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Playlist: Sa, 30.03.24 – Blasts in Brucklyn

Samstag 30.03.24 – Blasts in Brucklyn

20:00 DJ Hauthaar

Acid Witch – To Magic, Sex and Gore
Nekrovault – Where the fog entombed the Light
Conjurer – Hadal
Onhou – When on high
Vircolac – The cursed tavails of the Demeter
Negative Plane – Death Mass
Akercocke – Becoming the Adversary
Rage Nucléaire – Ritual Murder – and its attendant blessings
Czort – Grajac w szachy z Diablem


Den Saakaldte – La vinteren vare evig
Kataklysm – Soul Destroyer
Signs of the Swarm – Amongst the low & empty
The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza – You won’t
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult – Saldorian Spell
Asagraum – Guahalhoque
Ethereal Blood – Night of the lecherous Dead
Dark Fortress – Self Mutilation
Boötes Void – Yule
Nornir – Pest
The Ruins of Beverast – Anchoress in Furs


Agalloch – The astral dialogue
Ocean of Grief – Spiritual Fortress
Konvent – Squares
Lifelover – Karma
Left to Suffer – Anger
Fit for an Autopsy – Hellions
Bodysnatcher – Take me to hell
Anaal Nathrakh – Hold your children close and pray for oblivion
Blacklodge – Neo.Black.Magic
Frog Mallet – Sanguisugafrogg
Bethlehem – Wahn schmiedet Sarg
Porta Nigra – In Stahlgewittern
Zeal & Ardor – I caught you
Rotting Christ – Demonon Vrosis

23:00 Dj Judge

Moonsorrow – Suden Tunti
Vermilia – Ruska
Sakis Tolis – My salvation
Heilung – Anoana
Kawir – Medea
Nydvind – The call to mother earth
Aara – Stein auf Stein
Ahklys – Somniloquy
Ernte – Cutting the stars from the sky


Totalselfhatred – Anything
Psychonaut 4 – Too late to call an ambulance
FT-17 – Le tunnelde tavannes
Judas Iscariot – In the Valley of daeth, i am their King
confusion 101
playmobil – piratenschiff
storm – möl
debauchery – blut für arno dübel
varg – schildfront (wasche meine Hände in Unschuld)
Pensees Nocturnes – L’alpha mal
Deathspell Omega – Enantiodromia


Konvent – Waste
Slaughter to Prevail – 1984
Kraanium – Midget Fucker
Lorna Shore – Pain Remains III: In a Sea of fire
Carach Angren – The Necromancer
Caladan Brood – Book of the Fallen
Elderwind – Rebirth
Nornir – Krigsrop
Rotting Christ – Dies Irae
Fleshgod Apocalypse – Healing through war
Carpathian Forest – In league with satan

Ruhe im Karton! Ostara!
Tom Waits – Clap Hands

Playlist: Blasts in Brucklyn – Sa, 23.03.24

Samstag, 23.03.24 – Blasts in Brucklyn


DJ Olé

Death Chrystal – Mountain
Carpathian Forest – He’s turning blue
Mosaic – Red winter dawn
Bathory – Dies Irea
Obituary – slowly we rot
Urgehal – Bleed, Suffer, Die
Asphyx – the rack
Marduk – fistfucking gods planet
Archgoat – Angels of Sodomy
Cannibal corps – scrouge of iron
Frozen Soul – encased in ice
Bolt thrower – cenotaph
Cult of Fire – Vah
Ophis – Disquisition of the Burning
urfaust – ein leeres zauberspiel
Förgjord – Maailma palaa
Bad Manor- the room with 666 eyes
hellfire deathcult – holocaustic warfront
Arckanum – Kosmos Wardhin Dreapas Om Sin
Wagnar Ödegard – fulkommen
Total hate – sinister reflection
Mysticum – Mourning
Hexenbrett – Hexen bis auf Blut gequält
Armagedda – Poetry of a poisned mind
Zmyrna – Pagus maledictus
Darvaza – Blessed, and cursed not
Mare – Sphere liker death
Grab – s’letzte g’leit
Minenwerfer – Cloaked in silence
Beherit – Demon advance
Polterwytch – Skulls at her door
Morte Incandescente – Pela Noite Dentro
Assassination – Demigods in black
Funeral goat – 666
abysmal grave – borgo pass
the ruins of the beverast – exuvia
cult of fire – Om kali maha kali
ahab – old thunder
darkernd nocturn slaughtercult – beneath the moon scars – above
horde of worms – wormageddon
sielunvihollien – Loputon viha
Sargeist – let the devil in
burshtyn – 5000 verdenu
Moaic – wir sind geister
Tsjunder – necromancy
rothnest – absterge
asagraum – abomination’s altar
Ungefell – De Tür und s Wüetisheer
Torgeist – Time of Sabbath
Heimdalswacht – Weisses Pferde auf rotem Grund
naglfar – a swarm of plagues
bad manor – the study filled with books
inquisition – crush the jewish prophet
gorgoroth – maaneskyggens slave
nagaroth – herbst
alkaloid – funeral for a continent

