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Playlist: Masters of Metal – 28.07.23

DJ Kabelsalat

20:00 Uhr

Traktor – Monster Meeting
Dymytry – 300
Ayreon – River of Time
Amaranthe – Digital World
Epica – Sensorium
Temperance – Of Jupiter and Moons
Avantasia – Twisted Mind
Kamelot – March of Mephisto
Judas Priest – Turbo Lover
Metallica – The Four Horsemen
Dimmu Borgir – Progenies of the Great Apocalypse
Obituary – Violence
Lamb of God/Kreator – State of Unrest
Amon Amarth – Avenger

21:00 Uhr

Ensiferum – Rum, Women, Victory
Iron Maiden – Wasted Years
All for Metal – Run
Helloween – Mr.Ego (Take Me Down)
Freedom Call – High Up
In Flames – Only for the Weak
Slipknot – Wait and Bleed
Arch Enemy – House of Mirrors
Tankard – A Girl Called Cerveza
Pain – A Wannabe
Beast in Black – No Surrender
Warkings – Hephaistos
Foo Fighters – The Pretender

DJ Zahnfee


System of a Down – Sugar
Neaera – Slaying the Wolf Within
Parkway Drive – Glitch
Architects – Animals
Lorna Shore – Pain Remains II: After All I’ve Done, I’ll Disappear Angelmaker – Godless
Fear Factory – Shock
Machine Head – Old
Municipal Waste – Crank the Heat
Testament – Practice What You Preach
Destruction – Mad Butcher
Evil Invaders – Fast, Loud ’n‘ Rude
Victorious – Jurassic Jetfighters
Gloryhammer – Angus McFife
Savatage – Gutter Ballet


Saxon – Wheels of Steel
Manowar – Death Tone
Children of Bodom – If You Want Peace… Prepare for War
Neaera – Ours is the Storm
Trivium – The Heart From Your Hate
Bullet for my Valentine – Tears don’t Fall
Linkin Park – Place for my Head
Hatebreed – Doomsayer
Dethklok – Aortic Desecration
DevilDriver – Another Night in London
Slipknot – Metabolic
Slayer – Seven Faces
Exodus – The Toxic Waltz
Red Fang – Wires


DJ Der Wal der Qual

Powerwolf – Stossgebet
Serenity – Set The World on Fire
Brutus – Liar
Misery Speaks – Sentiment is Missing
Brand of Sacrifice – Darkbloom
Slaughter to Prevail – Bratva
DevilDriver – Shitlist
Kreator – 666 World Divided
Fallujah – Glass House
Sybreed – ReEvolution
Abbie Falls – Mayday
Upon a Burning Body – Scars
CKY – Escape From Hellview
Night Demon – Dawn Rider
Iron Maiden – Where Eagles Dare


Zeal & Ardor – Death to the Holy
Moonspell – Alma Mater
Dark Tranquillity – The Mundane and the Magic
In Flames – Colony
Children of Bodom – Hatebreeder
Amon Amarth – The Hero
Annihilator – Crystal Ann / Allison Hell
Motörhead – Capricorn
Axxis – My Little Princess
Twilight Force – At the Heart of Wintervale
Elvenking – Bride of Night
Avantasia – The Wicked Rule The Night

K.I.Z. – Unterfickt und geistig behindert

Playlist: Masters of Metal – 21.07.23

20:00h DJ Vynnnn

Queensryche – Eyes of a Stranger
Ozzy Osbourne – Flying High Again
Dio – Last in Line
Iron Maiden – The Trooper
Manowar – Kings of Metal
Judas Priest – Night Crawler
Helloween – Dr. Stein
Hammerfall – Hearts on fire
Beast in Black – Blind and Frozen
Gloryhammer – Hootsforce
Dragonforce – Through the fire and the flames
Bloodbound – When fate is calling


Blind Guardian – Mirror Mirror
Powerwolf – we are the wild
Sabaton – into the fire
Satan’s host – Demontia
Tyr – Hold the heathen hammer high
Amon amarth – Shield Wall
Arch Enemy – Handshake with hell
Children of Bodom – Hate me!
In flames – only for the weak
Heaven shall burn – black tears
Five finger death punch – Burn MF
Lamb of God – Walk with me in hell
Trivium – In waves
DevilDriver – Shitlist
Fear Factory – Shock
Machine Head – Davidian
Slipknot – Unsainted

