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Eternity’s End – The Fire Within
Firewind – Mercenary Man
Angra – Carry On
Majestica – Above the Sky
Seventh Wonder – The Everones
Anubis Gate – Andromeda Unchained
Shadowkeep – Guardian of the Sea
Warkings – Gladiator
Serenity – The Fortress
Solar Fragment – Inside the Circle
Veonity – When Humanity is Gone
Theocracy – The Master Storyteller


Victorius – Tale Of The Sunbladers
Dragony – If It Bleeds We Can Kill It
Dire Peril – Godzilla
Judicator – Spiritual Treason
Iron Mask – Freedom’s Blood
Paladin – Shoot for the Sun
Twilight Force – Fall of the Eternal Winter
Orion’s Reign – Elder Blood
Allen / Lande – Master of Sorrow
Lost Horizon – Highlander (The One)
Elvenking – Swallowtail


Temperance – Empty Lines
Galneryus – Hunting For Your Dream
Grimgotts – The Last Dragon Warriors
Ayreon – Run! Apocalypse! Run!
Cain’s Offering – Stormcrow
Circus Maximus – Abyss
Everfrost – Winterider
Kamelot – Center of the Universe
Pyramaze – Back for More
Luca Turilli – Legend of Steel
Symphony X – Set the World on Fire


Sonata Arctica – Fullmoon
Seven Kingdoms – Stargazer
Stratovarius – Fantasy
Solarus – Shattered Skies
Pagan’s Mind – Through Osiris‘ Eyes
Keldian – Never Existed
Evergrey – The Great Deceiver
Borealis – Sacrifice
Human Fortress – Defenders of the Crown
Black Majesty – Silent Company
Triosphere – Steal Away the Light
Thornbridge – Eternal Life

Best Öf 2019

24.01.2020 – Best of 2019

DJ Wal der Qual


Marianas Rest – Restitution
Obsequiae – The Palms of Sorrowed Kings
Blut aus Nord – Nomos Nebuleam
Misthyrming – Orgia
Ofdrykkja – Wither
Wilderun – Far From Where Dreams Unfurl
Insomnium – Valediction
In Flames – I Am Above
Amon Amarth – Crack the Sky
Eluveitie – Ambiramus
Jinjer – On The Top


TOOL – Pneuma
Slipknot – Unsainted
Rammstein – Deutschland
Beast in Black – Sweet True Lies
Sabaton – A Ghost in the Trenches
Stormwarrior – Norsemen (We Are)
Thornbridge – Theatrical Masterpiece
Deserted Fear – Welcome to Reality
Despised Icon – Purgatory
Martyrdöd – Den Sista Striden
Devourment – Cognitive Sedation Butchery
Tomb Mold – Planetary Clairvoyance


Runemagick – After the Sepulchral Lava
Opeth – Heart in Hand
Alcest – Protection
Mgla – Age of Excuse III
Triuwint – Frostgeronten
Atlantean Kodex – People of the Moon / Dawn of Creation
Visigoth – Fireseeker
Avantasia – Book of Shallows
Gloryhammer – Masters of the Galaxy
Twilight Force – Thundersword
Traveler – Starbreaker


Riot City – Burn the Night
Idle Hands – Give Me To The Night
Repellent – Like a Whore
Candlemass – House of Doom
Monolord – Skywards
Ordos – Ginny
Borknagar – Up North
Darkthrone – Old Star
Fleshgod Apocalypse – Sugar
Rotting Christ – Fire God and Fear
Týr – Fire and Flame


Wind Rose – Diggy Diggy Hole
Brothers of Metal – Njord
Elvenking – Silverseal
Bloodbound – Rise of the Dragon Empire
Victorius – Super Sonic Samurai
Grand Magus – Brother of the Storm
Brymir – Ride On, Spirit
Atlas Pain – The Moving Empire
Manegarm – Hervors arv
Evergrey – Weightless
Smoulder – Ilian of Garathorm
Nile – Vile Nilotic Rites
Toxic Holocaust – Chemical Warlords


