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Playlist: Sa, 24.02.24 – Blasts in Brucklyn

Samstag, 24.2.24 – Blasts in Brucklyn

20:00 Dj Judge

Mournument – On Rain and thunder
Grabnebelfürsten – Abstrakte Wunden verbaler Schwerter
Dornenreich – Hasses Freigang
Kermania – Für die Heimat
Belore – The Valley of Giants
Summoning – Earthshine
Anheim – zum ende der Zeit
Cranial – Dark
Benediction – Magnificant
Master – Subdue the Politician
Cannibal Corpse – Summoned fo Sacrifice
Archspire – Relentless Mutation

21:30 Dj Razakeel

Nile – Sacrifice unto Sebek
Cattle Decapitation – A Body Farm
Decapitated – Iconoclast
Bolt Thrower – Those once loyal
Septicflesh – The Vampire from Nazareth
Dimmu Borgir – The sacrilegious Scorn
Beherit – Pagan Moon
Mayhem – Chainsaw Gutsfuck
Moonsorrow – Suden Tunti
Bathory – For those who died
Falkenbach – Towards the Hall of bronzen Shields
Mysticum – Black Magic Mushrooms
Nargaroth – Semper Fidelis
Urfaust – Untergang
Necros Christos – Hathor of Dendera
Bloodbath – Cancer of the Soul
Misery Index – The carrion Call
Napalm Death – The Infiltrator
Xibalba – Enemigo
Fleshgod Apocalypse – The Violation
Cannibal Corpse – Frantic Disembowlment
Archspire – Bleed the Future
Nasum – Fury

23:00 Dj Razajudge

Bloodbath – Cancer of the Soul
Anaal Nathrakh – Endarkenment
Lorna Shore – To the Hellfire
Hypocrisy – Warpath
Death – Flattening the earth
Antigama – Sentenced the Void
Necrowretch – Numidian Knowledge
Belphegor – Sexdiktator Luzifer
Rotting Christ – legg mi am oasch 666
Behemoth – O father , o Satan, o Sun
Porta Nigra – In Stahlgewittern
Valborg – Plasmabrand
Wiegedood -FN SCAR 16
Spectral Wound – Woods from which…
Sargeist – The Bosom of Wisdom and Madness
Chaos Invocation – A Stranger’s pale hand
The Ruins of Beverast – Anchoress in Furs
Kovent – Puritan Masochism
Asphyx – M.S. Bismark
Sonne Adam – I sing his Words
Mylingar – Obalansen
Truppensturm – Gustav the Great
Infant Annihilator – Blasphemian
Rings of Saturn – Sensless Massacre
Unaussprechlichen Kulten – Lamia Sucuba
Mephorash – 777
Satyricon – Fuel for the hatred
Summoning – Moondance
Watain – Stellavore
Immortal – Beyond the Northwaves
Necropole – Sous IEgide dEros


Unser vollgepacktes Programm diese Woche (21.-24.02.24)

Hey Forcler!
Diese Woche steht wieder eine Menge geiler Scheiß an!

Wir starten bereits am Mittwoch ab 20 Uhr mit unserem Konzert: Dordeduh, Thorondir, Triuwint – Sold out! Es gibt KEINE Abendkasse!
Doors: 20h | Beginn: 20:15h

Am Donnerstag 20-00 Uhr steht BatWave an – wir widmen den Abend dem (80‘s) Goth, Cold- & Darkwave, Post- & Horrorpunk – kommt tanzen!

Am Freitag 20-02 Uhr heißt es Masters of Metal – wir feiern zu den Helden des klassischen Heavy, Power, Thrash Metal, sowie dem modernen Folk, Modern, Nu Metal & Metalcore!

Am Samstag 20-02 Uhr gibt’s Blasts in Brucklyn – wir kredenzen euch Black & Death Metal, Death & Grindcore satt!

Seid dabei und feiert ordentlich mit uns!
Cheers \m/

Playlist: Blasts in Brucklyn – Sa, 17.02.24

Samstag, 17.02.24 – Blasts in Brucklyn

Agent Orange

doodseskader – its not an addiction if you don’t feel like quitting
genghis tron – board up the house
ottone pessante – die ewige wiederkunft des gleichen
le scrawl – whire russain
otloukanek – babocka smrti
zeus! – belzebulb
chepang – antim bhet
gets worse – berk jerker
cloud rat – 12-22-09
mgla – with hearts towards none I
katharsis – vythdance
concrete winds – chromium jaw
kapala – martial dominance
mylingar – obalansen


inquisition – those of the night
kovent – ropes II
whitechapel – a bloodshed symphony
distant – paradigm shift
northlane – quantum flex
within destruction – demigod
infant annihilator – three bastards
suicide silence – in a photograph
despised icon – the ills of modern man
cannibal corpse – overlords of violence
kill the client – no justice no peace
gadget – i am
rotten sound – vsa
nasum – final sleep
morbid angel – blessed are the sick
runemagick – enter the realm of death
death – evil dead

