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Playlist: Blasts in Brucklyn – Sa. 23.07.22

Samstag, 23.07.2022 – Blasts in Brucklyn

20:00 DJ Blastus

macabre – acid bath vampire
the dillinger escape plan – 43% burnt
antigama – empty paths
defeated sanity – perspectives
nuclear vomit – green piss of shit
deathklok – thunderhose blood
incantation – vitrification of blood I
ragnarok – murder
crematory – tears of time
windir – todeswalzer
endstille – i bless you god
totenmond – arbeiterreserve
arckanum – pursvitnir


behemoth – ora pro nobis lucifer
emperor – i am the black wizards
spectral wound – woods from which the spirits once so loudly howled
belphegor – sexdictator lucifer
cattle decapitation – finish them

DJ Der Wal der Qual

Dragged Into Sunlight – Buried With Leeches
Al-Namrood – Nabth
Antichrist Siege Machine – Unleashed Hostility
Kronstadt – Karpaty
Dimmu Borgir – Born Treacherous
Serpent Column – Promise of the Polis


Nocturnal Departure – Ritualistic Vomit
GUDSFORLAT – Sent Like the Craven Swine They Were
Downfall of Gaia – As Our Bones Break to the Dance
Falkenbach – Havamal
Borknagar – Up North
Fluisteraars – Tere Muur
Dawn Ray’d – Fire Sermon
Deicide – In the Minds of Evil
Meshuggah – ObZen
Alghol – The Osseous Key
Bosse-de-Nage – Crux
Wayfarer – The Iron Horse

23:00 DJ Frustus

Napalm death – suffer the children
morbid angel – day of suffering
cannibal corpse – hammer smashed face
infest – deaththrash legion 666
death strike – pay to die
devourment – choke on bile
necros christos – black mass desecration
paysage d’hiver – wuetig
mgla – exercises in futility II
darkthrone – valkyrie
cradle of filth – dusk and her embrace
angantyr – den store krig
aaskereia – aaskereia
armagedda – refuse the blood of jesus


carpathian forest – he’s turning blue
nattefrost – sluts of hell
marduk – christraping black metal
atrocity – menschenschlachthaus
spectral wound – slaughter of the medusa
khold – nattpyre
absent in body – half rising man

DJ Der Wal der Qual

Uada – Our Pale Departure
Helrunar – …bis die Seele gefriert
Witchery – Witchkrieg
Goatwhore – Apocalyptic Havoc
Freitod – Der Unsichtbare Begleiter


Craven Idol – Venomous Rites
Dumal – Devour the Child
Legenda – Black Sky
Horned Almighty – Vile Works of Witchcraft
Feminazgul – I Pity the Immortal
Gaerea – Urge
Human Serpent – The World in Coffins
Wormwitch – Disciple of the Serpent Star
Trespasser – To the Barricades!
Falls of Rauros – Clarity
Hvosch – To Ananke

Playlist: Samstag, 28.05.22

Samstag, 28.05.22 – Force Extreme

DJ Don Hugo Armani

Morbid evils – case IV: tumor
Goatburner – vortex of chaos
rotten sound – praise the lord
devourment – babykiller
aborted – skullfuck crescendo
playmobil – piratenschiff
Gut – bodyscraper
Asesisno – rituales salvajes
Brujeria – anti castro
Napalm death – c.s.
Goath – epitome of perpetual rage
Marduk – fistfucking god’s planet
Archgoat – nuns, cunts and darkness
Terrorizer -fear of napalm
Wolfbrigade – make me choke
Vomitory – madness prevails
Slipknot – eyeless


Mortician – necrocannibal
sordo – good guys go to hell
Haemorrhage – decom-posers
macabre – the icemen
mörkhimmel – prvni pri konci sveta
the arson project – raped minds
nuclear devastation – inferno
Keitzer – panzersohn
children of bodom – hate me
hail of bullets – general winter