Blood Incantation – Slave Species of the Gods
Witch Vomit – Buried Deep in a Bottomless Grave
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult – Mardom / Echo Zmory
Valborg – Ultragrab
Phobia – Imbecile
Asagraum – They Crawl from the Broken Circle
Keitzer – Übermensch
Betlehem – Niemals Mehr Leben
Cattle Decapitation – Bring Back the Plague
Sielunvihollinen – Kuolonkylväjä
Sellsword – Unto the Breach
Hammerfall – Dominion
Paladin – Awakening
Turilli / Lione Rhapsody – Zero Gravity

Lemmy Memorial, 28.12.19


no sleep til hammersmith
on your feet or on your knees
doctor rock
stone deaf in the usa
iron horse – born to loose
stone dead forever
dogface boy
lost in the ozone
on parole
its a long way to the top


love me like a reptile
i aint no nice guy
im so bad
no class
runaround man
just cos you got the power
i wont pay your price
shoot you in the back
twist and shout
no class
killed by death
dancing on your grave
cat scratch fever
lifes a bitch
fast and loose


talking head
whorehouse blues
eat the rich
ace of spades
please dont touch
angel city
you better run
all the aces
iron fist
smiling like a killer
sympathy for the devil


louie louie
the hammer
doctor rock
rock n roll
born to raise hell
beer drinkers and hell raisers
the chase is better than the catch
jack the ripper
death or glory
blessing – the wolf
we are the road crew
iron horse – born to loose
deaf forever


going to brazil
we bring the shake
love me forever
tie your mother down
the one to sing the blues
built for speed
god was never on your side
god save the queen
teach them how to bleed
enter sandman
stay clean
another perfect day
like a nightmare
steal your face


march or die
thunder and lightning
serial killer
we are motörhead
i am the sword
shut you down
damage case
blue suede shoes
lost johnny
ill be your sister
nothing up my sleeve
cradle to the grave
dead men tell no tales
motörhead alternate take
wer hat an der uhr gedreht

Weihnachten, 24.12.19

xmas project – leise rieselt der schnee
helloween – just a little sign
exodus – metal command
kreator – phobia
apo reiter – es wird schlimmer
black messiah – christenfeind
korpiklaani – wooden pints
dropkick murphys – rose tattoo
in flames – ordinary story
amon amarth – mjölnir hammer of thor
dark tranquility – terminus
bloodbound – satanic panic


hammerfall – at the end of the rainbow
iron maiden – rime of the ancient mariner
girlschool- take it all away
judas priest – diamonds and rust live
saxon – wheels of steel – demolition alley live
motörhead – bomber live
sgt hartman – christmas speech
iron maiden – churchills speech – aces high live
acdc – if you want blood
ohrenfeindt – auf die fresse ist umsonst
axxis – living in a world


skid row – youth gone wild
mötley crüe – kickstart my heart
stallion – canadian steele
wasp – blind in texas
metallica – seek and destroy
megadeth – anarchy in the uk
dead kennedys – holiday in cambodia
david bowie – heroes
black sabbath – the wizard
candlemass – solitude
samael – baphomets throne
immortal – mighty ravendark
ten masked men – stayin alive


accept – fast as a shark (helene edit)
udo – under your skin
blind guardian – the bards song
bathory – one rode to asa bay
satyricon – repined bastard nation
isengard – storm of evil
venom – welcome to hell
motörhead – motörhead
wendy o williams – bump and grind
satan – blades of steel
cirith ungol – black machine
witchfinder general – witchfinder general


led zeppelin – whole lotta love
tiamat – the ar
paradise lost – as i die
rammstein – keine lust
in flames – only for the weak
alice cooper – hell is living without you
cinderella – gypsy road
aerosmith – rag doll
ratm – killing in the name of
faith no more – midlife crisis
acdc – thunderstruck
marilyn manson – the beautiful people
slayer – dead skin mask
sepultura – arise


annihilator – human insecticide
kreator – flag of hate
testament – alone in the dark
nargaroth – frühling
oceanwake – the world of gods lie among us
manilla road – crystal logic
tokyo blade – night of the blade
demon – night of the demon
molly hatchet – dreams ill never see
iron maiden – murders in the rue morgue
rhapsody – dawn of victory
paulchen panther – wer hat an der uhr gedreht