22.00 Dj KompaktScheibe

Melechesh – Ladders to Sumeria
Old Man’s Child – Life Deprived
Thorns – Underneath the Universe (Pt. 2)
Inquisition – Infinity is the Aeon of Satan
Funeral Mist – Naught but Death
Thy Art is Murder – Death Squad Anthem
Brand of Sacrifice – Purge
Slaughter to Prevail – Bonebreaker
Hacride – Vision of Hate
The Dillinger Escape Plan – Unretrofied
Disillusion – A Day by the Lake
Entombed – Wolverine Blues
Amorphis – The Gathering
Gorepig – Father Hog
Emmure – You asked for it
Paleface Swiss – Curse Us


Knocked Loose – Blood will Have Blood
The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza – The Alpha The Omega
Strapping Young Lad – Love?
Shining – Lat Oss Ta Allt Fran Varandra
Mysticum – Annihilation
Sacramentum – Fog’s Kiss
Primordial – Sons of the Morrigan
Katatonia – The Future of Speech
Hypocrisy – The fourth Dimension
Angelmaker – Slaughter
ten56. – Diazepam
Hive – The False Hydra
Sepultura – Roots Bloody Roots
Black Crown Initiate – Son of War

00.00 DJ Hauthaar

Akercocke – Summon the Antichrist
Hauntologist – Deathdreamer
Voices – An Audience of Mannequins
Behemoth – O Father O Satan O Sun
Meshuggah – Do not look down
Chapel of Disease – Oblivious/Obnoxious/Defiant
Sulphur Aeon – Incantation
Kataklysm – From the Land of the Living to the Land of the Dead
Achspire – Drone Corspe Aviator
Igorrr – Viande
Trash Panda – Maggot Bath
Spite – Made to please
Veil of Maya – Synthwave Vegan
Anaal Nathrakh – In coelo quies, tout finis ici bas


Invirulant – Hard in da Paint
Slaughter to Prevail – Bratva
BBYB – Kalimerum
Pig Destroyer – Junkyard God
Nasum – I hate people
Valborg – Asbach
Konvent – Grains
TEL – Red Level
Regarde les hommes tomber – L’exil
Amenra – Am Kreuz
Summoning – The white Tower
Bâ’a – Titan
Rotting Christ – Fire, Death and Fear

Ade, crème brûlée

Death Grips – Eh

Playlist: Sa, 03.02.24 – Blasts in Brucklyn

Samstag, 03.02.24 – Blasts In Brucklyn


DJ Wundexperte

Totenmond – Kadavernazion
Gorleben – Contaminated
Ahab -The Pacific
Hypocrisy – Osculum Obscenum
Deserted Fear – The Black Incantation
Bolt Thrower – Dark Millenium
Slaughter To Prevail – Viking
Thy Art Is Murder – Holy War


Shadow Of Intent – The Migrant
Takafumi Matsubara – Path To Isolation
Terrorizer – Human Prey
Napalm Death – As The Machine Rolls On
Repulsion – Acid Bath
Satanic Malfunctions – Pissed & Angry
Ona Snop – Don´t Tell Me What Do
Gadget – In The Name Of Suffering
ArnoXDuebel – Fucked Up
Endless Swarm – Split Brain
Disfear – The Furnace
Dödsrit – Celestial WIll
Dimmu Borgir – Gateways
Anaal Nathrakh – Timewave Zero
Forest Silence – Philosophy Of Winter
Eikenskaden – There Are 666 Trees In My Forest
Begotten – A Waning Silhouette


Krieg – Nemesis

DJ IchTueSoAlsWürdeIchMenschenMögen

Efraah Enhsikaah – Budgeting For Betrayal
Dark Fortress – Self Mutilation
Ulcerate – Visceral Ends
Vitriol – Shame And Its Afterbirth
Vomitory – Revelation Nausea
Kataklysm – In Shadows & Dust
Frozen Soul – Arsenal Of War
Terrorizer – Fear Of Napalm
Fear Factory – Leechmaster
Lamb Of God – Resurrection Man
Slipknot – (Sic)
Disbelief – Democracy
Mantar – The Spell
Spectral Wound – Woods From Which The Spirits Once So Loudly Howled

DJ Mensch, ist das Leben nicht beschissen…?