Playlist: Sa, 09.03.24 – Blasts in Brucklyn

Samstag, 09.03.24 – Blasts in Brucklyn

20:00 DJ Wundexperte

Ministry Of Darkness
Raging Sloth – Astral Gate
Ahab – The Pacific
Esoteric – The Blood Of The Eyes
Morbid Evils – In Hate
Dödsrit – Aura
Freitod – Unter Schwarzen Wolken


Der Weg einer Freiheit – Ewigkeit
Spectral Wound – Frigid And Spellbound
Ancst – Kill Your Inner Cop
Judas Iscariot – The Heavens Drop With Human Gore
The Ruins Of Beverast – Daemon
Lorna Shore – Sun// Eater
Takafumi Matsubare – Path To Isolation
Napalm Death – Mass Appael Madness
Terrorizer – Corporation Pull-In
Bolt Thrower – …For Victory
Hypocrisy – Fractured Millenium


Children Of Bodom – Children Of Decadence
Wintersun – Sons Of Winter And Stars

DJ Hauthaar

Napalm Death – You Suffer
Carnifex – Lie to my Face
Xibalba – Cold
Emmure – Solar Flare Homicide
Suicide Silence – YOLO
Carcass – Heartwork
Ketzer – Satan’s Boundaries Unchained
Dödsrit – Gräva sin egna grav
Hauntologist – Ozymandian
1914 – ..and a Cross now marks his Place


Bloodbath – Eaten
Cattle Decapitation – Pacific Grim
Necrophagist – Extreme Unction
Death – Open Casket
Obituary – Chopped in Half
Reveal – Cocoon
Bury the Liar – Wolf unter Schafen
Bodysnatcher – Abandonment
No Zodiac – Population Control
Whitechapel – This is Exile
Archspire – Golden Mouth of Ruin
Konvent – Puritan Masochism
Mantar – Schwanenstein
Herder – Wasted
Kataklysm – In Shadows And Dust

0:00 DJ Menschenfreund

Decapitated – Iconoclast
Heaven Shall Burn – Counterweight
Despised Icon – MVP
Neaera – Paradigm Lost
Nile – Sacrifice Unto Sebek
Sulphur Aeon – Seven Crowns And Seven Seals
Cult Of Fire – Satan Mentor
Anomalie – Between Reality And The World Beyond
Agalloch – Not Unlike The Waves
Alcest – Percées De Lumière


Psychonaut 4 – Overdose Was The Best Way To Die
Disbelief – Misery
The Crown – Deathexplosion
Frozen Soul – Arsenal Of War
Hackneyed – Finger On The Trigger
Stillbirth – The Hunt
Aborted – Blood Fixing The Bled
Behemoth – Christgrinding Avenue
Dimmu Borgir – Puritania
Spectral Wound – Woods From Which The Spirits Once So Loudly Howled
Saligia – Fire
Départe – Wither
Dödsrit – Nocturnal fire

Tschüssikowski, macht’s gut
Oft gewünscht, endlich da:
Spongebob – Discoquallensong

Playlist: Fr, 08.03.24 – Masters of Metal

Freitag, 08.03.2024 – Masters of Metal

DJ Kabelsalat

20:00 Uhr

In Extremo – Weckt die Toten
Feuerschwanz, Dominum, Orden Ogan – The Unholy Grail
Saltatio Mortis, Blind Guardian – Finsterwacht
Fall out Boy – Dead on Arrival
Volbeat – Evely
Bruce Dickinson – Eternity Has Failed
5 Finger Death Punch – Hell To Pay
Dymytry – Legends Never Die
Atlantean Kodex – Pilgrim
Nigthwish – The Islander
Helloween – Steel Tormentor
Kreator – Hail to the Hordes