New Force Birthday Playlist 18.12.19

All kinds of Metal
20:00 Uhr DJ Willy

Metallica – ONE
Axel Rudi Pell – In the air tonight
DAD – Girl Nation
Tenacious D – Rize of the Fenix
ACDC – Live wire
Pretty Maids – Future world
W.A.S.P – Tormentor
Running Wild – Adrian S.O.S
Helloween – Ride the Sky
Motörhead – Born to raise hell
Exciter – Beyond the gates of doom
Anthrax – Madhouse

21:00 Uhr
Judas Priest – Victim of Changes
Gamma Ray – Armageddon
Savatage – Gutter Ballet
Gotthard – Anytime Anywhere
Accept – Stampade
Sodom – In War and Pieces
Kreator – Phobia

DJ Zahnfee

Death Angel – Voracious Souls
Exodus Metal Command
Bolt Thrower – The Killchain
Morbid Angel – Chapel of Ghouls

22:00 Uhr Dj Galgenvogel

Slayer – Raining Blood
Burning Witches – Wings of Steel
Megadeth – Symphony of destruction
Enforcer -Take Me out of this Nightmare
Machine Head – We are
Gohst – Year Zero
Helruna – bis die Seele gefriert
Batushka – Yekteniya III
Goddess of Desire – Metal forever
Sodom – Nuclear Winter
Twilight Force – Gates Of Glory
Stormwarrior – Storm of the North
Moonspell-Alma Mater
Rhapsody – Dawn of Victory
Sabaton – The Last Stand
Debauchery – Blood for the BloodGod
Deep Purple – Perferct Strangers
The Rolling Stones – Paint It, Black
Metallica – Enter the Sandman
Titanic – One Night in Eagle Rock
Midnight – Lust Filth And Sleaze
Johnny Chas – Hurts

Schwarzforce 07.12.2019


DJ Razakeel

Cruciform Injection – Raise your Flags
Combichrist – Anatomy
Amduscia – Perverse Party
T3RROR 3RROR – Blindness
Hocico – Damaged
Shnarph – Reden und Atmen
XotoX – Revolution Non-Stop
Alien Vampires – Evil Generation
X-Rx – Reactor Kids
Active Hate – Diseased
FGFC820 – Momentum
Funker Vogt – Darwin’s Nightmare
Wumpscut – Down where we belong


Electro Synthetic Rebellion – Humanity Collapsing

DJ Legasthinitus

The Prodigy – The Day Is My Enemy
Ashbury Heights – Heathen Crossing
Solarfake – I Keep My Eyes Shut
Psyclon Nine – Parasitic
Xotox – Mechanische Unruhe
Moth – Igineci
Gewaltakustik – Halluzinogen
iVardensphere – Cracked Earth
Chainreactor – TZCS
The Prodigy – Invaders Must Die
Rotersand – War on Error
Frozen Plasma – Faith over your Fear


DJ Drea

Linea Aspera – Vultures
Lebanon Hanover – Albatross
Ghosting – I bombed the world
Diary of Dreams – The Curse
Genevieve Psquier – Existence
Tanz ohne Musik – Attraction
Aroid – Cosmic Waves
Uberbyte – Say what??
Valium Era – It will End

DJ Razakeel

T3RROR 3RROR – In my Dreams
Chrysalide – Something about Decadence
Sonic Area – La chute Ascensionnelle
Tanz ohne Musik – Attraction


Trepaneringritualen – Maðr Malformed
Stillste Stund – Untertage
Das Ich – Gottes Tod
And One – Sitata Tirulala
Die Krupps – Der Amboss
Cruciform Injection – Every Mans Sin
Soman – Body Mod

DJ Legasthinitus

FabrikC – 100% Elektronik
Suicide Comando – Cause of Death
X-Rx – The Update
Bald Terror – Rotterdam
Terrorfakt – Achtung!
Hologram_ – First piece of the puzzle