1349 – Pitch Black
Wake – Swallow The Light
The Dillinger Escape Plan – Jim Fear
Paleface Swiss – Please End Me
Kublai Khan – No Kin
Filth – Stay Gutter
Thy Art Is Murder – Anathema
Fallujah – Abandon
Underling – Clawing At The Rot
Ghost Bath – Burial
Totalselfhatred – Anything
Départe – Seas Of Glass

00:00h DJ Zahnfee

Lifelover – Myspys
Thulcandra – Hail the Abyss
Dimmu Borgir – Glittertind
Horn – Alpenland
Bathory – One Rode to Asa Bay
Dordeduh – Descant
Rotting Christ – Out of Spirits
Immortal – Beyond the North Waves
Gorgoroth – Maneskyggens Slave
Black Lodge – Prequel to the Kult


Ingested – Paragon of Purity
Entheos – I Am the Void
Fires in the Distance – Wisdom of Falling Leaves
Gorefest – Goddess in Black
Morbid Angel – Maze of Torment
…And Oceans – Cloud Heads
Drudkh – Forests in Fire and Cold
Shining – Ohm (sommar med siv)
Freitod – Unter schwarzen Wolken
White Ward – Love Exchange Failure

Um euch doch noch fröhlich nach Hause zu schicken:
Alien Fucker – I want it that way!

Playlist: Do, 01.02.24 – Metal & Beer

Donnerstag 01.02.24 – Metal & Beer

20:00 DJ Hauthaar

nekrovault – sepulkrator
sulphur aeon – hammer from the howling void
imha tarikat – brute majesty
urfaust – ein leeres zauberspiel
worm – ravenblood
dawn – eyesland
katatonia – the future of speech
chevelle – comfortable liar
fear factory – martyr
prong – snap your fingers snap your neck
nailbomb – wasting away


a perfect circle – pet
eyehategod – new orleans is the new vietnam
the flight of sleipnir – thaw
pantera – cemetery gates
unto others – it doesn’t really matter
grave pleasures – joy through death
cypecore – dissatisfactory
scar symmetry – morphogenesis
billy odal – werewolf’s theme
tiamat – the sleeping beauty
mammoth weed wizard bastard – y proffwyd dwyll
(dolch) – tonight


chelsea wolfe – 16 psache
anacrusis – far too long
amon amarth – the serpent’s trail
megadeth – peace sells
machine head – is there anybody out there?
bring me the horizon – throne
archspire – golden mouth of ruin
necrophagist – stabwound
born of osiris – illuminate
veil of maya – synthwave vegan
jesus piece – curse of the serpent
konvent – puritan masochism
herder – wasted
raging sloth – spectral gorge


down – i scream
type o negative – i don’t wanna be me
pallbearer – i saw the end
swallow the sun – new moon
in vain – floating on the murmuring tide
lorna shore – into the earth
abbie falls – pitch black
bring me the horizon – happy song
lifelover – myspys
apati – sömnlösa nätter
pure – prison of flesh and bone

outerspass – sprechen sie deutsch, bitch?

Unser Programm diese Woche (01.-03.02.24)

Servus Forcler!
Das alles erwartet euch diese Woche bei uns im New Force:

Am Donnerstag 20-00 Uhr geht’s los mit Metal & Beer – kommt vorbei zu entspanntem Feierabendbier & dem Besten was der Metal zu bieten hat, was ihr hören wollt, legen wir auf!

Am Freitag 20-02 Uhr gibt’s Masters of Metal – wir kredenzen euch alles rund um Heavy, Power, Thrash, Folk, Modern, Nu Metal & Metalcore, da ist für jeden Metalfan was dabei!

Am Samstag 20-02 Uhr steht Blasts in Brucklyn an – bei uns kommen auch härtere Subgenres nicht zu kurz – wer Bock auf Black & Death Metal, sowie Death- & Grindcore hat, sollte vorbeischauen.

Wir freuen uns auf eine tolle Zeit mit euch!
Cheers \m/

Playlist: Blasts in Brucklyn – Sa, 20.01.24

Blasts in Brooklyn – Samstag, 20.01.2024

20h MK Ultra

nasum – wrath
rotten sound – gdp & ctc
isacaarum – bukakke bitchbombers
maruta – behind the steel curtain
dodheimsgard – shiva interfere
helrunar – … bis die seele gefriert
carach angren – where crows tick on windows
behemoth – demigod
vader – xeper
the faceless – an autopsy
suicide silence – wake up
carcass – cadaver pouch conveyor system
children of bodom – halo of blood
marduk – funeral dawn


mephorash – sanguinem
satyricon – k.i.n.g. (WD40 edition)
gorgoroth – radix malorum
irrlycht – siechtum
judas iscariot – bathed in clouds of blood
bloodbath – eaten
playmobil – piratenschiff
kataklysm – illuminati
fleshgod apocalypse – cold as perfection
origin – saliga

von draus von walde komm‘ ich her … ich muss euch sagen ich VYNNNNNNN!