22:00h DJ Zahnfee

Emil Bulls – The Ninth Wave
Alestorm – P.A.R.T.Y.
Ensiferum – Twilight Tavern
Equilibrium – Heimat
Gloryhammer – Goblin King of the Darkstorm Galaxy
Sabaton – Winged Hussars
Manowar – Brothers of Metal
Slayer – Black Magic
Metallica – For Whom the Bell Tolls
Megadeth – Holy Wars… The Punishment Due
Tankard – Die With a Beer in Your Hand


Iron Maiden – Wasted Years
Accept – Fast As a Shark
Motörhead – Bomber
Brothers of Metal – Yggdrasil
Wind Rose – Diggy Diggy Hole
Amon Amarth – Heidrun
In Flames – Gyroscope
Volbeat – A Warrior’s Call
Slipknot – Killpop
P.O.D. – Youth of the Nation
Skindred – Gimme That Boom
Fear Factory – Archetype
Katatonia – July
Danzig – Devil’s Plaything


Lordi – Scare Force One
Dio – Rainbow in the Dark

DJ KompaktScheibe

Demon – Don’t Break the Circle
Iron Maiden – Fear of the Dark
Testament – More than Meets the Eye
Anthrax – Death Rider
Prong – Revenge… Served Cold
Linkin Park – Place for my Head
Life of Agony – Through and Through
At the Gates – Slaughter of the Soul
Air Raid – Entering the Zone Zero
Gloryhammer – Maleficus Geminus
Amon Amarth – Crack the Sky


The Void’s Embrace – The Void’s Embrace
Mercyful Fate – A Dangerous Meeting
Michael Schenker Group – Assault Attack
Stallion – Time to Reload
Evergrey – A Touch of Blessing
Dream Theater – Pull me Under
Enslaved – Ruun
Tool – Undertow
Sevendust – Black Our Lady
Peace – Starseed
Waltari – The lie of the Zombie


Gute Nacht

Coconut Song

Unser Programm diese Woche (20.-22.07.)

Hey Forcler!
Diese Woche gibt’s wieder jede Menge geile Events für euch:

Los geht’s am Donnerstag 20 bis 00 Uhr mit Rock Classics – wir spielen Rock Hits der letzten Jahrzehnte mit einer Spur Metal der Anfangszeit, Eintritt ist frei!

Am Freitag 20 bis 02 Uhr gibt’s Masters of Metal – wir widmen dem Abend rund um klassichem Heavy, Thrash & Power Metal sowie modernem Folk, Nu, Modern Metal & Metalcore.

Am Samstag ab 15 Uhr steht unser großes New Force Sommerfest an – wir stellen Bänke & Grills auf – Grillgut bitte selbst mitbringen, Salate für’s Buffet sind auch immer gern gesehen – es gibt kühles Bier vom Fass (nur solange der Vorrat reicht).
Ab ca. 20 Uhr geht das Ganze langsam in die Abendveranstaltung über, wir spielen alles rund um Metal für euch. Freut euch auf ein tolles Grillfest mit bester Stimmung und einem Metalhitfeuerwerk – Eintritt ist natürlich frei!

Wir freuen uns wahnsinnig auf diese Woche mit euch!
Bis denn, Cheers \m/

Playlist: Masters of Metal – Fr, 14.07.23

20:00h DJ Zahnfee

Betzefer – Early Grave
Metallica – My Apocalypse
Kvelertak – Bruane Brenn
Ektomorf – A Hard Day’s Night
Voivod – Killing Technology
Sacred Reich – Surf Nicaragua
Iron Maiden – Powerslave
Helloween – A Tale That Wasn’t Right
Night Demon – Scream in the Night
Judas Priest – Between the Hammer & the Anvil
Annihilator – No Way Out
eXodus – The Toxic Waltz
Amon Amarth – As Loke Falls


Dark Tranquillity – Atoma
Children of Bodom – Mask of Sanity
Beast in Black – Blind and Frozen
Brothers of Metal – The Other Son of Odin
Gloryhammer – The Unicorn Invasion of Dundee
Sabaton – The Last Stand
Disturbed – The Vengeful One
Five Finger Death Punch – Lift Me Up
DevilDriver – Shitlist
Slipknot – People = Shit

DJ Legasthinitus

Lamp of God – State of Unrest
In Flames – Trigger
Blind Guardian – Mirror Mirror
Volbeat – Still Counting
Warkings – Fight


Burning Whitches – Executed
W.A.S.P. – Rebel in the F.D.G
Motörhead – Ace of Spades
Iron Maiden – Fear of the Dark
Sodom – Napalm in the Morning
Metallica – Battery
Gloryhammer – Maleficus Geminus
Powerwolf – Sanctified With Dynamite
Sabaton – Kingdom Come
Dream Evil – The Chosen Ones
Dropkick Murphys – Rose Tattoo