21:00 Uhr

Amon Amarth – Raise your Hornes
Ensiferum – Rum, Women, Victory
Arch Enemy – You Will Know My Name
Unleash The Archers – Awakening
Rise Against – Satellite
Skid Row – I Remember You
Motörhead – Killed by Death
Blind Guardian – Script for my Requiem
Edguy – Tears of a Mandrake
Linkin Park – Forgotten
Metallica – …And Justice For All

DJ Judge

22:00 Uhr

Iced Earth – Ten thousand strong
Grave Digger – The reaper
Manowar – Power of thy Sword
Iron Maiden- The Number of the Beast
Judas Priest – Firepower
Bloodbound – For the King
In Flames – Bullet Ride
Heaven Shall Burn – Black Tears
Architects – Animals
Audioslave – SHow me how to live
Parkway Drive – Ground Zero
SOAD – Metro
RATM – Testify
Linkin Park – Faint
Bloodhound Gang – Along comes Mary
Samurai Pizza Cats – Welcome to the Fight club
Ektomorf – Outcast
FFDP – Jekyll and Hyde
Avemged Sevenfold – Lips of Deceit
Type 0 Negative – I dont wanna be me
Finntroll – Mot Skuggornas
Ensiferum – Twighlight Tavern
Falkenbach – Heathenpride
Die Apo Reiter – Auf und Nieder
Lordi – Hard Rock Hallelujah
Wind Rose – Diggy Diggy Hole


Bruce Dickinson – Tears of the Dragon
Metallica – Fade to Black
Slayer – Angel of Death

DJ Don Hugo Armani

Evil Invaders – fast loud n rude
Anthrax – indians
Trivium – defiant
parkway drive – bottom feeder
slipknot – eyeless
limp bizkit – break stuff
Mantar – astral knaibal
electric wizard legalize drugs and murder
spaceslug -the great pylon collider
ozzy osbourne – mr jackyll doesn’t hide
kylesa – scapegoat
lamb of god – resureection man
within desatruction – fallen omen
falling in reverse – popular monster
resistenzia – sin causa
sodom – m16
exodus – blackslist
fit for a king annihilation
primitive man – victim
legalize crime – 50 bags of cocaine
hypno5e – sheol part II
cattera – hunger of the beast
The Eye of the Diver
Das Biest ist hungrig und muss gefüttert werden

Playlist: Do, 07.03.24 – Metal & Beer

Donnerstag, 07.03.2024 – Metal & Beer

DJ Alaen
Lubbert Das – Forlorn Ages
YounA – Tievelswizzan
CNTMPT – Augen ind er Dunkelheit
Lifelover – Nackskott
Dordeduh – In vielistea uitatii
Sadistic Intent – Dark Predictions
Afsky – Tyende Sang
Kekht Aräkh – Swordsman
Brahdr’uhz – Ertestaldt
Cult of Fire – Vltava
Lifvsleda – Djefvulen
Darvaza – Mouth of the Dragon
Grave Miasma – Guardians of Death
Necrophobic – Tsar Bomba
Sijjin – Deamon Blessex
Midnight – Nuclear Savior
Tribulation – Nightbound
Death Karma – Haiti – Vodoo
Imha Tarikat – Ekstase ohne Ende
Dread Sovereign – Nature is the Desvils’s Church
Krater – Prayer for Demise
Mysticum – Black Magic Mushrooms
Judas Iscariot – In the Valley of Death, A Am Their King
In Flames – Biosphere
Beyrevra – Sentenced
A Canorous Quintet – Red
Bolt Thrower – For Victory
Necros Christos – Baal of Ekron
The Ruins of Beverast – Anchoress in Furs
Mispyrming – Orgia
Hypocrisy – Global Domination
Insomnium – The Witch Hunter
Wolfheart – The Hunt
Wintersun – Winter Madness
Falkenbach – Bluot Fuer Bluot
Inquisition – Summoned by Ancient Wizards Under a Black Moon
Hellfire Deathcult – Consumed by the Eternal Darkness Ov Death
Archgoat – Darkness has Returned
Gevurah – At the Orient of Eden
Rotting Christ – The Sons of Hell
Machine Head – Davidian
Amorphis – Amongst Stars
Luctus – Kas Tu Esi?
St. Michalel Front – Once
Mickey Dread – Roots and Culture

Unser Programm diese Woche (07.-09.03.)