Dying Fetus – Grotesque Impalement
Stillbirth – The Hunt
Infant Annihilator – Unholy Gravebirth
Acrania – Disillusion in an Discordant System

22:00 Uhr

Vulvodynia – A Cosmic Betrayal
Extermination Dismemberment – Human Holocaust
Xavlegbmaof… – Dicks out of Harambe
Nasum – Inhale/Exhale
Napalm Death – You Suffer
Slaughter to Prevail – 1984
Angelmaker – I Long for Rest
Darko US – Insects
Face Yourself – Shadow Self
Lorna Shore – Pain Remains III – In a Sea of Fire
Windir – Todeswalzer
Carach Angren – Sewn for Solitude

23:00 Uhr

Rotting Christ – Cine iupeste si lasa
Abduction – La grande Illusion
Russisches Atmospheric Black metal
Suizid – I Left This Life to Rot
FT-17 – Le Tunnel de Favannes
Mgla – Excersices of Futility V
Behemoth – God = Dog
1349 – Dodskamp
Exhumed – In My Human Slaughterhouse

00:00 Uhr MK Ultra

Bolt Thrower – The Killchain
Skinless – The Optimist
broken hope – pitbull grin
death – zombie ritual
six feet under – tnt
amon amarth – death in fire
dimmu burger mit extra mayhemnaise – puritania
cradle of filth – her ghost in the fog
immortal – tyrants
nazghor – primordial linage
urgehal – goatcraft torment
mayhem – freezing moon
as blood runs black – in dying days


bring me the horizon – pray for plagues
lorna shore – sun // eater
gojira – flying whales
harakiri for the sky – song to say goodbye
agaloch – not unlike the waves
solstafir – pale rider
lbeherit – pagan moon
watain – legions of the black light
heretic – i bring chaos
massacration – metal milf

schee woas … kommt gut ham

fraktus – a.d.a.m.

Playlist: Best öf 2023 – Musikalischer Jahresrückblick – Fr, 19.01.24

Freitag, 19.01.2024

Best öf 2023 – Musikalischer Jahresrückblick

20:00h DJ Zahnfee

Ne Obliviscaris – Graal
Fires in the Distance – Wisdom of the Falling Leaves
Tomb Mold – The Perfect Memory
TesseracT – The Grey
Unearth – Into the Abyss
Dominum – Patient Zero
Skalmöld – Ratatoskur
Smoulder – The Talisman and the Blade
Terrifier – Trial by Combat
Metallica – Screaming Suicide
Horrendous – Ontological Mysterium
Acid King – Mind’s Eye


Green Lung – Mountain Throne
Metal Church – Me the Nothing
Sadus – Scorched and Burnt
Asinhell – Fall of the Loyal Warrior
Orbit Culture – Vultures of North
Svalbard – Faking it
Polaris – Nightmare

DJ KompaktScheibe

Periphery – Wildfire
Cattle Decapitation – A Photic Doom
Immortal – Return to Cold
Moonlight Sorcery – In Coldest Embrace
Primordial – How It Ends


Shade Empire – Maroon
Avatar – Hazmat Suit
Katatonia – Birds
The Halo Effect – The Defiant One
Slipknot – Bone Church
Helmet – Gun Fluff
Burning Witches – The Dark Tower
Saxon – Hell, Fire and Damnation
Judas Priest – Panic Attack
Smoulder – Violent Creed of Vengeance
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard – Gila Monster
Enslaved – Forest Dweller
Kataklysm – From the Land of the Living to the Land of the Dead

23:00h DJ Zahnfee

Enforced – Hanged by my Hand
Overkill – The Surgeon
Bloodbound – 1066
Sabaton – The First Soldier
In Flames – Meet Your Maker
Bury Tomorrow – Boltcutter
Spiritbox – Cellar Door
Suicide Silence – Alter of Self
Thy Art is Murder – Until There is no Longer
Dying Fetus – Compulsion For Cruelty
Frozen Soul – Arsenal of War
Obituary – The Wrong Time


Thulcandra – Hail the Abyss
Hellripper – The Nuckelavee
Knife – Night Vision
Spirit Adrift – Barn Burner
Dokken – Fugitive
Beartooth – Riptide
August Burns Red – Backfire
Skindred – Gimme That Boom
3TEETH – Slum Planet
Sleep Token – Chokehold