Der Dominator

Skinless – The Optimist
Deicide – Once Upon The Cross
Suffocation – Catatonia
Krisiun – Black Force Domain
Dying Fetus – Wrong One To Fuck With
Asphyx – Death The Brutal Way
Absu – Highland Tyrant Attack
Midnight – Satanic Royalty
Desaster – Satans Soldier Syndicate
Bolt Thrower – Laid To Waste
Napalm Death – Sink Fast Let Go
Broken Hope – Swamped In Gore
Hate Eternal – Behold Judas
Sonne Adam – I Claim My Birth In Blood
Carach Angren – Bitte Töte Mich
Dimmu Borgir – Mourning Palace
Mgla – Exercises In Futility V
Bathory – Pace till Death
Mayhem – Freezing Moon
Extermination Dismemberment – Survival
Nails – conform
Insect warfare – Zone Killer


DJ Don Hugo Armani

Entombed – supposed to rot
Misery index – ghost of catalonia
Fallujah – scar queen
Lorna shore – and i return to nothingness
King 810 – hellhounds
Satyricon – king
Deicide – angel of hell
Bloodbath – unite in pain
Hypocrisy – roswell 47
Skitsystem – blodskam
Gulch – r.s.a.
Magrudergrind – built to blast
Gronibard – The sound of orange juice sloshing into your coffee
Nasum – wrath
Alehammer – half pint army
Jesus cröst – zeitgeist
1914 -gasmask


Bog body – the gate of grief
Amon amarth – twilight of the thundergod
Infant anihilator – unholy gravebirth
Origin – thrall fulcrum apex
Brodequin – spinning in agony
Vital remains – dechristianize

Los Dominatores

Disfear – Maps Of War
Wolfbrigafe – Barren Dreams
Devourment – Fed To The Pigs
Lividity – Pussy Lover
Ahumado Granujo – To Mince And Fuck Up
CBT – Kein Plan
Amenra – A Solitary Reign
Marduk – Wormwood
Drudkh – A Summoning Rain
Krieg – To Wander The Stars
Darkthrone – Transilvanian Hunger
Wormrot – Eradicate
Wormrot – Fuck I’m Sober
Wormrot – Vehemence Of Denials
M:40 – Diagbno9s

Obscene Sampler 2012 – 24 Stunden Force am Stück sind zu viel – der Suff auch

Playlist: Samstag, 21.05.22

Samstag 21.05.22 Force Extreme – Black, Death, Grind


DJ Don Hugo Armani

Misery index – sensory depravation
God dethroned – poison fog
Obituary – immortal visions
Krisiun – blind possesion
Gorgoroth – carving a giant
Archgoat – phallic desecrator of sacred gates
Svart – in endless grief
Carpathian forest – submit to satan
Behemoth – kriegsphilosophie
Avulsed – protervia
Necropsy – hate
Bolt thrower – mercenary
Suffocation – infecting the crypts


Dying fetus – kill your mother rape your dog
Six-score – logik der masslosigkeit
Terror revolucionario – momentos de dor
Nuclear devastation – rotting in guilt
Bathory – baptised in fire and ice
Negator – panzermetal
Naglfar – way of the rope
Lantlos – ruinen
Morbid evils – pollute
Vader – litany
Keitzer – invictus
Mörkhimmel – ostri cerne kosy zni
Disfear – the furnace
Psycroptic – cruelty incarnate
Origin – Insurection


Dispyt – total alkoholist
Hail of bullets – tokyo napalm holocaust
Madred – hard times
Pungent stench – viva la muerte
Magenta harvest – .. and then came the dust
Nile – as he comes so he destroys
Implore – epicyte/parasite
Napalm death – suffer the children
Valborg – ultragrab
Grim van doom – thulsa
Gulch – r.s.a.
Jungle rot – nerve gas catastrophe
Dimmu borgir – puritania
Satyricon – king
Asphyx – the rack