Servus Forcler!
Das erwartet euch diese Woche bei uns:

Am Donnerstag 20-00 Uhr geht’s los mit Metal & Beer – wir gönnen euch entspanntes Feierabendbier und das Beste was der Metal zu bieten hat aus allen Subgenres.

Am Freitag 20-02 Uhr gibt’s Masters of Metal – wir spielen modernen Folk, Modern, Nu Metal & Metalcore, sowie klassischen Heavy, Power & Thrash Metal – hier kann sich jeder Metalfan freuen!

Am Samstag 20-02 Uhr heißt es Blasts in Brucklyn – wir legen Black & Death Metal, Grind- & Deathcore auf – unser Abend für die Hartgesottenen Metalfans unter euch!

Wir freuen uns auf euch, bis denn!
Cheers \m/

Playlist: Sa, 24.02.24 – Blasts in Brucklyn

Samstag, 24.2.24 – Blasts in Brucklyn

20:00 Dj Judge

Mournument – On Rain and thunder
Grabnebelfürsten – Abstrakte Wunden verbaler Schwerter
Dornenreich – Hasses Freigang
Kermania – Für die Heimat
Belore – The Valley of Giants
Summoning – Earthshine
Anheim – zum ende der Zeit
Cranial – Dark
Benediction – Magnificant
Master – Subdue the Politician
Cannibal Corpse – Summoned fo Sacrifice
Archspire – Relentless Mutation

21:30 Dj Razakeel

Nile – Sacrifice unto Sebek
Cattle Decapitation – A Body Farm
Decapitated – Iconoclast
Bolt Thrower – Those once loyal
Septicflesh – The Vampire from Nazareth
Dimmu Borgir – The sacrilegious Scorn
Beherit – Pagan Moon
Mayhem – Chainsaw Gutsfuck
Moonsorrow – Suden Tunti
Bathory – For those who died
Falkenbach – Towards the Hall of bronzen Shields
Mysticum – Black Magic Mushrooms
Nargaroth – Semper Fidelis
Urfaust – Untergang
Necros Christos – Hathor of Dendera
Bloodbath – Cancer of the Soul
Misery Index – The carrion Call
Napalm Death – The Infiltrator
Xibalba – Enemigo
Fleshgod Apocalypse – The Violation
Cannibal Corpse – Frantic Disembowlment
Archspire – Bleed the Future
Nasum – Fury

23:00 Dj Razajudge

Bloodbath – Cancer of the Soul
Anaal Nathrakh – Endarkenment
Lorna Shore – To the Hellfire
Hypocrisy – Warpath
Death – Flattening the earth
Antigama – Sentenced the Void
Necrowretch – Numidian Knowledge
Belphegor – Sexdiktator Luzifer
Rotting Christ – legg mi am oasch 666
Behemoth – O father , o Satan, o Sun
Porta Nigra – In Stahlgewittern
Valborg – Plasmabrand
Wiegedood -FN SCAR 16
Spectral Wound – Woods from which…
Sargeist – The Bosom of Wisdom and Madness
Chaos Invocation – A Stranger’s pale hand
The Ruins of Beverast – Anchoress in Furs
Kovent – Puritan Masochism
Asphyx – M.S. Bismark
Sonne Adam – I sing his Words
Mylingar – Obalansen
Truppensturm – Gustav the Great
Infant Annihilator – Blasphemian
Rings of Saturn – Sensless Massacre
Unaussprechlichen Kulten – Lamia Sucuba
Mephorash – 777
Satyricon – Fuel for the hatred
Summoning – Moondance
Watain – Stellavore
Immortal – Beyond the Northwaves
Necropole – Sous IEgide dEros


Unser vollgepacktes Programm diese Woche (21.-24.02.24)

Hey Forcler!
Diese Woche steht wieder eine Menge geiler Scheiß an!

