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Playlist: Sa, 30.07.22 – Blasts in Brucklyn

Samstag 30.07.2022 – Blasts in Brucklyn

20:00 DJ Wundexperte

Deserted Fear – Open Their Gates
Jungle Rot – Virus
Benediction – Stormcrow
Bolt Thrower – Dark Millenium
Cannibal Corpse – Scourge Of Iron
Suffocation – Thrones Of Blood
Decapitaded – Day 69
Cattle Decapitation – Death Atlas
Hypocrisy – Fractured Millenium
Amorphis – Black Winter Day
Debauchery – Thunderbeast
Venom – Black Metal
Kreator – Riot Of Violence
Children Of Bodom – Waste Of Skin


Feastem – Kurjuuden Kuningas
Ona Snop – Mustard Farm
Antigama – Used To ‚
Napalm Death – As The Machine Rolls On
Yacopsae – Frost
Nasum – Inhale / Exhale
Satanic Malfunction – Lies
Lautstürmer – Hellfire Rock’n’Roll
Repulsion – Eaten Alive
Gadget – Forsaken
Martydöd – Tyst Minut
Dödsrit – The Void
Falkenbach – Wulfarweijd
Mayhem – Freezing Moon

DJ Don Hugo Armani

Archgoat – angel of sodomy
Wiegedood – svanesang
Amenra – ritual


Darkthrone – transilvanian hunger
Unholy grave – waves of death
Takafumi matsubara – path to isolation
Gridlink – island sun
Nuclear vomit – obora
Dying fetus – grotesque impalement
Whoresnation – Oozing media
Strafplanet – verlierertyp
Maruta – slaying jehova
Victims of classwar – giftpille
Hetze – slow blink
SFC – blood and pain, your cocaine
Melt banana – the hive
Vader – triumphant of death
Unleashed – stand your ground
Bolt thrower – the killchain
Asphyx – the rack
Cranial – burning bridges

23:00 DJ Wundexperte

Bathory – Enter The Eternal Fire
Desaster – The Art Of Destruction
White Ward – Poisonous Flowers Of Violence
Oathbreaker – Agartha
Malevolent Creation – The Will To Kill
Evocation – Feed The Fire
Obituary – Chopped In Half
Death – Left To Die
Gorefest – Freedom
Deicide – Lunatic Of God´s Creation
Totenmond – Der Misantrop
Devourment – Festering Vomitous Mass
Guineapig – Project Sunshine


Satan´s Revange On Mankind – Zombiebutcher
Analepsy – The Vermin Devourer
Blood – Skate Is Great
Anaal Nathrakh – Between Shit And Piss We Are Born
The Order Of Apollyon – The Curse Is Poured Upon Them
Nile – Ithyphallic
Fleshgod Apocalypse – The Violation
Nails – Scum Will Rise
Clown Core – Computers
Ahumado Granujo – Cold Turkey
Skinless – The Optimist
Coffins – Buried Death

DJ Don Hugo Armani

Rotting christ – Χ ξ ς‘
Disbelief – misery
Electric wizard – saturnine


Fredag den 13:e – kan du bli optimal?
Mörkhimmel – zima
Keitzer – forever war
Implore – homo-consumens
Rotten sound – targets
Terrorizer – enslaved by propaganda
Transient – antipositivism
Magrudergrind – built to blast
Wojczech – grindcore no talent
偏執症者 – shisuru sekai, iki jigoku
Cattle decapitaion – finish them
Ultrawurscht – other bands play, ultrawurscht grill
Ona snop – mustard farm
Gets worse – el belcho
Gulch – self-inflicted mental terrror
Slauhgter to prevail – bonebreaker
Shadow of intent – of fury
Nux vomica – reeling

Guido Horn & Die orthopädischen Strümpfe – Danke!

Diese Woche bei uns im New Force

Hey Forcler,

Der Programmüberblick dieser Woche:

Am Donnerstag (20:00 bis 0:00) wird es düster denn wir starten mit dem langersehnten Comeback von Synthetic Generation. Den ganzen Abend gibt es das Beste aus Elektro, Wave, Industrial, Postpunk, Gothrock und mehr. Kommt vorbei und zeigt uns, dass ihr noch tanzen könnt!
Eintritt ist frei!