23:00 DJ Oldschool Uncle Ben

Ghost – If you have Ghost, you have everything
Bruce Dickinson – Chemical Wedding
Manilla Road – Flaming Metal Systems
Judas Priest – Ram it Down
Hawkwind – Motörhead
ZZ Top – Sharp dressed man
Saxon – Crusader
Twisted Sister – The Beast
W.A.S.P. – Wild Child
Skid Row – Slave to the Grind
Iron Maiden – Running Free
Testament – Practice what you preach
Metallica – Blackened


Massacration – Metal Milf
Satan’s Host – Demontia
Demon – Night of the Demon
Danzig – Girl
Marilyn Manson – Deep Six
Disturbed – Divisive
In Flames – Swim

DJ Zahnfee

Ice Nine Kills – Hip to be Squared
Bullet for my Valentine – Hit the Floor
Trivium – Watch the World Burn
Korn – Coming Undone
System of a Down – Chop Suey!
Slipknot – Psychosocial
Machine Head – Davidian


Kreator – Hail to the Hordes
Sodom – Bullet in the Head
Antichrist – Dark Sorcery
Pantera – Domination
Night Demon – Welcome to the Night
Dio – Rainbow in the Dark
Motörhead – The Chase is Better Than the Catch
Megadeth – Reckoning Day
In Flames – Pinball Map
Heaven Shall Burn – Combat
Lamb of God – Walk With Me in Hell
Life of Agony – Through and Through
Mastodon – Blood and Thunder
Red Fang – Wires
Danzig – Am I Demon

Sche war’s
Ersatzkopf – Hausverbot im Nanu Nana

Unser Programm diese Woche für euch (13.07.-15.07.)

Servus Forcler!
Folgendes Programm gibt’s diese Woche bei uns im Force:

Am Donnerstag 20 bis 00 Uhr heißt es endlich wieder Coreknaben – wir spielen das Beste aus Metalcore, Deathcore & Hardcore, Eintritt ist frei!

Am Freitag 20 bis 02 Uhr gibt’s Masters of Metal – wir widmen den Abend klassischem Heavy, Power & Thrash Metal und modernem Folk, Nu, Modern Metal & Metalcore.

Am Samstag 20 bis 02 Uhr steht Blasts in Brucklyn an – es gibt alles rund um Black & Death Metal, sowie Death- & Grindcore.

Wir freuen uns auf eine geile Zeit mit euch, bis denn!
Cheers \m/

Playlist: Masters of Metal – 30.06.23

20:00 DJ Weizen/ Uncle Ben

Metallica – The Four Horseman
Kreator – Hords of Chaos
Megadeth – Lucretia
Merciful Fate – Come to the Sabbath
Attic – the Hound of Heaven
Rainbow – Gates of Babylon
Ozzy Osbourne – Mr Crowley
The Devils Blood – I’ll Be your Ghost
Jess and the Ancient Ones – Prayer for Death and Fire
Smoulder – Bastard Steel
Brocas Helm – Cry of the Banshee
Burning Witches – Black Widow


Iron Maiden – Another Life
Motörhead – Sucker
Danzig – Hammer of the Gods
Skeletonwitch – Baptized in Flames
Nocturnal Breed – Fist of Fury
Sacred Reich – Surf Nicaragua
Toxic Holocaust – Hell on Earth
Sodom – Agent Orange
Possessed – Evil Warriors
Assassin – Assassin
Metallica – Jump in the Fire
Metal Church – Beyond the Black
Danzig – How the Gods kill
Misfits – Dig up her Bones

22:00 DJ Legasthinitus

Blitzkid – Lobe like Blood
Disturbed – Decadence
Bullet for my Valentine – Hand of Bood
Bring Me The Horizon – Kingslayer (feat. BABYMETAL)
Motionless in White – Eternally Yours
August Burns Red – Mariana’s Trench
Three Days Grace – Fallen Angel
Linkin Park – Given Up
Korn – Coming Undone
Slipknot – The Negative One
Five Finger Death Punch – Burn it Down
Heaven Shall Burn – Black Tears
Periphery – Scarlet
Lamb of God – State of Unrest


Marylin Manson – Age of the Golden Grotesque
In Flames – Reflect the Storm
Fear Factory – Terminate
Kataklysm – The Road to Devastation
As I Lay Dying – Roots Below
Parkway drive – The Greatest Fear
Dream Evil – The Chosen Ones
Ensiferum – Andromeda
Turisas – The march of the Varangian Guard
Beast in Black – One Night in Tokyo
Gloryhammer – Holy Flaming Hammer of Unholy Cosmic Frost
Sabaton – 40:1
Powerwolf – We Are The Wild
Iced Earth – Watching over Me