DreisterneDj Popov 23:00

carcass – heartwork (fürn abwesenden Justus)
vader – xeper
kataklysm – as i slither
benediction – magnificent
napalm death – forced to fear
keep of kalessin – armada
klabautamann – forlorn sea
marduk – funeral dawn
thorns – underneath the universe pt2
helrunar – älter als das kreuz
khroma – wrong

suicide silence – wake up
slipknot – (sic)
broken hope – siamese screams
bolt thrower – those once loyal
grave – morbid ways to die
macabre – the hillside stranglers
gronibard – a life’s a life
gut – cripple bitch
isacaarum – teenage cunt powerplay
matyrdöd – din aura av sorg
opeth – deliverance
vital remains – dechristianize
enslaved – ruun
primordial – coffin ships
dissection – night’s blood

Das war’s für heute, ciao!

Playlist: Samstag, 14.05.2022

20:00 DJ Der Wal der Qual

Summoning – Long Lost To Where No Pathway Goes
Windir – Journey to the End
Moonsorrow – Kivenkantaja
Thyrfing – Mjölner
Primordial – Empire Falls
Bathory – A Fine Day to Die
Satyricon – Mother North
Emperor – I Am The Black Wizards


Dissection – God of Forbidden Light
Enslaved – Loke
Darkthrone – Quintessence
Immortal – Sons of Northern Darkness
Marduk – Wartheland
Taake – Myr
Firespawn – The Emperor
Rotting Christ – Chi Theta Sigma 666
Dimmu Borgir – The Serpentine Offering
Carach Angren – Charles Francis Coghlan
Bloodbath – Eaten
Bolt Thrower – World Eater

22:00 DJ Wundexperte

Cryptopsy – Crown Of Horns
Devourment – Fed To The Pigs
Analepsy – Riffs To Abhorrence
Brodequin – Ambrosia
Dying Fetus – Your Treachery Will Die With You
Morbid Angel – Maze Of Tourment
Entombed – Supposed To Rot
Death – Born Dead
Suffocation – Funeral Inception
Cannibal Corpse – Make Them Suffer
Deserted Fear – Open The Gates
Dismember – Skin Her Alive
Gorefest – Loss Of Flesh
Asphyx – Waste Land Of Terror
Nun Slaughter – Satanic Slut
Anaal Nathrakh – Forging Towards The Sunset
Magrudergrind – Built To Blast
Nasum – Inhale/Exhale
Rotten Sound – Praise The Lord
Yacopsea – Verbrannt
Broken Hope – Swamped In Gore


Haemorrhage – Decom Poser
Trigger – I Don´t Wanna Let You Dance
Terrorizer – Need To Live
Napalm Death – As The Machine Rolls On
Extreme Noise Terror – Statement
Ahumado Granujo – Ashtray Made Of Beef
Wolfbrigade – Skulls Of Doom
Disfear – The Cage
Martydöd – Land Av Sten
Dödsrit – Svard Aska
Desaster – Satan Soldier Syndicate
Rotting Christ – Grandis Spiritus Diavoulos
Mantar – White Nights
Cryptic Wintermoon – Dark Crusade
Misery Index – Ghost Of Catalonia
God Dethroned – Loyal To The Crown Of God Dethroned
Skinless – Salvage What´s Left
Necrophobic – Before The Dawn


Horn – Turm Am Hang

DreisterneDJ Popov

i – the storm i ride
voivod – insect
suicide silence – you only live once
soilwork – the chainheart machine
dismember – override for the overture
cannibal corpse – a cauldron of hate
death – zombie ritual
jungle rot – face down
devourment – babykiller
katalepsy – rabit
anaal nathrakh – this cannot be the end
nattefrost – sluts of hell


arckanum – pursvitnir
carach angren – bitte tötet mich
septic flesh – anubis
katatonia – teargas
slayer – repentless
destruction – bestial invasion
in flames – clayman
arch enemy – the eagle flies alone
torsofuck – raped by elephants
cattle decapitation – death atlas
napalm death – multinational cooperation
nasum – closer to the end // fury
nails – scum will rise
get’s worse – el belcho
lautstürmer – from first breath
sodom – nuclear winter


geht weg!
yip yip yip – brrring brring!