Am Freitag ist von 20:00 bis 2:00 wieder Masters Of Metal. Die gesunde Mischung aus Heavy, Power, Thrash, Folk und Modern Metal – perfekt zum Haare schütteln!

Bei Blasts in Brucklyn am Samstag (20:00 bis 2:00) geht es wie gewohnt härter zu. Wir haben für euch Meisterstücke aus dem Death, Black und Thrash Metal sowie Metalcore, Deathcore und Grindcore für euch im Angebot.

Man sieht sich!
Cheers 🍻

Playlist: Blasts in Brucklyn – Sa. 23.07.22

Samstag, 23.07.2022 – Blasts in Brucklyn

20:00 DJ Blastus

macabre – acid bath vampire
the dillinger escape plan – 43% burnt
antigama – empty paths
defeated sanity – perspectives
nuclear vomit – green piss of shit
deathklok – thunderhose blood
incantation – vitrification of blood I
ragnarok – murder
crematory – tears of time
windir – todeswalzer
endstille – i bless you god
totenmond – arbeiterreserve
arckanum – pursvitnir


behemoth – ora pro nobis lucifer
emperor – i am the black wizards
spectral wound – woods from which the spirits once so loudly howled
belphegor – sexdictator lucifer
cattle decapitation – finish them

DJ Der Wal der Qual

Dragged Into Sunlight – Buried With Leeches
Al-Namrood – Nabth
Antichrist Siege Machine – Unleashed Hostility
Kronstadt – Karpaty
Dimmu Borgir – Born Treacherous
Serpent Column – Promise of the Polis


Nocturnal Departure – Ritualistic Vomit
GUDSFORLAT – Sent Like the Craven Swine They Were
Downfall of Gaia – As Our Bones Break to the Dance
Falkenbach – Havamal
Borknagar – Up North
Fluisteraars – Tere Muur
Dawn Ray’d – Fire Sermon
Deicide – In the Minds of Evil
Meshuggah – ObZen
Alghol – The Osseous Key
Bosse-de-Nage – Crux
Wayfarer – The Iron Horse

23:00 DJ Frustus

Napalm death – suffer the children
morbid angel – day of suffering
cannibal corpse – hammer smashed face
infest – deaththrash legion 666
death strike – pay to die
devourment – choke on bile
necros christos – black mass desecration
paysage d’hiver – wuetig
mgla – exercises in futility II
darkthrone – valkyrie
cradle of filth – dusk and her embrace
angantyr – den store krig
aaskereia – aaskereia
armagedda – refuse the blood of jesus


carpathian forest – he’s turning blue
nattefrost – sluts of hell
marduk – christraping black metal
atrocity – menschenschlachthaus
spectral wound – slaughter of the medusa
khold – nattpyre
absent in body – half rising man

DJ Der Wal der Qual

Uada – Our Pale Departure
Helrunar – …bis die Seele gefriert
Witchery – Witchkrieg
Goatwhore – Apocalyptic Havoc
Freitod – Der Unsichtbare Begleiter


Craven Idol – Venomous Rites
Dumal – Devour the Child
Legenda – Black Sky
Horned Almighty – Vile Works of Witchcraft
Feminazgul – I Pity the Immortal
Gaerea – Urge
Human Serpent – The World in Coffins
Wormwitch – Disciple of the Serpent Star
Trespasser – To the Barricades!
Falls of Rauros – Clarity
Hvosch – To Ananke

Playlist: Sa. 16.07.22 – Blasts in Brucklyn

Samstag, 16.07.2022 – Blasts in Brucklyn

20.00 DJ Agent Orange

Agents of Satan – joe ryder
weekend nachos – prioritize
kill the client – false flag attack
spoonful of vicodin totally news exposure
maruta – behind the steel curtain
insect warfare – information economy
shitstorm – paranoid existence
man will destroy himself – fuse
total fucking destruction – human is the bastard
chainsaw to the face – hating life
magrudergrind – inevitable progression
asra – chrytridomicyosis
wasteoid – drink in hand
su19b – world is doomed to violence
coffins – acid orgy
thors hammer – norge
benediction – i bow to none
morbid angel – day of suffering
suffocation – infecting the crypts
devourment – choking on bile
napalm death – suffer the children
cemetary – dead red


