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Unser Programm diese Woche 09.-11.03.

Servus Forcler!
Diese Woche geht’s wieder rund im Hause New Force:

Wir starten am Donnerstag von 20 bis 00 Uhr direkt mit Coreknaben – unsere monatliche Veranstaltung für die geballte Ladung Metalcore, Deathcore & Hardcore, Eintritt ist frei!

Am Freitag von 20 bis 02 Uhr heißt es wieder Masters of Metal – unsere DJs kredenzen euch das Beste aus Heavy, Power, Thrash, Folk, Modern Metal & Metalcore.

Am Samstag von 20 bis 02 Uhr gibt’s endlich wieder ordentliche Live-Power auf unserer Smash Night – Yokai, Wolfbite und Slamister ballern euch live in concert Slam und Beatdown um die Ohren. Tickets gibt’s nur an der Abendkasse, also seid pünktlich!

Wir können’s kaum abwarten, bis denn!
Cheers \m/

Playlist: Metal & Beer – Do, 02.03.23

Donnerstag 02.03.23 – Metal & Beer

20:00 DJ Don Hugo Armani ft. DJ Alaen

Slipknot – disasterpiece
Illdisposed – shine crazy0
lorna shore – pain remains III
God dethroned – no survivors
Slaughter to prevail – bonebreaker
In flames – only for the weak0
Sarkrista – black devouring flame
Anaal nathrakh – endarkenment
Inquisition – power from the …
Horn – die würfel rollen wieder


The unguided – black eyed angel
Ghost – year zero
Ex deo – i, caligva
Children of bodom – taste my scythe
Analepsy – locus of dawning

Anschlag des Agenten Orangus

napalm death – nazi punks fuck off
Cattle decapitation – finish them
shadow of intent – of fury
arch enemy – handshake with hell
bong-ra – wisdom
napalm death – you suffer
napalm death – nazi punks fuck off
our survival depends on us – let my people go
schammasch – a paradigm of beauty
ghost – cirice
traitor – reactor IV
venom – in league with satan
asarhaddon – der wind
whiplash – stage dive
skull fist – attack attack
parkway drive – darker still

Enforcer – high roller
Midnight – women of flame
Inquisition – luciferian rays
Hetze – creep
MooM – tavi li od
Speech odd – tyrant
Konvent – grains


Wiegedood – now will always be
Fortresse – por la bouche de mes canons
Taake – myr
Hecate – nous enfants de personne
Saxon – princess of the night
Oz – fire in the brain
blackbraid – barefoot ghost dance on blood soaked soil
spectral wound – frigid an spellbound
beyrevra – fallen son
rotting christ – demonon vrosis
sijjin – dagger of a thousand deaths

Saufen als barocke Arie

Playlist: Blasts in Brucklyn – Sa, 04.03.2023

Samstag, 04.03.2023 – Blasts in Brucklyn

20h DJ Uncle Ben(s)

Ondskapt – Lord of all Unclean Spirits
Gorgoroth – Building a Man
Grave – In Love
Hypocrisy – Oscolum Obscenum
Deicide – to hell with God
Dordeduh – Pandaraul
Primordial – End of all times
Lorna Shore – To the Hellfire
Suicide Silence – Wake up
Belphegor – Bondage Goat Zombie
Thorns – Stellar Master Elite
Blacklodge – Psychoactive Satan


Dodheimsgard – Ion Storm
Asphyx – MineField
Heaven shall burn – Endzeit
Amon Amarth – Bleed for ancient gods
Arch Enemy – Nemesis

DJ Zahnfee

In Flames – Biosphere
Nile – Sacrifice Unto Sebek
Dismember – Dreaming in Red
Death – Spirit Crusher
Bethlehem – The 11th Commandment
Eisregen – Gott der Panzer
Marduk – Woman of Dark Desires


The Black Dahlia Murder – Nightbringers
Emmure – Solar Flare Homicide
Circvit – Night Bride
Lamb of God – Ghost Walking
Kreator – Hate Über Alles
Slayer – New Faith
Fleshgod Apocalypse – The Fool
Napalm Death – Narcissus
Negator – Panzer Metal
Cryptic Wintermoon – Bonegrinder 1916
Dimmu Borgir – The Serpentine Offering
Paradise Lost – No Hope In Sight
Rivers Of Nihil – Dehydrate