DJ KompaktScheibe

Paleface Swiss – Best Before: Death
Cannibal Corpse – Blood Blind
Suffocation – Perpetual Deception
Orbit Culture – While We Serve
Voivod – Moröth Tales
Angelus Apatrida – Fire Eyes


Invent Animate – Heavener
Kichi – Braving our Tempertation
Grave Pleasure – Society of Spectres
Smoke Blow – Dopethrone
Raging Sloth – Spectral Gorge
Make Them Suffer – Doomswitch
Sleep Token – Take Me Back To Eden
Wednesday – Bull Believer
Fall Out Boy – Love from the Other Side
Baroness – Last Word
Curta’n Wall – Pict’s Wall

02:00h Hoffentlich wird dieses Jahr musikalisch noch besser

Men Without Hats – The Safety Dance

Playlist: Sa, 13.01.24 – Blasts in Brucklyn

13.01.2024, Samstag – Blasts in Brucklyn

20:00Uhr DJ Vynnnnnn

Urfaust – Voodoo Lust
Bathory – The Lake
Borknagar – Colossus
Enslaved – Loke
Mora Prokaza – WIMG
Heilung – Hamrer Hippyer
Alcest – Solar Song
Rotting Christ – Naturdemoneras Lockrop
Mephorash – Soma Yuni
Belphegor – Sexdictator Lucifer
Corps Fleur – Swansong
Falkenbach – Heathenpride
Suizid – I Left This Life to Rot
Coldworld – Suicide
Zeal & Ador – Götterdämmerung
Kanonenfieber – Sturm und Drang
Kataklysm – Narcissist
Decapitaded – Earth Scar
Frozen Soul – Arsenal of War
Exhumed – In my Human Slaughterhouse
Gutrectomy – Shrine of Disgust
The Dark Prison Massacre – Hate Purgatory
No one gets out alive – Banjo Slam
Stillbirth – Homo Deus
Acrania – Disillusion in an Discordant System

DJ Untote Menschenfreund

Fulci – Apocalypse Zombie
Paleface Swiss – Pain
Fallujah – Assemblage Of Wolves
Gojira – The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe
Meshuggah – New Millennium Cyanide Christ
Behemoth – Chant For Ezkaton
Nachtmystium – On The Other Side
Mysticum – The Rest
Total Hate – Essence of Evil
Carach Angren – The Shining Was A Portent Of Gloom

23:00 DJ Geisterfreund

Falkenbach – The Heathenish Foray
Thron – Martyr
Sulphur Aeon – The Oneironaut (Haunting Visions Within The Starlit Chambers Of Seven Gates)
Evocation – Dead Calm Chaos
Obituary – Inked In Blood
Bolt Thrower – World Eatermarduk
Kataklysm – Like Angels Weeping (The Dark)
Cattle Decapitation – Not Suitable For Life
Whitechapel – The Saw Is The Law
Fit For An Autopsy – Iron Moon
Gojira – Backbone
Mastic Scum – D1s3emb0d1m3nt

MK Ultra

strapping you lad – detox
dismember – override for overture
beherit – demon advance
soulfly – babylon
cavalera conspiracy – cruzification
ektomorf – i choke
one man army and the undead quartett – killing machine
enslaved – ruun
primordial – the coffin ships
rompeprop – vaginal luftwaffe
devourment – babykiller
satan’s revenge on manking – jesus loves you because he is gay
le scrawl – boiling point
marduk – baptism by fire
gorgoroth – carving giant
gorleben – decay
meshoggah – dancers to a doscordant system
starring janet leigh – wrath
tugnut – ode to pete
vital remains – dechristianitze

geht jetzt heim, eary internet hat gerufen
weebl’s stuff – badger badger badger

Unser Programm diese Woche (11.-13.01.24)

Servus Forcler!
Hier im Überblick was euch diese Woche alles bei uns erwartet:

Am Donnerstag 20-00 Uhr starten wir mit Coreknaben – unsere monatliche Veranstaltung rund um Metalcore, Deathcore & Hardcore – Eintritt ist frei!

Am Freitag 20-02 Uhr heißt es Masters of Metal – unsere Party für sowohl klassischen Heavy, Power, Thrash Metal, als auch modernen Folk, Modern, Nu Metal & Metalcore – wird geil!

Am Samstag 20-02 Uhr steht Blasts in Brucklyn an – unser Abend für (Melodic) Death & Black Metal, düsteren Doom Metal, schnellen Death- & Grindcore.

Wir haben Bock. Wir hoffen ihr auch!
Cheers \m/