obituary – redneck stomp
sijjin – angel of the eastern gate
whisky ritual – 666 problems
nattefrost – sluts of hell
hellripper – black arts and alchemy
darkthrone – those shores are damned
hellhamer – the third of the storms
celtic frost – the ursuper
armagedda – for i am his slave
mgla – excercises in futility IV
satyricon – mother north
dödsrit – svart aska
disfear – get it off
total jävla mörker – rasist i uniform
skitsystem – stigmata
khold – svart heligdom


jungle rot – gasping for air
obituary – slowly we rot
bolt thrower – eternal war
neaera – ours is the storm
heaven shall burn – hunters will be hunted
as i lay dying – meaning in tragedy
thy art is murder – eye for an eye
anaal nathrakh – pandemonic hyperblast
cattle decapitation – death atlas
despised icon – bad vibes
imperial triumphant – excelsior
japanische kampfhörspiele – menschenverachtende untergrundmusik
revenge – banner degradation


1349 – manifest
judas iscariot – an eternal kingdom of fire
archgoat – apothesis of lucifer
immortal – blashyrkh (mighty ravendark)
marduk – beast of prey
dissection – soul reaper
emperor – i am the black wizards
dark funeral – king antichrist
ajattara – kituvan kiitos
deicide – once upon the cross
beyrevra – the hermits torment
runemagick – enter the realm of death
necros christos – necromantique nun
dismember – dismembered


DJ Razakeel

Dead Congregation – Feasting Angelcunts
Deströyer 666 – Trialed by Fire
Gratzug – Meyster der Ewigkeit
The Order of Apollyon – The Curse is poured upon Time
Inquisition – From Chaos they came
Sonne Adam – Hater of Mankind
Cult of Fire – Vltava
Spectral Wound – Woods from wich the Spirits once so loudly howled
Trespasser – Tachanka
Midnight – You can’t stop Steel
Sodom – M-16
Bolt Thrower – Where next to conquer
Illdesposed – Case of the late Pig God
Dethroned – Hating Life
Cannibal Corpse – They deserve to die
Katatonia – Evidence
Ahab – Nickerson’s Theme
Shape of Despair – The distant Dream of Life
The Ruins of Beverast – Silhouettes of Death’s Grace
Pure Wrath – Grief of our Fathers
Blacklodge – Neo.Black.Magic
Pensees Nocturnes – Le Tango du Vieuloniste

Playlist: Sa. 02.07.22 Blasts in Brucklyn

Blasts in Brucklyn Samstag, 2.7.22

20.00 DJ Agent Orange

eye hate god – sabbath jam
necros christos – electric funeral
pesthammer – gathering of the hordes of madness
grim van doom – the storm
soulgates dawn – illuminate
bloodshot dawn – godless
while she sleeps – method in madness
science of sleep – fed to pigs
despised icon – in the arms of perdition
benighted – hostile
neaera – i loathe
dissection – nights blood
darkened nocturn slaughtercult – nocturnal march


gorgoroth – wound upon wound
anaal nathrakh – forging towards the sunset
infant annihilator – unholy gravebirth
kataklysm – as i slither
jungle rot – gaspin for air
pungent stench – games of humiliation
khold – nattpyre
immortal – tyrants
carpathian forest – mask of the slave
darkthrone – transilvanian hunger
mayhem – deathcrush
coffins – corpse parade
grave – into the grave
dismember – skinfather
konvent – puritan masochism

22h dreisterneDJ popov

devourment – babykiller
gutural slug – hacklsaw surgery
slaughter to prevail – bonebreaker
thy art is murder – the son of misery
behemoth – o father o satan o sun!
belphegor – sexdictator lucifer
cult of fire – satan mentor
mgla – with hearts towards none
lorna shore – into the earth
xavleg – bone saw
vulvodynia – a cosmic betrayal
torsofuck – cannibal

insect warfare – selft termination
satan’s revenge on manking – jesus loves you because he’s gay
amputated – slam pig
the black dahlia murder – statutory ape
misery index – pulling out the nails
emperor – i am the black wizards
gorgoroth – carving a giant
darkened nocturn slaughtercult – onmis immundus
satyricon – the pentagram burns
equilibrium – verrat
arch enemy – nemisis
children of bodom – follow the reaper
slipknot – eyeless
the dark prison massacre – hate purgatory
benighted – saw it all

dismember – skin her alive
possessed – seven churches
anaal nathrakh – endarkenment
rotting christ – [Griechische Zeichen] 666
dornenreich – trauerbrandung
xiv dark centuries – skogafulka