Sakis Tolis – My Salvation
Firespawn – All Hail
Necrophagist – Stabwound
Aborted – Threading On Vermillion Deception
Cytotoxin – Chernopolis
Minas Morgul – AK 47 Karlaschnikov Standgericht
Kanonenfieber – Dicke Bertha
Satyricon – Black Crows On A Tombstone
Gaerea – Salve
Bloodbath – Cancer Of The Soul
Bolt Thrower – No Guts, No Glory
Gorefest – Excorcism
Entombed – Wolverine Blues
Sepultura – Territory
Pantera – Fucking Hostile


Insomnium – Lilian
Ahab – The Sea Is A Desert
Stormkeep – The Seer
Marduk – Afrika
Kringa – Darkness Is Churning
Anaal Nathrakh – Forward!
Origin – The Aftermath
Slaughter To Prevail – Bonebraker
Brand Of Sacrifice – Enemy
Mortal Agony – New World Order

01h agent orangiene exhumiert

neaera – armamentarium
blodshot dawn – godless
necros christos – necromantique nun
valborg – comtesse
totenmond – panzerdampf
neurosis – lost
amenra – children of the eye
opeth – heir apparent
omega massif – aura

Playlist: Blasts In Brucklyn – Sa, 11.02.23

Samstag, 11.02.2023 – Blasts in Brucklyn

20:00 Uhr DJ Hauthaar

Triptykon – Abyss within my Soul
Evoken – Chime the Centuries End
Gojira – From the Sky
Au-Dessus – VII
Downfall of Gaia – In the Rivers Bleak
Batushka – Yekteniva 5
Total Hate – Essence of Evil
Marduk – Warschau 2: Headhunter Halfmoon
Rotting Christ – Fire Death and Fear
Kosmokrator – Death Worship

21:00 Uhr

Carpathian Forest – Put to Sleep like a sick Animal
Kawir – Danaides
Necrophagist – Fermented Offal Discharge
Origin – Staring from the Abyss
Suffocation – Cataclysmic Purification
Slipknot – Duality
Sepultura – Roots Bloody Roots
Suicide Silence – You can’t stop me
Rivers of Nihil – The Silent Life
Nile – Kafir
Valborg – Saturn Eros Xenomorph
Kvelertak – Bruane Brenn
Nekrovault – Black Hole Grave Millstone

22:00 Uhr DJ Wundexperte

Bolt Thrower – Unleashed Upon Mankind
Vader – When The Sun Drowns In Dark
Cannibal Corpse – Scourge Of Iron
Amon Amarth – Heidrun
Hypocrisy – A Coming Race
Arch Enemy – War Eternal
Melt Banana – Lie Lied Lies
Napalm Death – Suffer The Children
Carcass – Heartwork
Sulphur Aeon – Devotion To The Cosmic Chaos
Thy Art Is Murder – They Will Know Another
Fear Factory – Martyr
Evocation – Condemned To The Grave


Benighted – Prey
Uga Uga – Uga Uga Uga Uga
Death – Zombie Ritual
Behemoth – Messe Noire
Darkthrone – A Blaze In THe Northern Sky
Armagedda – Undergang
Mayhem – Funeral Fog
Celtic Frost – Circle Of The Tyrants
Anaal Nathrakh – Forging Towards The Sunset
Dödsrit – Shallow Graves
Nasum – I Hate People
Antigama – Data Overload
Magrudergrind – Build To Blast
Extreme Noise Terror – Murder
Feastem – I Will Never Kill
Mantar – The Huntsmen
Vital Remains – Dechristanize