Amon Amarth – Shield Wall

Dj Kompaktscheibe

Exumer – Possessed by Fire
Power Trip – Executioner’s Tax
Death – Pull the Plug
Sanctity – Zeppo
Architects – Nihilist
Orbit Culture – Vultures of North
Parkway Drive – Glitch
Turmion Kätilöt – Pyhä Maa
In Flames – I am Above
Alpha Wolf – Akudama
Heaven Shall Burn –
Cabal – If I Hang let Me Swing
While She Sleeps – Brainwashed
Overkill – Wish you Were Dead
Slayer – Angel of Death

1 Uhr

Iron Maiden – Stratego
Motörhead – All For You Dream
Theater – The Root of All Evil
Civil War – Rome is Falling
Amorphis – Death of a King
Orden Ogan – F.E.V.E.R.
Tyr – Blood of Heroes
Testament – Practice What You Preach
Anacrusis – Sound the Alarm
Tool – Lateralus
Slaughter to Prevail – Bonebreaker
Emmure – You asked for it
dwell – thrown

Gute Nacht!

Igorrr – Unpleasant Sonata

Unser Wochenprogramm (29.06.-01.07.)

Servus Forcler!
Diese Events erwarten euch diese Woche bei uns im New Force:

Am Donnerstag 20 bis 00 Uhr starten wir direkt von 0 auf 100 mit Punk Rock Anthem – der Name ist Programm – es gibt Punk in allen Varianten – ob Klassiker, Neuheiten, Undergroundperlen, Hauptsache laut & unangepasst!

Am Freitag 20 bis 02 Uhr heißt es Masters of Metal – wir legen klassischen Heavy, Power, Thrash Metal sowie modernen Folk, Nu Metal & Metalcore und Co auf.

Am Samstag 20 bis 02 Uhr gibt’s Blasts in Brucklyn – wir spielen alles rund um Death- & Grindcore, sowie Black & Death Metal für euch.

Wir freuen uns schon ordentlich drauf, bis denn!
Cheers \m/

Playlist: Masters of Metal – 23.06.23

DJ Kabelsalat

Hammerfall – Blood Bound
Metallica – Fade to Black
Epica – The Final Lullaby
Sodom – Agent Orange
Beyrevra – Fallen Son
Korpiklaani – Happy little Boozer
Gamma Ray – Man on a Mission
Helloween – If i could Fly
Place Vendome – Talk to me
Fall out Boy – Love Forom the other side
Saxon – Wheels of Steel
Ensiferum – Into Battle

21:00 Uhr

Amon Amarth – War of the Gods
Arch Enemy – The Eagle FLies Alone
Black Messiah – Sauflied
Freedom Call – Metal is for Everyone
In Extremo – Viva La Vida
Faun – Gwydion
Iron Maiden – Powerslave

Dj Kompaktscheibe

Cloven Hoof – Nightstalker
Accept – Teutonic Terror
Saxon – Princess of the Night
Twisted Sister – Burn in Hell
Beast in Black – No Surrender
Gloryhammer – Wasteland Warrior Hoots Patrol

22 Uhr

Testament – 3 Days in Darkness
Exodus – Children of a Worthless God
Machine Head – Davidian
August Burns Red – Ghosts
Parkway Drive – Karma
Heaven Shall Burn – Black Tears
In Flames – Moonshield
Megadeath – Wake up Dead
Motörhead – Eat the Rich
Def Leppard – Let it Go
Pretty Maids – Future Worlds
Enforcer – Death Rides this Night
Kreator – Love us or Hate us
Rage – From the Cradle to the Grave
Metallica – Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

DJ Kabelsalat

23 Uhr

Judas Priest – screaming for Vengeance
Kiss – Unholy
Papa Roach – Falling Apart
Iron Maiden – 2 Minutes To Midnight
Ice Nine kills – The American Nightmare
Slayer – Skeleton Christ
Warkings – Never Surrender
Parkway Drive – the greatest fear
System of a Down – Toxicity
Pantera – Walk
Mötley Crüe – Kickstart my Heart
Linkin Park – Numb
Alice Cooper – Poison

0:00 Uhr

Dio – King of Rock and Roll
Helloween – I Want Out
Medieval Steel – Medieval Steel
Metallica – Motorbreath
Blind Guardian – Valhalla
Amon Amarth – As Loke Falls
Victorius – Jurassic Jetfighter