DJ Notstulle

carcass – corporal jigsore quandary
death – crystal mountain
kreator – phobia
sodom – agent oramge
death strike – the truth
deicide – christ denied
runemagick – enter the realm of death


Full of hell – deluminate
antigama – reward or punishment
gridlink – constant autumn
feastem – the rope calls your name
anb – unwashed cock
archagathus – raw deal
assück – alabaster
harm – end of an era
blood – toothache
mörser – kirchgang
audio kollaps – 5 vor 12
bathtub shitter – asu
esp mayhem – desperate pigs
yacopsae – tanz grosny tanz
strafplanet – ehrensache
beg – (zu langer titel)
gets worse – el becho
brainwasher – robocop
slund – oh the joy
ona snop – mustard farm
six brew bantha – blight
shitgrinder – noose neck
internal rot – transmission
phobia – bring the war
whoresnation – caracan
maruta – genocide interval
pig destroyer – deflower
gadget – control
rotten sound – vsa
nasum – i see lies
nails – conform
code error – II
teething – mic check
makkmat – skjeikelandet
dahmer – the hillside strangler
jigsore terror – gorgong on exposed arteries
livet som insats – se dig for
disrupt – another child dies
siege – drop dead
dropdead – superior
death toll 80k – taught to consume
napalm death – c.s.
terrorizer – afterlife obliteration
brutal truth – stench of prophet
le scrawl – wintersun

mikey dread – roots and culture

Passt auf eure Briefschlitze auf!

Playlist: Samstag, 18.06.2022

Samstag, 18.06.22 – Blasts in Brucklyn

DJ Der Wal der Qual

20:00 Uhr

Vital Remains – Dechristianize
Morbid Evils – Case IV: Tumour
God Dethroned – Poison Fog
Dissection – Night’s Blood
Bolt Thrower – Mercenary
Keep of Kalessin – Armada
Helrunar – Älter als das Kreuz
Bog Body – The Gate of Grief
Mgla – Exercises in Futility V

21:00 Uhr

Goatburner – Vortex of Chaos
Misthyrming – Orgia
Havukruunu – Uinuos Syömein Sota
Ragnarok – Murder
Carpathian Forest – In League With Satan
Taake – Nordbundet
Spectral Wound – Woods from Which the Spirits Once so Loudly Howled
Lay Down Rotten – Mask of Malice
Whitechapel – Blacked Out
Fear Factory – Slave Labor
Mayhem – Ancient Skin

22:00 Uhr

Milking the Goatmachine – Milking in Blasphemy
Kanonenfieber – Dicke Bertha
Pensées Nocturnes – Charmant Charnier
Rotting Christ – Fire God and Fear
Panzerchrist – Metal Church
Dark Tranquillity – Misery’s Crown
Bloodbath – Eaten
Goregonzola – Washmachines of War
Testament – Practice What You Preach
Aeon – I Hate Your Existence
Kataklysm – In Shadows & Dust
Firespawn – Serpent of the Ocean
Immortal – Battles in the North
Behemoth – O Father O Satan O Sun!
Satyricon – Mother North

23:00 Uhr

Anaal Nathrak – Forging Towards The Sunset
Marduk – Viktoria
Morbid Angel – I Am Morbid
Trespasser – To the Barricades
Jinjer – Judgement & Punishment
As I Lay Dying – Through Struggle
Vader – Triumph of Death
Sepultura – Roots Bloody Roots
Depravation – Feast with the Rats
Midnight – Szex Witchery
Kreator – Hate über Alles
Nailed to Obscurity – Black Frost
Amenra – De Evenmens