The Prodigy – Breath
And One – Steine sind Steine
Covanant – Dead Stars
Welle: Erdball – Arbeit Adelt!
SITD – Snuff

DJ Razakeel

Seabound – The Promise
VNV Nation – Nova
Assemblage 23 – Salt the Earth
Noisuf-X – Deutschland braucht Bewegung
Synth Attack – Bring the Madness back
Nachtmahr – Tanzdiktator


Funker Vogt – Hostile Waters
Straftanz – Straftanz OST
Feindflug – Ersatzteil
KieW – Feierabend in Kiew
The Crüxshadows – Helios
Ashbury Heights – Smaller

DJ Legasthinitus

Frozen Plasma – A Generation of the Lost
And One – Für
Kraftwerk – Das Model
Depeche Mode – Photografic
The Sisters of Mercy – Vision Thing
The Cure – Killing An Arab


Sex Beat -Sex Beat
She Wants Revenge – I Dont Wanna Fall in Love
Sid Vicious – Forever Young

Gute Nacht:
Axel Stoll – Strafplanet

Thrash metal Special 06.12.2019

DJ Thrash´n & Smash´n

Tankard – Camical Invasion
Sodom – Through Toxic Veins
Slayer – God sent Death
Toxic Holocoust – Warfare
Holly Moses – Walpurgisnight
Demolition Hammer – Mercenary Aggression
Destruction – Total Disaster
Kreator – Violent Revolution
Exodus – Bounded by Blood
Annihilation – W.T.Y.D
Overkill – Wrecking Crew
Anthrax – Antisocial
Exciter – Rising of the Death
Razor – Evil Invaders
Metallica – Whiplash


Dark Angel – Merciless Death
Nuclear Assult – Critical Mass
Tankard – Acid Death
Death Angel – The Ultra Violance
Death Row – Satan´s Gift
Sodom – Agent Orange

DJ Thrashinator

Overkill – Fuck You
SOD – Seargent D & The SOD
Municipal Waste – The Art Of Partying
Sepultura – Arise
Violent Force – Sign Of Evil
Anthrax – Panic
Sadus – Certain Death
Vektor – Tetrastructural Minds

Darkness – Iron Force
Evil Invaders – Fast, Loud, Rude
Sacrifice – Soldiers Of Misfortune
Living Death – Hellpike
Razor – City Of Damnation
Slayer – Raining Blood
Testament – Over The Wall!
Megadeth – Rattlehead
Midnight – Violence On Violence
Annihilator – Alison Hell
Dew-Scented – Turn To Ash
Destruction – Mad Butcher
Sodom – Nuclear Winter
Venom – Black Metal
Kreator – Pleasure To Kill
Delirium Tremens – Irön Gäng


DJ Thrash´n & Smash´n

Pantera – Domination
Tankard – Die With a Beer in your Hand
Necronomicon – Dark Land
Dark Angel – The Burning of Sodom
Merciless – Fallen Angels Universe
Death Angel – Dethroned
Metallica – Battery
Demolition Hammer – ,44 Caliber Brain Surgery
Slayer – Hell Awaits
Deathstorm – Dethblow
Darkness – Staatsfeind
Kreator – Phobia


Toxic Holocaust – Hell on Earth
Nuklear Assult – Fight to be Free
Sodom – In War and pices
Testament – Rise Up
Deathstorm – By Sword ,by Pick ,by Axe
Exodus – Piranha
Desaster – Metalized Blood
Tankard – (Empty)

DJ Dominator
Sodom – Enchantened Land
Whiplash – Burning Of Atlanta
Nocturnal Witch – Black Star
Evile – Thrasher
Vektor – Oblivion
Sacred Reich – Surf Nicaragua

Dark Angel – Black Prophecies
Sepultura – Inner Self
Hellish Crossfire – Conquerors Of Black Souls
Death Angel – The Ultra – Violence
Kreator – Riot Of Violence
Exodus – Deliver Us To Evil
Tokyo Blade – Night Of The Blade
Megadeth – Peace Sells
Razor – Eve Of The Sotrm
Annihilator – Fun Palace
Warbringer – Systematic Genocide
Slayer – Postmortem