0:00 dreisterneDJ popov

machine head – beautiful mourning
fear facrtory – demanufacture
gojira – backbone
in flames – pinball map
children of bodom – downfall
kataklysm – in shaddows and an dust
vader – wings
six feet under – animal insitnct
venom – black metal
manowar – kings of metal
manegram – hervors arv
macabre – vampires of dusseldorf
dismember – overide for overture
nasum – inhale exhale // too naked to distort
rompeprop – vaginal luftwaffe
cbt – zombi squat 60
gut – criple bitch
dimmu borgir – mourning palace
satyricon – fuel for hatred
carpathian forrest – the suicide song
ten masked men – baby on more time
six feet under – TNT
graveworm – loosing my religion
morbid angel chapel of ghouls
dying fetus – grotesque impalement
playmobil – piratenschiff
blood – dogmatize
brujeria – marijuana
ten masked men – beat it
parkway drive – prey
slipknot – [sic]

jetzt raus

spitirual front – jesus died in las vegas
journey – don’t stop believin‘

Playlist: Blasts In Brucklyn – Sa, 28.01.23

Samstag, 28.01.2023 – Blasts in Brucklyn

20:00 Uhr DJ Hauthaar

whoredom rife – fyrstens land
dimmu borgir – broderskapets ring
arch enemy – blood on your hands
fleshgod apocalypse- conspiracy of silence
meshuggah – electric red
behemoth – the seed ov i
bölzer – spiritual athleticism
chimaira – left for dead
mgla – with hearts toward none III
rotting christ – among two storms
Agathodaimon – Ill of an imaginary guilt
Bodycount – Talk shit get shot

21:00 Uhr

Heaven shall burn – land of the upright ones
Harakiri for the sky – Jhator
Dissection – A Land Forlorn
Sepultura – Territory
Urfaust – Das kind mit dem Spiegel
Ketzer – The Fire to conquer the world
Brodequin – Slaves to the pyre
Spasm – Loves me not
Abgesang – Stunde Null
Akercocke – Summon the Antichrist
Bring me the Horizon – Can you feel my heart
Slipknot – (sic)
In Flames – Only for the weak
Amon Amarth – Death in Fire

22:00 Uhr DreisterneDJ Popov

legion of the damned – sons of the jakal
kataklysm – in shadows and dust
hakeneyed – gut candy
the crown – crowned in terror
brujeria – marcha de odio
dying fetus – grotesque impalement
thorns – stellar master elite
mayhem – funeral fog
cradle of filth – how many tears to nurture a rose?
satyricon – k.i.n.g.
kanonenfieber – die schlacht bei tannenberg
lifelover – androiderrrrrr
slayer – south of heaven
soulfly – babylon
strapping you lad – all hail new flesh
slaughter to prevail – baba yaga
lorna shore – obsession
slipknot – wait and bleed
rage against the machine – killing in the name of
dornenreich – ich bin aus mir
helrunar – …bis die seele gefriert

dinner for one?

hypocrisy- apocalypse
morbid evils – in hate
cranial – dark
kokomo – kill the kaptain, feed the fishes
enslaved – ruun
nausea – johnny got his gun
tupa – ver sufrir un policia me algegra el dia
dogma inc. – last day
cloud rat – seken
deicide – serpents of the light
grave – into the grave
asphyx – death the brutal ways to die
six feet under – war is coming
carcass – heartwork
death – crystal mountain
dödheimsgard – ion storm
blackloge – mi$$ion
ahumando granujo – cold turkey
sedimentum – necromasse
i – the storm i ride
mantar – white nights
oni – war ender
suicide silence – wake up
chalsea grin – the isnis
machine head – imperium
seppl ultra – refuse/resist
khroma – wrong
circvit – no more worries
le scrawl – riptide
katatonia – teargas

jag den fuchs!!!