0:00 Uhr

Dimmu Borgir – Mourning Palace
Death – Spirit Crusher
Obituary – Slowly We Rot
Carcass – Heartwork
Nuclear Devastation – Rotting in Guilt
Pungent Stench – Viva la Muerte
Nile – As He Creates so He Destroys
Broken Hope – Swamped in Gore
Mortician – Chainsaw Dismemberment
Cannibal Corpse – Make them Suffer
Dark Funeral – My Funeral
Nargaroth – Frühling

1:00 Uhr

Gallowbraid – Ashen Eidolon
Summoning – Flammifer
Windir – Journey to the End
Primordial – Empire falls

Playlist: Samstag, 28.05.22

Samstag, 28.05.22 – Force Extreme

DJ Don Hugo Armani

Morbid evils – case IV: tumor
Goatburner – vortex of chaos
rotten sound – praise the lord
devourment – babykiller
aborted – skullfuck crescendo
playmobil – piratenschiff
Gut – bodyscraper
Asesisno – rituales salvajes
Brujeria – anti castro
Napalm death – c.s.
Goath – epitome of perpetual rage
Marduk – fistfucking god’s planet
Archgoat – nuns, cunts and darkness
Terrorizer -fear of napalm
Wolfbrigade – make me choke
Vomitory – madness prevails
Slipknot – eyeless


Mortician – necrocannibal
sordo – good guys go to hell
Haemorrhage – decom-posers
macabre – the icemen
mörkhimmel – prvni pri konci sveta
the arson project – raped minds
nuclear devastation – inferno
Keitzer – panzersohn
children of bodom – hate me
hail of bullets – general winter

Der Dominator

Skinless – The Optimist
Deicide – Once Upon The Cross
Suffocation – Catatonia
Krisiun – Black Force Domain
Dying Fetus – Wrong One To Fuck With
Asphyx – Death The Brutal Way
Absu – Highland Tyrant Attack
Midnight – Satanic Royalty
Desaster – Satans Soldier Syndicate
Bolt Thrower – Laid To Waste
Napalm Death – Sink Fast Let Go
Broken Hope – Swamped In Gore
Hate Eternal – Behold Judas
Sonne Adam – I Claim My Birth In Blood
Carach Angren – Bitte Töte Mich
Dimmu Borgir – Mourning Palace
Mgla – Exercises In Futility V
Bathory – Pace till Death
Mayhem – Freezing Moon
Extermination Dismemberment – Survival
Nails – conform
Insect warfare – Zone Killer


DJ Don Hugo Armani

Entombed – supposed to rot
Misery index – ghost of catalonia
Fallujah – scar queen
Lorna shore – and i return to nothingness
King 810 – hellhounds
Satyricon – king
Deicide – angel of hell
Bloodbath – unite in pain
Hypocrisy – roswell 47
Skitsystem – blodskam
Gulch – r.s.a.
Magrudergrind – built to blast
Gronibard – The sound of orange juice sloshing into your coffee
Nasum – wrath
Alehammer – half pint army
Jesus cröst – zeitgeist
1914 -gasmask


Bog body – the gate of grief
Amon amarth – twilight of the thundergod
Infant anihilator – unholy gravebirth
Origin – thrall fulcrum apex
Brodequin – spinning in agony
Vital remains – dechristianize

Los Dominatores

Disfear – Maps Of War
Wolfbrigafe – Barren Dreams
Devourment – Fed To The Pigs
Lividity – Pussy Lover
Ahumado Granujo – To Mince And Fuck Up
CBT – Kein Plan
Amenra – A Solitary Reign
Marduk – Wormwood
Drudkh – A Summoning Rain
Krieg – To Wander The Stars
Darkthrone – Transilvanian Hunger
Wormrot – Eradicate
Wormrot – Fuck I’m Sober
Wormrot – Vehemence Of Denials
M:40 – Diagbno9s

Obscene Sampler 2012 – 24 Stunden Force am Stück sind zu viel – der Suff auch

Wochenendprogramm vor der Bergpause

Hi Forcler!

Diese Woche geht’s nochmal rund bei uns, das letzte Wochenende vor der Bergpause – ja ab 02.06. findet tatsächlich wieder Bergkirchweih statt und wir machen solang ein kurzes Päuschen!
Also nutzen wir die Chance und feiern nochmal ordentlich zusammen, wir kredenzen euch diesmal:

Freitag, 27.05. 20-02 Uhr: Masters of Metal – Heavy, Power, Thrash, Folk und Modern Metal

Samstag, 28.05. 20-02 Uhr: Force Extreme – Black & Death Metal, Grindcore, Deathcore & alles was euch ordentlich die Haare schwingen lässt.