Slayer – Raining Blood

Black Metal Special 30.11.19

DJ Razakeel


Gratzug – Leben
Shrine of Insaniabilis – Still of this Earth
Nightbringer – Mare
Drowning the Light – The Cult of Shadows
Judas Iscariot – Gaze upon Heaven in Flames
Inquisition – Strike of the Morning Star
Misþyrming – …af þjáningu og þrá
Macabre Omen – Gods of War – At War
Brahdr’uhz – Desmahavos
Monarque – Le grand devil
Wedard – Im Lichtrausche der Eisblume

21:00 DJ Metteo

Dodsferd – Sterile Death, Without Mourning
1914 – Arrival. The Meuse-Argonne
Havukruunu – Rautaa Ja Tulta
Naglfar – Spoken Words of Venom
Arckanum – Haexhamar
Nocternity – Song of Hammers
Todeskult – fäulnis dräut sinister sank die sonne
Cosmic Church – Vigilia III
Saligia – Fire: Tear Apart the Veil

22:00 DJ Razakeel

Watain – Stellarvore
Deathspell Omega – Monument of Hate
Darkthrone – Quintessence
Nehëmah – The Thousand Tongues Of Medusa
Dodsferd – The Dead have no Speech for
Förgjord – Sudeski Syntynyt
Horna – Vihan Tie
Sielunvihollinen – Maamme Hauta

23.00 DJ Metteo

Forlor – Winds of Armageddon
Burzum – War
Urgehal – Satanic Black Metal in Hell
Nyktalgia – Cold Void
Silencer – Sterile Nails and Thunderbowels Side Kill
Woods of Infinity – Under Färden
Mgla – Excercises in Futility V
Sarkrista – The Lurking Giant
Dodsengel – Sun on Earth
Mayhem – Freezing Moon
Bethlehem – Tagebuch einer Totgeburt
Nargaroth – Abschiedsbrief des Prometheus

00:10 DJ Razakeel

Carpathian Forest – He’s turning blue
Clandestine Blaze – Chambers
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult – Mardom – Echo Zmory
Camulos – Die Reiter
Midnight – All hail Hell
Armagedda – Poetry from a Poisoned Mind
Totenwache – Der schwarze Hort
Ysbryd – Die Stunde des Dämons
Sortsind – Vandrer Blandt Dodninge
Antimateria – Kun aukeaa mysteerit kuoleman
Nattfog – Yön Varjoista
Heretic – I bring Chaos
Priestermord – Terror- Tod und Teufel
Urgehal – Goatcraft Torment
Tsjuder – Possessed
Gratzug – Zeitgeist

01:30 DJ Metteo

Sielunvihollinen – Pohjantähden Alla
Playmobil – Piratenschiff
Woods of Infinity – World of lost innocence
Norrhem – Voittoon Tai Kuolemaan
Nécropole – Aurore
S.E.K. – Mehr Nägel für das Schwein!


Judas Iscariot – In the Valley of Death, I am their King
Siebenburgen – Loreia
Förgjord – Orjahuoran laulu
Black Witchery – Command of the Iron Baphomet
Aaskereia – Aaskereia

29.11.2019 Progessive Metal Special

20:00 Uhr DJ Zahnfee

Russian Circles – Arluck
Soen – Lotus
Twelve Foot Ninja – Silent Machine
Pain of Salvation – Linoleum
Fates Warning – Guardian
Nevermore – Believe in Nothing
Rush – Tom Sawyer
Devin Townsend Project – Juular
Voivod – Iconspiracy
Gorod – Inner Alchemy
Dream Theater – The Dance of Eternity

21:00 Uhr
Mastodon – Oblivion
Animals as Leaders – CAFO
Aghora – Moksha
Beyond Creation – The Afterlife
Jinjer – Teacher Teacher
Gojira – Of Blood and Salt feat. Devin Townsend & Meshuggah
The Ocean – Firmament
Tool – Right in Two
Opeth – Blackwater Park