Wir starten bereits am Mittwoch ab 20 Uhr mit unserem Konzert: Dordeduh, Thorondir, Triuwint – Sold out! Es gibt KEINE Abendkasse!
Doors: 20h | Beginn: 20:15h

Am Donnerstag 20-00 Uhr steht BatWave an – wir widmen den Abend dem (80‘s) Goth, Cold- & Darkwave, Post- & Horrorpunk – kommt tanzen!

Am Freitag 20-02 Uhr heißt es Masters of Metal – wir feiern zu den Helden des klassischen Heavy, Power, Thrash Metal, sowie dem modernen Folk, Modern, Nu Metal & Metalcore!

Am Samstag 20-02 Uhr gibt’s Blasts in Brucklyn – wir kredenzen euch Black & Death Metal, Death & Grindcore satt!

Seid dabei und feiert ordentlich mit uns!
Cheers \m/

Playlist: Blasts in Brucklyn – Sa, 17.02.24

Samstag, 17.02.24 – Blasts in Brucklyn

Agent Orange

doodseskader – its not an addiction if you don’t feel like quitting
genghis tron – board up the house
ottone pessante – die ewige wiederkunft des gleichen
le scrawl – whire russain
otloukanek – babocka smrti
zeus! – belzebulb
chepang – antim bhet
gets worse – berk jerker
cloud rat – 12-22-09
mgla – with hearts towards none I
katharsis – vythdance
concrete winds – chromium jaw
kapala – martial dominance
mylingar – obalansen


inquisition – those of the night
kovent – ropes II
whitechapel – a bloodshed symphony
distant – paradigm shift
northlane – quantum flex
within destruction – demigod
infant annihilator – three bastards
suicide silence – in a photograph
despised icon – the ills of modern man
cannibal corpse – overlords of violence
kill the client – no justice no peace
gadget – i am
rotten sound – vsa
nasum – final sleep
morbid angel – blessed are the sick
runemagick – enter the realm of death
death – evil dead

22.00 Dj KompaktScheibe

Melechesh – Ladders to Sumeria
Old Man’s Child – Life Deprived
Thorns – Underneath the Universe (Pt. 2)
Inquisition – Infinity is the Aeon of Satan
Funeral Mist – Naught but Death
Thy Art is Murder – Death Squad Anthem
Brand of Sacrifice – Purge
Slaughter to Prevail – Bonebreaker
Hacride – Vision of Hate
The Dillinger Escape Plan – Unretrofied
Disillusion – A Day by the Lake
Entombed – Wolverine Blues
Amorphis – The Gathering
Gorepig – Father Hog
Emmure – You asked for it
Paleface Swiss – Curse Us


Knocked Loose – Blood will Have Blood
The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza – The Alpha The Omega
Strapping Young Lad – Love?
Shining – Lat Oss Ta Allt Fran Varandra
Mysticum – Annihilation
Sacramentum – Fog’s Kiss
Primordial – Sons of the Morrigan
Katatonia – The Future of Speech
Hypocrisy – The fourth Dimension
Angelmaker – Slaughter
ten56. – Diazepam
Hive – The False Hydra
Sepultura – Roots Bloody Roots
Black Crown Initiate – Son of War

00.00 DJ Hauthaar

Akercocke – Summon the Antichrist
Hauntologist – Deathdreamer
Voices – An Audience of Mannequins
Behemoth – O Father O Satan O Sun
Meshuggah – Do not look down
Chapel of Disease – Oblivious/Obnoxious/Defiant
Sulphur Aeon – Incantation
Kataklysm – From the Land of the Living to the Land of the Dead
Achspire – Drone Corspe Aviator
Igorrr – Viande
Trash Panda – Maggot Bath
Spite – Made to please
Veil of Maya – Synthwave Vegan
Anaal Nathrakh – In coelo quies, tout finis ici bas


Invirulant – Hard in da Paint
Slaughter to Prevail – Bratva
BBYB – Kalimerum
Pig Destroyer – Junkyard God
Nasum – I hate people
Valborg – Asbach
Konvent – Grains
TEL – Red Level
Regarde les hommes tomber – L’exil
Amenra – Am Kreuz
Summoning – The white Tower
Bâ’a – Titan
Rotting Christ – Fire, Death and Fear