Kommt vorbei, wir freuen uns auf euch!
Cheers \m/

Playlist: Samstag, 21.05.22

Samstag 21.05.22 Force Extreme – Black, Death, Grind


DJ Don Hugo Armani

Misery index – sensory depravation
God dethroned – poison fog
Obituary – immortal visions
Krisiun – blind possesion
Gorgoroth – carving a giant
Archgoat – phallic desecrator of sacred gates
Svart – in endless grief
Carpathian forest – submit to satan
Behemoth – kriegsphilosophie
Avulsed – protervia
Necropsy – hate
Bolt thrower – mercenary
Suffocation – infecting the crypts


Dying fetus – kill your mother rape your dog
Six-score – logik der masslosigkeit
Terror revolucionario – momentos de dor
Nuclear devastation – rotting in guilt
Bathory – baptised in fire and ice
Negator – panzermetal
Naglfar – way of the rope
Lantlos – ruinen
Morbid evils – pollute
Vader – litany
Keitzer – invictus
Mörkhimmel – ostri cerne kosy zni
Disfear – the furnace
Psycroptic – cruelty incarnate
Origin – Insurection


Dispyt – total alkoholist
Hail of bullets – tokyo napalm holocaust
Madred – hard times
Pungent stench – viva la muerte
Magenta harvest – .. and then came the dust
Nile – as he comes so he destroys
Implore – epicyte/parasite
Napalm death – suffer the children
Valborg – ultragrab
Grim van doom – thulsa
Gulch – r.s.a.
Jungle rot – nerve gas catastrophe
Dimmu borgir – puritania
Satyricon – king
Asphyx – the rack

DreisterneDj Popov 23:00

carcass – heartwork (fürn abwesenden Justus)
vader – xeper
kataklysm – as i slither
benediction – magnificent
napalm death – forced to fear
keep of kalessin – armada
klabautamann – forlorn sea
marduk – funeral dawn
thorns – underneath the universe pt2
helrunar – älter als das kreuz
khroma – wrong

suicide silence – wake up
slipknot – (sic)
broken hope – siamese screams
bolt thrower – those once loyal
grave – morbid ways to die
macabre – the hillside stranglers
gronibard – a life’s a life
gut – cripple bitch
isacaarum – teenage cunt powerplay
matyrdöd – din aura av sorg
opeth – deliverance
vital remains – dechristianize
enslaved – ruun
primordial – coffin ships
dissection – night’s blood

Das war’s für heute, ciao!

Reminder: Gäste Umfrage

Kleiner Reminder:

Ende dieses Jahres wird das New Force stolze 40 Jahre alt!
Zu diesem Anlass führen wir die Tradition der New Force Zeitung fort, die es bisher zu jedem vollen Jahrzehnt gab.

Unser Team ist bereits fleißig am Schreiben, Storys und Fotos zusammentragen etc. – wir wollen aber auch euch gerne wieder zu Wort kommen lassen, daher haben wir eine kleine Gäste Umfrage erstellt:

Wer uns also gerne helfen möchte und vielleicht auch die eine oder andere Geschichte aus’m Force teilen will, der/die kann gerne dem Link folgen und die Umfrage ausfüllen – sofern ihr das nicht schon bei unserem letzten Aufruf getan habt, dauert auch nur paar Minütchen.
Dickes Dankeschön gleich mal vorweg & natürlich auch an alle die unserem letzten Aufruf bereits so lieb gefolgt sind!

Wer gerne noch ausführlichere Geschichten und/oder Fotos aus’m Force mit uns teilen möchte kann uns auch gerne mit dem Betreff
„New Force Zeitung“ an mailen.
Bedenkt bitte, wir werden alles was bei uns ankommt natürlich vorher nochmal sichten und sortieren, das kann ein Weilchen dauern.
Sollten Fotos und Namen genannt werden, brauchen wir dann noch die jeweilige Einverständniserklärung, da kommen wir dann aber direkt auf euch zu.

Habt Dank, Cheers! \m/