22:00 Uhr
Black Crown Initiate – Withering Waves
Rivers of Nihil – The Silent Life
Ne Obliviscaris – Pyrrhic
Alkaloid – Chaos Theory and Practice
Death – Flesh and the Power it Holds
Ayreon – The Day that the World Breaks Down
Savatage – Chance

23:00 Uhr
Queensryche – Eyes of a Stranger
Dream Theater – In the Name of God
Tool – Sober
Meshuggah – Born in Dissonance
Necrophagist – Ignominous & Pale
Psycroptic – The Colour of Sleep
Fleshgod Apocalypse – The Violation
Obscura – Septuagint
Gojira – Backbone
Persefone – Spiritual Migration

00:00 Uhr
Ne Obliviscaris – And Plague Flowers the Kaleidoscope
Dark Fortress – I Am the Jigsaw of a Mad God
Ihsahn – Undercurrent
Opeth – Deliverance
Black Crown Initiate – Song of the Crippled Bull
Gorod – Aethra

01:00 Uhr
The Aristocrats – Furtive Jack
Guthrie Govan – Wonderful Slippery Thing
Shining – Förtvivlan min Arvedel

Cabaret Du Neant, 28.11.19

DJ Razakeel


Clare Fader – Cabin fever
Harlequin Jones – Worried Ugly
Amoree Lovell – Prettiest Girl in the World
The Dresden Dolls – Sex Changes
Angizia – Im dunklen Tann
The Dirty Daubers – Wake up, Sinners
Circus Contraption – Marshmallows and a Holy Bible
The Scarring Party – Revelator
the Peculair Pretzelmen – 6 Volt Car
Evelyn Evelyn – Have you seen my Sister Evelyn?
Otto Reutter – Der Überzieher
The Dead Brothers – Geistzug
Rosin Coven – Bittersweet
Humanwine – Script Language
The Tiger Lillies – Script Language

Dj Galgenvogel


Jill Tracy – Sell my Soul
Reverend Glasseye – God help you dumb Boy
The Circus Contraption – were all mad
The Great Malarkey – Buckets of Blood
Clare Fader – The Wine
Harlequin Johnes – The epic song
The Scarring Party – no more room
Circus Contraption – shneykoyl
Amoree Lovell – The Alphabet Song
Ken Colyer – Hot time in the old town
Delaney Davidson – Around the World
Dead Brothers – The Story its always the same
The Circus Contraption – 23 Beers
Clare Fader – Drunk on Skin
The Scarring Party – Long legged daddy
Ken Colyer – Sister Kate
The Great Malarkey – Gimme Sugar
The Circus Contraption – Queen of the Bees
Dead Brothers – How Deep is the Water

DJ Razakeel


Aurelio Voltaire – When you’re evil
Tom Waits – I hope that I won’t fall in love with you
Angizia – Totenackerswing
Steam Powered Giraffe – Brass Goggles
Caravan Palace – Dramophone
Swingrowers – Butterfly
The Electric Swing Cirsus – Everbody want’s to be a Cat
Parov Stelar – Catgroove
Caravan Palace – Lone Digger
The Bad Things – Death of the Inferno
The Circus Contraption Band – If I told you once
Beat Circus – The Mack
The Citizens of Halloween – This is Halloween
Coppelius – I get used to it

DJ Galgenvogel


The Circus Contraption Band – Raining Pianos
The Scarring Party – The Kings Army
Johnny Hollow – Devils Night
Coppelius – Reichtum
Delaney Davidson – Lackies Man
The Bad Things – End of the world Polka
The Circus Contraption Band –
Circus Contraption – Hooochie Coochie Girls
Harlequin Johnes – Lords only Know
Bead Circus – Mandalay song
Copplius – Bitten DankePetitieren
Circus Contraption – Pink Elephants on paradea
Dead Brothers – Drunkards Dream
Delaney Davidson – i slept late
The Scarring Party – The Apostate
Tango with Lions – In the Bar

Rammstein Morgenstern