Playlist: Blasts in Brucklyn – Sa, 21.01.23

Samstag, 21.01.2023 – Blasts in Brucklyn

20:00 DJ Weizen ins Gesicht Samstag

Toxic Holocaust – Send Them to Hell
Turbocharged – Militant
Kataklysm – Fire
Vader – Triumpf of Death
Obituary – Violance
Slayer – Death Skin Mask
Cannibal Corpse – I Cum Blood
Dying Fetus – Grotesque Impalement
Six Feet Under – The Enemy inside
Amon Amarth – Victorious March
Kreator – Enemy of God
Ketzer – The Fire to Conquer the World
In Flames – Biosphere


Satyricon – The Pentagram Burns
Dimmu Borgir – The Invaluabel Darkness
Magenta Harvest – End and No Remembrance
Fleshgod Apocalypse -The Oppression
Debauchery – Fuck Humanity
Hypocrisy – Osculum Obscenum
Demolition Hammer – .44 Caliber Brain Surgery
Carnifex – In Coalesce With Filth And Faith
Napalm Death – Scum
Unleashed – Befor the Creation of Time
Entombed – Wolverine Blues
Bloodbath – Eaten
Dark Tranquillity – Forward Momentum
Gojira – Flying Wales

22:00 DJ Razakeel

Mastodon – Workhorse
Opeth – Deliverance
Dimmu Borgir – Progenes of the great Apocalypse
Dissection – Thorns of Crimson Death
Gorgoroth – Wound upon Wound
Watain – Malfeitor
Enslaved – Ruun
Septicflesh – The Vampire from Nazareth
Chapel of Disease – Dead Spheres
Decapitated – Instinct
Cryptopsy – Cold Hate, warm Blood


Death – Pulll the Plug
Bolt Thrower – Warmaster
Sijjin – Dagger of a Thousand Deaths
Slayer – Postmortem
Annihilator – No Way out
Morbid Angel – Dominate
Obituary – Dying of everything
Dissection – Maha Kali
Deathspell Omega – Phosgene
Marduk – Opus Nocturne
Windir – Svartesmeden og Lundamyrstrollet


Agalloch – Falling Snow
Vindland – Treuzwelus
Taake – Helvetesmakt
Behemoth – O Father, O Satan, O Sun!
Lunar Aurora – Zorn aus Äonen
Anaal Nathrakh – The Joystream
Cannibal Corpse – Frantic Disembowelment
Stargazer – Black Gammon
Nile – Lashed to the Slave Stick
Suffocation – Infecting the Crypts
Cryptopsy – Crown of Horns


Obscura – No one shall be spared
Bolt Thrower – World Eater
Bestia Arcana -Hellmouth
Carpathian Forest – Mask of the Slave
Nagelfar – Bildnis der Apokalypse
Urgehal – Sentiment of Chaos
Primordial – Gallows Hymn
Bathory – Woman of dark Desires
Isengard – Vinterskugge
Urfaust – Ein leeres Zauberspiel
Psychonaut4 – Sana sana sana, cura cura cura
Unto Others – Heroin
Freitod – Regenjahre

Pink Floyd – High Hopes

Ok, weiter gehts


Lorna Shore – To the Hellfire
Mayhem – Chainsaw Gutsfuck
Nargaroth – Far beyond the stars
Impaled Nazarene – Blood is thicker than Water
Archgoat – Angelcunt
Truppensturm – Amongst 10.000
Tesseract – Deception
Ahab – The Weedmen

So, Feierabend jetzt, Meddl off!

Playlist: Blasts in Brucklyn – Sa, 14.01.23

Samstag, 14.01.2023 – Blasts in Brucklyn

20h DreisterneDJ Popov:

cranial – dark
morbid evils – cruel
unleashed – midvinter blood
vader – wings
dismember – override of the overture
zyklon – pysoklon aeon
behemoth – slaves shall serve
belphegor – goatreich / fleshcult
carach angren – van der deckens triumph
satyricon – k.i.n.g.
dark fortress – self mutilation
gorgoroth – carving a giant


equilibrium – apocalypse
children of bodom – hatecrew deatroll
hypocrisy – roswell 47
carcass – heartwork
six feet under – animal instinct
vomitory – chaos fury
suicide silence – no pity for the coward
lorna shore – obsession
irreversible mechanism – existance II: Collision
end – covet not
dagger threat – cynic
imperium dekadez – lakrimae mundi
immortal – tyrants
marduk – funeral dawn


varjot – sieluviollinen
amon amarth – shield wall
debauchery – blood for the blood god
sinister – aggressive measures
cytotoxin – radiophobia
misery indexy – traitors
bolt thrower – no guts, no glory
jinjer – call me a symbol
slaughter to prevail – bonebreaker
spite – death sentence
caliban – who we are
fallujah – ultraviolet
anaal nathrakh – forward!
belphegor – the devil’s son
dimmu borgir – the serpentine offering
watain – legions of the black light