Playlist: Samstag 30.04.22

Samstag 30.04.22 Force Extreme

DreisterneDJ Popov


gone with the wind

dismember – override for overture
deicide – serpents of the light
at the gates – slaughter of the soul
amon amarth – death in fire
kataklysm – in shadows and dust
vader – xeper
antigama – sentenced to the void
anaal nathrakh – between shit and piss we are born
bathory – the lake
carpathian forrest – submit to satan
darkthrone – circle the wagons
marduk – baptism by fire
vinterland – a castle so clear
asphyx – deathhammer

reveal in flesh – the hour of the avenger
lik – le morte homme
the crown – corwned in terror
nile – lashed to the slave stick
slaughterday – victim of the insane
bolt thrower – the klillchain
pungent stench – why can the bodies fly
macabre – vampire of dusseldorf
dead – lowered expecations
skinless – the optimist
i – the storm i ride
satyricon – k.i.n.g.
watain – malfeitor
endstille – with the fog they come

enslaved – ruun
six feet under – war is coming
morbid angel – lord of all feavers and plagues
hypocrisy – roswell 47
carcass – heartwork
death – 1000 eyes
playmobil – piratenschiff
bloodbath – eaten
amon amarth – arson
celtic frost – dethroned emperor
motörhead – orgasmatron
finntroll – trollhammeren
ensiferum – iron
dissection – night’s blood

gorgoroth – carving a giant
mayhem – deathcrush
midnight -evil like a knife
wolfbrigade – web of lies
le scrawl – boiling point
behemoth – slaves shall serve
dying fetus – gotesque impalement
blood – dogmatize
dismember – time heals nothing
in flames – jotun
hypocrity – eraser
entrails – voices
autopsy – ridden with desease
belphegor – bondage goat zombie
naglfar – i am vengance
beasty boys – sabotage

kokomo – kill the captain, feed the fish
primordial – coffin ships
rocky horror picture show – time warp
gut – cripple bitch
cbt – enema bulldozer
rompeprop – vaginal luftwaffe
katalepsy – rabit
slayer – angel of death
metallica – NicNacs
kreator – phobia
motörhead – ace of spades

die leut ham an seier schau mer mal was geht
blind guardian – nightfall
iron maiden – fear of the dark
judas priest – painkiller
slayer – south of heaven
dimmu borgir – mouring palace
equilibrium – unbesiegt
devourment – babykiller
nasum – relics
doddodo – doddodo death
dj scotchegg – scotchhausen
bolt thrower – powder burns

Etz is gut, gehmer ham!

Diese Woche: Synthwave & Force Extreme

Servus Forcler!

Diese Woche für euch im Hause New Force im Programm:

Freitag, 29.04. von 20 bis 2 Uhr heißt es Synthwave:
Wir schalten die Nebelmaschine ein und tauchen das Force in 80er Jahre Synth-Klänge – von lässigem Retrowave bis finsterem Darksynth wird alles bedient!
Für Fans von Perturbator, VHS Dreams, Dance with the Dead und vielen mehr!
–> Synthwave Special 3: Drums for Hire

Am Samstag, 20 bis 2 Uhr, gibt’s wieder Force Extreme:
Wir tischen euch das Beste aus Black, Death & Grind auf!

