
Death Karma – Slovakia – Journey of the Soul
Blackbraid – The River of Time FlowsThrough Me
Dauþuz – Bergschmied IV: Zauberwerk – Bergkgesænge
Imha Tarikat – Brute Majesty

DJ Wundexperte

Feastem – Kurjuuden Kuningas
Nails – Scum Will Rise
Massgrav – Extra Nitad
Ona Snop – Mustard Farm
Yacopsae – Kreislaufkollaps
Dying Fetus – Skull Fucked
Benediction – Stormcrow
Hypocrisy – Fractured Millenium
Kreator – From Flood Into Fire


Metallica – Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Sanctuary – Die For My Sin
Blind Guardian – Somewhere Far Beyond
Helloween – Hell Was Made In Heaven
Rage – Soundchaser
Hammerfall – Dragon Lies Breeding
Iron Maiden – Prowler
(Dolch) – Das Auge
Ahab – The Pacific


Atlantean Kodex – Enthroned In Clouds & Fire
Watain – Stellarvore
Aaskereia – Aaskereia
Gallowbraid – Oak And Aspen
Bathory – The Lake
Anaal Nathrakh – Forging Towards The Sunset
Impaled Nazarene – Blood Is Thicker Than Water
System Of A Down – Prison Song

So und nu für uns! Gute Nacht

Playlist: Metal & Beer – Do, 29.12.22

Donnerstag, 29.12.2022 – Metal & Bier

20.00 Agentus Orangus

Terror Fector – Mortal Agony
Maggoty Corpse – Holy Inquisition
Eroded – Sick Yearning
Beyond Description – Daze
Beyond Description – mark
voidd – the day after
incrimination – solution
gabish – hydrophobia
Nile – Chapter For Transforming Into A Snake
Origin – Disease Called Man
Dying Fetus – Pissing In The Mainstream
Cephalic Carnage – Observer To The Obliteration Of Planet Earth
Incantation – Sempiternal Pandemonium
Exhumed – Decrepit Crescendo
Nasum – Old And Tired
Neurosis – From Where Its Roots Run

saxophon/banjo special präsentiert vom Agenten der Orangerie
carpathian forest – house of the whipcord
exit 13 – light up
le scrawl – boiling point
antigama – 2222
spazz – spudboy
gets worse – berk jerker
chepang – antim bhet

The Dillinger Escape Plan – The Running Board
Today Is The Day – Sadness Will Prevail Coalesce–What Happens On The Road Always Comes Home
Deceased–A Very Familiar Stranger
Amorphis–Northern Lights
Soilent Green–It Was Just An Accident
Burnt By The Sun–You Will Move uhrzeiten sind was für anfänger
luddite Clone–Arthropod
Pig Destroyer–Delusional Supremacy
Benumb– Once And Never Again
Benumb–Oxygen Thief ihr habt alle schlepphoden
Agoraphobic Nosebleed–Ceramic Godproduct
Agoraphobic Nosebleed–Organ Donor
Regurgitate–Parade Of The Decapitated Midgets
Vile–Path To Incineration
Exhumed–Open The Abscess


Der rote Baron ist zurück

Mortician– Chainsaw Dismemberment
Nasum–The System Has Failed Again
Brutal Truth–Pass Some Down
benediction – stormcrow
Amorphis-Drowned Maid
sulphur aeon – devotion to the cosmic chaos
ahab – the hunt
shape of despair – monotony fields


acherontas – the winged skull
rising shrine of insanabilis – parallax endeavour
sarkrista – summoners of the serpents wrath
Mgla-Exercises in Futility V
neaera – tools of greed
hsb – hunters will be hunted


illdisposed – shine crazy
lorna shore – pain remains 3
god dethroned – no survivors
schreibt euch die playlist alleine zu ende

helge schneider – bonbon aus wurst

Playlist: Metal & Beer 22.12.22

[Einiges fehlt, schreiben ist scheiße!]
im Flames: Trigger
Judas Priest: Painkiller
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter: Vier Reiter stehen bereit
Virgin Steel: Invictus
Tallah: Telescope
The HU: Yuve Yuve Yu
Trivium: In Waves
Sòlstafir: Drysill
Brothers of Metal: to the Skies and Beyond
Harakiri for the Sky: Funeral Dreams
Murcof: Dandelion
Heart Brutus: Liar
Hackneyed: The Flaw of Flesh
Gojira:Flying Whales
Lamb of God: Laid to Rest
Mastodon: Blood and Thunder
Opeth: Solidier of Fortune
Lantlos: Melting Sun IV/ Jade Fields
Fäulnis: Weiße Wände
Unleashed: Hammer Battalion Unleash
The Archers: Awakening
Parkway Drive: Wild Eyes
Trivium:In Waves
Goddess of Desire: Metal Forever
Manowar:Carry on
At the Gates: Slaughter Of The Soul
slipknot – people = shit
fear factory – archetype
soulfly – babylon
sepultura – refuse / resist
strapping you lad – all hail the new flesh
children of bodom – lake bodom
amon amarth – blood eagle
lorna shore – sun // eater
kataklysm – manipulator of souls
caracass – corporal jigsore quandary
contrastic – sex with four walls
opeth – deliverance
katatonia – my twin
him – join me
the lurking fear – the starving gods
amorphis – black winter day
metallica – one
vital remains – dechristianize