23h DJ Wundexperte

Ahab – O Father Sea
Lunar Aurora – Im Gartn
Urfaust – Verflucht Das Blenden Der Erscheinung
Skinnless – Overlord
Suicide Silence – No Pity For A Coward
Lorna Shore – Off Thy Abyss
Thy Art Is Murder – Vile Creations
S.O.D – What´s That Noise
Kreator – Terror Zone
Assesor – Invaze
At The Gates – Cold
Vader – Triumpf Of Death


Dark Tranquility – Atoma
Amenra – De Evenmens
Ruins Of Beverast – Exuvia
Dödsrit – Svard Aska
Wolfbrigade – Skulls Of Doom
Busuk – Self Profit Purpose
Gummo – A Rope Under A Bridge
Massgrav – Snut En Skjut
S.P.F. – Mass Hysteria
Nails – Scum Will Rise
Wormrot – Operation Grindcore
New York Against The Belzebu – America Under Attack
Nasum – Tested
Lautstürmer – Let´s Rise The Dead
Terrorizer – Need To Live
Morbid Angel – Brainstorm
Death – Pull The Plug
Anaal Nathrakh – Between Shit And Piss We´re Born
Shadow Of Intent – Laid To Rest


Malevolent Creation – Compulsive
Lorna Shore – Apotheosis
Dying Fetus – Subjected To A Beating
Aborted – Medical Deviance
Suffocation – Mass Obliteration
Kanonenfieber – Der Letzte Flug
Valborg – Asbach
Blood – A Big Cake
Heaven Shall Burn – Endzeit
Hypocrisy – Penetralia
Mayhem – Freezing Moon
Satyricon – Nocturnal Flare
Bathory – The Lake
Napalm Death – Scum

The Prodigy – Firestarter

Playlist: Blasts In Brucklyn – Sa, 07.01.23

Samstag, 07.01.2023 – Blasts in Brucklyn

20:00 DJ Hauthaar

Akercocke – Son of the Morning
Celtic Frost – My Domain of Decay
TEL – Choke
Conjurer – Hollow
Ketzer – Walls
Obscurity – Bergischer Hammer

Orangene Agenten der Bretagne

Amon Amarth – blood eagle
bloodshot dawn – godless
neaera – tools of greed
benediction – the grey man
slayer – exile
exodus – blacklist
Sodom – Napalm in the morning
anthrax – caught in a mosh


possessed – fallen angel
death strike – pay to die
deicide – christ denied
frozen soul – arctic strangehold
blood incantation – vitrification of blood
morbid evils – crippled
necros christos – necromantique nun
sijin – angel of the eastern gate
konvent – ropes
Igojira – into the storm
fear factory – piss christ

22:00 DJ Don Hugo Armani

Hypocrisy – adjusting the sun
Behemoth – Chant for ezkaton
Wiegedood – noblesse oblige richesse oblige
Amenra – ritual
Thorr’s hammer – troll
Akrea – tribock
Morbid angel – god of emptiness
Wodos – agentus orangus
Hackneyed – the flaws of the flesh
Cattle decapitation – manufactured extinction
Jinjer – techer, teacher


Employed to serve – i spend my days
lorna shore – pain remains pt III
Chat pile – garbage man
Suffocation – return to the abyss
aborted – vespertine decay
Pungent stench – why can bodies fly
Bolt thrower – no guts, no glory
Slayer – dead skin mask
Tankard – zombie attack
Bloodbath – eaten
Macabre – apartment 213
Bog body- the gate of grief

24.00 Spionage des Agenten Orangus

Imperium dekadenz – when we are forgotten
alcest – sapphire
ich trage eierwärmer untenrum
emperor – i am the black wizard
khold – nattpyre
paysage d’hiver – äschä
armagedda – for i am his slave
gorgoroth – procreating satan
drudensang – tuiflsrijtt
carpathian forest – mask of the slave
urgehal – antireligious
mantar – hang em low
ken mode – a love letter