Wir freuen uns drauf, seid dabei!
Cheers \m/

PLAYLIST: Samstag, 23.04.2022

DreisterneDJ Popov

marduk – la grande danse macabre
vital remains – dechristianize
dying fetus – praise the lord
hypocrisy – the fourth dimension
morbid evils – in hate
cranial – dark
origin – the aftermath
nasum – relics
mörser – kirchgang
macabre – the iceman
maruta – i, ursuper
le scrawl – boiling point


dödheimsgard – ion storm
gorgoroth – carving a giant
imperium dekadenz – der dolch im gewande
immortal – all shall fall
thorns – stellar master elite
dimmu borgir – the ancestral fever
behemoth – demigod
guttural slug – hacksaw surgery
the dark prison massacre – hate purgatory
within destruction – deathwish
thy art is murder – the son of misery
dismember – override of the overture
amon amarth – bastards of a lying breed


cannibal corpse – when death replaces life
asphyx – vermin
vomitory – relevation nausea
immolation – god complex
belphegor – sexdictator lucifer
satyricon – fuel for hatred
emperor – i am the black wizards
mayhem – deathcrush
nagelfar – hellebarn
immortal – tyrants
exhumed – in my human slaughterhouse
xavleg – dicks out for harambe
hollow prophet – scum prophet
defeated sanity – arboreously transfixed
gadget – funerary rites
rotten sound – superior

DJ Agent Orange


maruta – strain
pathology – code injection
decapitated – kill the cult
gojira – stranded
skinnless – the optimist
jungle rot – gaspin for air
macabre – hitchhiker
playmobil – piratenschiff
morbid angel – immortal rites
deicide – christ denied
suffocation – infecting the crypts
dying fetus – panic amongst the herd
1914 – gas mask
anaal nathrakh – forward
the dillinger escape plan – sugar coated sour
nails – conform
meth leppard – dead kardashians
feastem – the rope calls your name
death toll 80k – taught to consume
phobia – loss


harm – counter clock
teething – fillipino violence
infant annihilator – soil the stillborn
acrania – disillusion in a discordant system
lorna shore – and i return to nothingness
amon amarth – raise your horns
children of bodom – hate me
carcass – corporal jigsore quandary

DJ Don Hugo Armani

bolt thrower – realm of chaos
death – the philosopher
Marduk – fistfucking gods planet
kanonenfieber – grabenlieder
nargaroth – seven tears are flowing down the river


celtic frost – a dying god coming into human flesh
king 810 – killem all
jesus cröst – frostkeller
vulvodinya – a cosmic betrayal
analepsy – sick
dying fetus – one shot, one kill
jig-ai – hn-islam
gutalax – robocock
m:40 – innaför muren
brutal sphinter – make goregrind graet again
Afgrund – a future europe in flames
fredag den 13:e – mera gift
disfear – maps of war
archgoat – jesus christ father of lies
Bathory – reaper
lunatic invasion – totentanz
Dying fetus – panic among the herd
Terrorizer – enslved by propaganda
acxdc – gorged
le scrawl – antisocial
daughters – i don’t give a shit about wood i’m not a chemist
zeus – beelzebub

wing – dancing queen


Playlist: Samstag, 16.04.2022

DreisterneDJ Popov

starring janet leigh – spectrum
keep of kalessin – ascendant
legion of the damned – werewolf corpse
carcass – cadaver pouch conveyor
system the crown – crowned in terror
centurian – colloseum of blood
morbid angel – destructors vs. the earth / attack
hour of penance – hierachy of fools
nile – lashed to the slave stick
vomitory – relevation nausea
malevolent creation – the will to kill
deicide – to hell with god
unleashed – hammer battalion

six feet under – no warning shot
edge of sanity – enigma
dissection – where dead angels lie
mgla – exercises in futility IV
mayhem – freezing moon
immortal – blashyrkh
behemoth – ov fire and the void
nattefrost – sluts of hell
satyricon – fuel for hatred
anal nathrakh – between shit and piss we are born
panzerchrist – panzergrenadier
playmobil – piratenschiff
kataklysm – in shadows and dust
deathklok – awaken

debauchery – blood for the puke god
nargaroth – sommer

agent orange

arckanum – pursvitinir
playmobil – kreuzigung
mgla – excercises in futility V
gorgoroth- incipit satan
tsjuder – sacrifice
forteresse – spectre de la rebellion
shrine of insanabilis – lusting after a burning star


windir – journey to the end
cult of fire – death
cosmic church – luon perustani sinun kallioosi
antimateria – sieltä mistä valokaan el milloinkaan karkaa
nattfog – yön varjoista
watain – lawless darkness
darkthrone – quintessence
aaskereia – aaskereia