Ade, crème brûlée

Death Grips – Eh

Playlist: Sa, 10.02.24 – No Budget Fasching

Samstag, 10.02.24 – No Budget Fasching

DJ Menschenfreund im Schafspelz


The Butcher Sisters – Dosenbier
Rise Of The Northstar – Again And Again
Throwdown – Holy Roller
Sepultura – Troops Of Doom
Death – Evil Dead
Children Of Bodom – Downfall
Freedom Call – Heart Of A Warrior
Hammerfall – Heeding The Call
Gloryhammer – Hootsforce
Equilibrium – Met
Amorphis – Black Winter Day
In Flames – Colony
Killswitch Engage – My Last Serenade
Slipknot – AOV
System Of A Down – Atwa
Rage Against The Machine – Bullet In The Head


Rammstein – Keine Lust
Combichrist – Modern Demon
Murderdolls – Summertime Suicide
Marilyn Manson – The Beautiful People
Ghost – Square Hammer
Powerwolf – Amen & Attack
Gloryhammer – Gloryhammer
Iron Maiden – Powerslave
Judas Priest – Turbo Lover
Exciter – Beyond The Gates Of Doom
AC/DC – What’sa Next To The Moon
Metallica – Master Of Puppets


DJ PartyBruder

Anthrax – I Am The Law
Megadeth – Peace Sells
Ozzy Osbourne – Mr. Crowley
Manilla Road – Necropolis
Medieval Steel – Medieval Steel
Ruinning Wild – Under Jolly Roger
Accept – Fast As A Shark
Pretty Maids – Future World
ZZ Top – Sharp Dressed Man
Def Leppard – Rock Of Ages
Whitesnake – Here I Go Again
Lordi – Hard Rock Hallelujah
System Of A Down – B.Y.O.B

ArnoXDuebel – Dexisions


Bumbermaß Wettsaufen

Die Leute sammeln sich:
Korpiklaani – A Man With A Plan

Die Leute trinken:
Equilibrium – Wirtshausgaudi

Wir haben einen Sieger: Herzlichen Glückwunsch
Queen – We´re The Champions

Die Leute sind betrunken:
In Extremo – Sternhagelvoll

Feuerschwanz – Blöde Frage, Saufgelage
Mr Hurley & Die Pulveraffen – Blau Wie Das Meer
Alestorm – Drink
Amon Amarth – Raise Your Horns
Die Kassierer – Das Schlimmste Ist Wenn Das Bier Alle Ist
Billy Idol – Rebel Yell
Napalm Death – You Suffer
Bad Religion – Punk Rock Song
Ramones – Blitzkriegbop
Motörhead – Ace Of Spades
Van Halen – Ain´t Talk About Love
Alice Cooper – Poison
Kiss – I Was Made For Lovin´ You


Twisted Sister – We´re Not Gonna Take It
Iron Maiden – Fear Of The Dark
Dio – Holy Diver
Blind Guardian – The Bard´s Song (In The Forest)
Helloween – Dr. Stein
Manowar – Hail And Kill

DJ KompaktScheibe

At the Gates – Slaughter of the Soul
Sepultura – Roots Bloody Roots
System of a Down – B.Y.O.B.
Avenged Sevenfold – Bat Country
Linkin Park – Papercut
Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the Name
Van Halen – Panama
Judas Priest – Private Property
Pantera – Walk


Satyricon – K.I.N.G
Rotting Christ – Χ Ξ Σ 666
Black Sabbath – War Pigs
Danzig – Twist of Cain
Angel Dust – Bleed
Nightwish – Nemo
Therion – Wine of Aluqah
Kreator – Endorama
Avatar – Torn Apart
Ramones – Pet Sematary
Ministy – Jesus Built My Hotrod
Faith No More – Malpractice


Hypocrisy – Eraser
Zeal & Ardor – Götterdämmerung
Fear Factory – Archetype
KORN – Blind
Slayer – Angel of Death
Metallica – Wherever I May Roam

Weil er es so sehr wollte
Nightcrawler – Walk in the Dark
Frozen Soul – Arsenal of War
Death – Story to Tell
Katatonia – Ghost of the Sun

DJ Menschenfreund im Wolfspelz

Alcest – Souvenirs D’un Autre Monde
Team Scheisse – Schmetterling
No Doubt – Just A Girl
Pisse – Fahrradsattel

Ihr habt uns das Gegenteil bewiesen, aber:
Genesis – I Can’t Dance
Und zum Abschied:
Musical Youth – Pass The Dutchie