El Chapo Jr / El Ratón

Anaal natrakh – hold your children close and pray for oblivion
wormrot – behind closed doors
arnoXdübel -degenerated
MooM – bet zonot
Gridlink – taiba
Looking for an answer – la matanza
Nashgul – no sumidoiro
Krisiun – origin of terror
Righteous pigs – i hope you die in a hotel fire
Test – o sal da vida
Cripple bastards – stimmung
Gadget – failure
Jesus cröst – abtreibung
Anaal nathrakh – the joystream
1914 – a7v mephisto
Wagner ödegard – fulkommen
Hetze – human garbage
Gets worse – retrobate
Wojczech – dedicated
Aborted – threading on vermillion deception
Repulsion – eaten alive
Brutal truth – walking corpse
Origin – antithesis
JaKa – Menschenverachtende untergrundmusik
Wolfpack – shitsystem
God disease – cadaver sculptor
Was ist dein lieblingsfach

Playlist: Metal & Beer – Do, 29.12.22

Donnerstag, 29.12.2022 – Metal & Bier

20.00 Agentus Orangus

Terror Fector – Mortal Agony
Maggoty Corpse – Holy Inquisition
Eroded – Sick Yearning
Beyond Description – Daze
Beyond Description – mark
voidd – the day after
incrimination – solution
gabish – hydrophobia
Nile – Chapter For Transforming Into A Snake
Origin – Disease Called Man
Dying Fetus – Pissing In The Mainstream
Cephalic Carnage – Observer To The Obliteration Of Planet Earth
Incantation – Sempiternal Pandemonium
Exhumed – Decrepit Crescendo
Nasum – Old And Tired
Neurosis – From Where Its Roots Run

saxophon/banjo special präsentiert vom Agenten der Orangerie
carpathian forest – house of the whipcord
exit 13 – light up
le scrawl – boiling point
antigama – 2222
spazz – spudboy
gets worse – berk jerker
chepang – antim bhet

The Dillinger Escape Plan – The Running Board
Today Is The Day – Sadness Will Prevail Coalesce–What Happens On The Road Always Comes Home
Deceased–A Very Familiar Stranger
Amorphis–Northern Lights
Soilent Green–It Was Just An Accident
Burnt By The Sun–You Will Move uhrzeiten sind was für anfänger
luddite Clone–Arthropod
Pig Destroyer–Delusional Supremacy
Benumb– Once And Never Again
Benumb–Oxygen Thief ihr habt alle schlepphoden
Agoraphobic Nosebleed–Ceramic Godproduct
Agoraphobic Nosebleed–Organ Donor
Regurgitate–Parade Of The Decapitated Midgets
Vile–Path To Incineration
Exhumed–Open The Abscess


Der rote Baron ist zurück

Mortician– Chainsaw Dismemberment
Nasum–The System Has Failed Again
Brutal Truth–Pass Some Down
benediction – stormcrow
Amorphis-Drowned Maid
sulphur aeon – devotion to the cosmic chaos
ahab – the hunt
shape of despair – monotony fields


acherontas – the winged skull
rising shrine of insanabilis – parallax endeavour
sarkrista – summoners of the serpents wrath
Mgla-Exercises in Futility V
neaera – tools of greed
hsb – hunters will be hunted


illdisposed – shine crazy
lorna shore – pain remains 3
god dethroned – no survivors
schreibt euch die playlist alleine zu ende

helge schneider – bonbon aus wurst

Playlist: 40 Jahre New Force Jubiläumsfeier – Sa, 17.12.22

Samstag, 17.12.2022 – 40 Jahre New Force Jubiläumsfeier

20:00 Uhr DJ PartyBruder

Bolt Thrower – Cenotaph
Dying Fetus – Die With Integrity
Blood – Skate Is Grate
Nasum – I See Lies
Terrorizer – Human Prey
Napalm Death – Scum
Destruction – Curse The Gods
Tankard – A Girl Called Cerveza
Anthrax – A.I.R
Sanctuary – Battle Angels
Queensryche – Spreading The Disease
Children Of Bodom – Downfall
In Flames – Trigger
Turisas – Rasputin
Lamb Of God – Laid To Rest
Visigoth – Iron Brotherhood