DJ Alaen 23:55
Dolch – Das Auge

Der Dominator
Archgoat – Whore Of Betlehem
The Ruins Of Beverast – Daemon
Ahab – The Hunt
Cranial – Towers
Coffins – Altars In Gore
Marduk – Christraping Black Metal
Eisflammen – Follow Me
Arckanum – Myrkrin
Necros Christos – Christ Was Not A Goatborn Blood
Jungle Rot – Face Down
Turbocharged – Doomsday Hammer
Infest – Nekra Vatre Gore
Tankard – Freibier
Sodom – Persecution Mania
Six Feet Under – Revene Of The Zombie
Sepultura – Inner Self
Fäulnis – Letharg

Playlist: Grinddonnerstag


20.00h Der Dominator

Wormrot – Fuck… I’m Sober
Kill The Client – Christian Pipebomb
Jesus Cröst – Familienopfer
Meth Leppard – Kung Fu
Magrudergrind – Built To Blast
Anal Cunt – Obviously Adopted
Nails – Parasite
Lock Up – Unseen Enemy
Archagathus – Hey Agathocles
Agathocles – Black tea
Feastem – I Will Never Kill
Death Toll 80k – Piss-Stained Press
Disrupt – Protest
Doom – Police Bastard
Dispyt – I Skuggan Av Självförakt
Boak – Whitewash
Extreme Noise Terror – Religion Is Fear
Code Error – 3
Disfear – 101 Overkill
Wolfbrigade – Warsaw Speedwolf
Alehammer – Mine’s A Pint Of Crust
Hellknife – Dusk Of Doom
Warscars – So You Listen To Grindcore Since 1988?
Leng Tch’e – Don’t Touch My Spandex
Porky Vagina – Heavy Metal Farmer
Haemorrhage – Decrepit Dejection
Last Days Of Humanity – 13 Reasons Why Somebody Else Should Not Have To Pick Up Your Mangled Body…
Nuclear Vomit – Xxx Maniacs
GOD – Spider Goat
Rectal Smegma – Dildo Lobotomy
Ultrawurscht – Cheese-Ass Built My Hot Dog
Cerebral Bore – Maniacal Miscreation
Viscera Trail – Ripping Off The Sack

DJ Wundexperte

Terrorizer – Fear Of Napalm
Takafumi Matsubara – Path To Isolation
Yacopsae – Kamikaze
Trigger – Silence Sucks!
Rotten Sound – Murderworks


Nasum – I Hate People
Extreme Noise Terror – Murder
Martyrdöd – Antagonisten
Disfear – A Thousand Reason
Despise You – Fears Song
Massgrav – Grand Declaration Of Massgrav
Ona Snop – Don´t Tell Me What To Do
Napalm Death – Scum

DJ Don Higo Armani

Victims of classswar – giftspirale
Strafplanet – Ehrensache
arnoXduebel – mask off
CBT – zombie squad 69
cloud rat – daisies
Gronibard – a life’s a life
Maruta – i ursurper
Info wars – Donald Trump- Al Qaeda’s Buttboy
Benighted – nails
Warfuck – Rien du tout
Hørdür – soleil mort
Blockheads – pro lifers
Difenacum – mono hombre m ono
Nashgul – guerra drone
Haemorrhage – oozing molten gristle
lautstürmer – life kills
fredag den 13:e – mera gift
minimum wage assasin – kill pile
Satanic malfunctions – rules & regulations
FiDGET – harri and the sea anemone
Gets worse – el belcho
coproach – pill snorter
Ona snop – get back on the canal
Gridlink – island sun