Linkin Park – Hit The Floor
Rise Against – Savior
Twisted Sister – We´re Not Gonna Take It
Heaven Shall Burn – Godiva
Parkway Drive – Pandora
Thy Art Is Murder – Reign Of Darkness
Behemoth – Lam
Mayhem – Cursed In Eternity
Carcass – Heartwork
Dio – Rainbow In The Dark
Sabaton – Night Witches
Judas Priest – Love Bites
Ensiferum – Iron
Equilibrium – Unbesiegt
Exciter – Beyond The Gates Of Doom


Iron Maiden – Wasted Years

DJ PartyFee

AC/DC – It’s a Long Way to the Top
Slayer – South of Heaven
Pantera – This Love
Death – Pull the Plug
Playmobil – Piratenschiff
Slipknot – Psychosocial
System of a Down – B.Y.O.B.
Rammstein – Stein um Stein
Powerwolf – We Drink Your Blood
Grave Digger – Rebellion
Alestorm – Drink
Horn – Turm am Hang


Bathory – Woman of Dark Desires
Satyricon – K.I.N.G.
Bloodbath – Eaten
S.O.D. – Speak English or Die
Sepultura – Roots Bloody Roots
Metallica – Whiplash
Alice Cooper – Poison
Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
Motörhead – Killed by Death
Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the Name
Heaven Shall Burn – Black Tears
Pain – Shut Your Mouth
Misfits – Dig Up Her Bones
Unto Others – Give Me To The Night
Amon Amarth – The Pursuit of Vikings
Napalm Death – You Suffer

00:00 Uhr Das New Force wird offiziell 40!

Heavy Metal Happy Birthday!

Jetzt gibt’s eine kleine Rede der Vorstände. Vielen lieben Dank an alle Gäste und treuen Unterstützer über all die Jahre!

Fleshcrawl – Beneath a Dying Sun (Für unser anderes Geburtstagskind!)
Manowar – Hail and Kill
Warlock – All We Are
Bloodbound – Battle in the Sky
Nightwish – I Wish I Had An Angel

00:30 DJ PartyWal

Hammerfall – Dragon Lies Bleeding
Godess of Desire – Metal Forever
Saxon – Princess of the Night
Running Wild – Bad to the Bone
Venom – Black Metal
Immortal – Sons of Northern Darkness


Dimmu Borgir – Mourning Palace
Anaal Nathrakh – Forging Towards the Sunset
Nile – Lashed to the Slave Stick
Suffocation – Pierced from Within
Napalm Death – Suffer the Children
Exodus – War is my Shepherd
Kreator – Pleasure to Kill
Overkill – Elimination
Metallica – For Whom the Bell Tolls
Judas Priest – Living after Midnight
Helloween – I Want Out
Danzig – Mother
Sabaton – To Hell and Back
Blind Guardian – Mirror Mirror


Savatage – Hall of the Mountain King
Iron Maiden – Aces High
Accept – Balls to the Wall
AC/DC – Hells Bells
Black Sabbath – Children of the Grave
Motörhead – We Are The Roadcrew
Sodom – Ausgebombt
Slayer – Angel of Death
Megadeth – Symphony of Destruction
Pretty Maids – Future World
Death – Scream Bloody Gore
Six Feet Under – War is Coming
Bolt Thrower – World Eater

3:00 DreisterneDJ Partey (der offenbar nicht genug geguckt hat was schon gespielt wurde^^)

morbid angel – lord of all feavers and plagues
dismember – override for the overture
the crown – crowned in terror
grave – into the grave
motörhead – overkill
goddes of desire – metal forever
iron maiden – number of the beast
hammerfall – hearts on fire
gravedigger – rebellion
in flames – trigger
arch enemy – nemesis
equilibrium – unbesiegt
children of bodom – are you dead yet?

04:00 – es wird spät …
so jetzat aber wirklich, geht nach hause

mark boombastic – putzen