unholy grave waves of death
Nuclear devastaion – Inferno

Der Dominator
Damnable – Underworld
Exhumed – In My Human Slaughterhouse
Japanische Kampfhörspiele – Zieh Die Jacke Falsch Rum An
Gorerotted – Gagged, Shaged, Bodybagged
Berzerker – Cannibal Rights
Skinless – The Optimist
Pathology – Collapsing In Violence
Gets nWorse – Hamster Food
Rotten Sound – Insects
Sewn Shut – Where Nights Fall All Day Long
Sordo – Low Life Piece Of Shit
Trepan Dead – Lungs On Fire
Blood – The Summoning
Six-Score – Turbohuhn
Cätärrö – O Poder Do Penis
Dismembered Fetus – Shit On Everyone
Satans Revenge On Mankind – Jesus Loves You Because He Is Gay
Last Days Of Humanity – A Divine Proclamation Of Finishing The Present Existence
Analepy – The Vermin Devourer
Dying Fetus – Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog

DJ Wundexperte

Torsofuck – Raped By Elephants
Gutalax – Koky Is Back
Eat The Turnbuckle – The Fork Is Law
Genuia Pig – Maruta
Brodequin – Ambrosia
Spasm – BHT
Zeus – All Your Grind Is Love


Clown Core – Hell
Skitsystem – Pigs
Gadget – Enemies Of Reason
Ahumado Granujo – Attention Your Vitreous Body Is Running Out
Gridlink – Stay Without Me
Feastem – TRVE
Lautstürmer – Bedtime For Humanity
Info Wars – Kid Rock 2020
Insect Warfare – Mind Ripper
Meth Leppard – Krokodil Dundee
Nashgul – La Plaga
Blood – Ventilator Integrator
Repulsion – Horrified
Satanaic Malfunction – Them
Death Toll 80k – Bleak
Devourment – Choking On Bile

DJ Don Hugo Armani

Crude SS -Nazi go home
Gadget – enemies of reason
wrest – human garbage
terror revolucionario – lama
Japanische Kampfhörspiele – wir haben nicht gewusst das es solche lager gibt
test – arabe macabre
glue – pig fucker
LØVVE – red carpet
Power X Chuck – true till meth
the arson project – raped minds
napalm death – you suffer
worse – gout
iron lung – politics of science
Urinal tribual – schlüpfer schnüffler
LPP – animal teeth
Human parasite – addicted to rape
Le scrawl – boiling point
Infest – in his name
wormrot – fuck I’m drunk

The Dominic Song – besser ging leider nicht I’m Sorry
I Threw Up All Over Your Grandmother


Das Osterwochenende im Force

Servus Forcler!

Diese Force Woche ist ganz vollgepackt mit Programm:
Wir öffnen unsere Pforten diesmal schon am Donnerstag von 20 bis 0 Uhr, gespielt wird Grindcore, Brutal Death, Crust – alles was euch ordentlich die Ohren durchrumpelt.
–> Grinddonnerstag im New Force

Auch am Karfreitag könnt ihr bei uns auf ein kühles Bierchen vorbeikommen (20 – 02 Uhr), es gibt unseren traditionellen Spieleabend – nicht zu viel Party, damit Jesus nicht sauer wird, aber zuhause bleiben ist ja auch doof. Bringt eure gewünschten Brett-/Karten- oder Sonstiges Spiele mit, packt eure Spielkumpanen ein und auf ins Force!
–> Karfreitag-Spieleabend im New Force

Samstag gibt’s das übliche Force Extreme – Black & Death Metal und Grindcore von 20 bis 02 Uhr.

Wir freuen uns auf euch, bis denn! Cheers \m/