DJ Kompaktscheibe

Architects – Animals
Trivium – Forsake not the Dream
Killswitch Engage – The End of Heartache
Atreyu – Right Side of the Bed
Dream Theatre – Pull me Under
Brothers of Metal – One

1 Uhr

Danzig – Mother
Holocaust – Heavy Metal Mania
Mercyful Fate – Evil
Judas Priest – Electric Eye
Savatage – Gutter Ballet
Iron Maiden – Wasted Years
Black Sabbath – Heaven and Hell
The Sowrd – How Heavy this Axe
Cathedral – Ride
Anacrusis – Sense of Will
W.A.S.P. – I wanna be somebody
Poison – Nothing but a good time
Dokken – Lightnin Strikes Again

Raus mit euch

Igorrr – Absolute Psalm

Playlist: Masters of Metal – 09.06.23

20:00 Uhr

DJ Kabelsalat

Helloween – Rise and Fall
Induction – A Call Beyond
Tarot – Veteran of Pyschic Wars
Winterstorm – To the End of All known
Kreator – World War Now
Tankard – One Foot in the Grave
Ensiferum – Victory Song
Angel Dust – Bleed
Angel Witch – Angel Witch
Iron Maiden – The Trooper
Hammerfall – Blood Bound
Bloodbound – Moria

21:00 Uhr

Burning Witches – The Deathlist
Arch Enemy – The Watcher
Equlibrium – Karawane
Amon Amarth – Find a way or make one
Metallica – Damage Inc
Accept – Pandemic
Motörhead – Rock ‚N‘ Roll
W.A.S.P – Wild Child
In Extremo – Rasend Herz
Brothers of Metal – Brothers Unite
Gamma Ray – Men, Martians and Machines
Blind Guardian – A Voice in the Dark
Linkin Park – Numb

22:00 Uhr

DJ KompaktScheibe

Trivium – The Heart from Your Hate
Parkway Drive – Vice Grip
lamb of God – Work with me in Hell
In Flames – Gyroscope
At the Gates – Slaughter of the Soul
Testament – Practice what you preach
Slayer – Repentless
Annihilator – The Blackest Day
Megadeath – Train of Consequence
Alpha Wolf – A quiet place to die
Parkway Drive – The greatest Fear
Breakdown of Sanity – Black Smoke
Sleep Society – Systematic
Shadow of Intent – Blood in the Sands of Time
Machine Head – Locust

23.00 Uhr

Soilwork – Distortion Sleep
Slipknot – People = Shit
As I Lay Dying – 94 Hours
Blue Stahli – Anti You
Amon Amarth – Father of the Wolf
Gloryhammer – Fly Away
Dio – Last in Line
Saxon – Heavy Metal Thunder
Exciter – Scream Bloody Murder
Lamb of God, Kreator – State of Unrest
Architects – Animals
Eluveitie – Inis Mona
Arch Enemy – House of Mirrors
Ra – Skorn
Korn – Freak on a Leash


DJ Don Hugo Armani

Heaven shall burn – protector
In flames – only for the weak
anthrax – madhouse
Antichrist – dark sorcery
visigoth – traitors gate
bring me the horizon – kingslayer
eskimo callboy – spaceman
motionless in white – voices
cripper – sun; colour: black
Slayer – postmortem
w.a.s.p. – rebel in the f.d.g.
kiss – lick it up
motörhead – orgasmatron


iron maiden – aces high
sabaton – primo victoria
atlantean kodex – the inermost light
ozzy osbourne – mr crowley
nailbomb – cockroaches
sacred reich – surf nicaragua
sepultura – refuse/resist
ghost – elizabeth
abscent in body – rise from ruins
anacrusis – far too long
vektor – black future
sanctuary – taste revenge
igorrr – tendon

hc baxxter – ein hirsch! ein großer, toter hirsch!

Wir müssen jetzt alle nach Hause, Tschö!

Zurück aus der Pause – unser Programm diese Woche (08.06-10.06.)

Hey Forcler!
Wir melden uns endlich aus unserer Pause zurück mit diesen Events:

Am Donnerstag 20 bis 00 Uhr starten wir direkt mit Coreknaben – unsere monatliche Veranstaltung rund um Metalcore, Deathcore & Hardcore. Eintritt ist frei, kommt vorbei uns feiert ordentlich mit uns!

Am Freitag 20 bis 02 Uhr heißt es Masters of Metal – wir spielen klassischen Heavy, Power, Thrash und modernen Folk, Nu, Modern Metal sowie Metalcore.

Am Samstag 20 bis 02 Uhr gibt’s Blasts in Brucklyn – wir widmen den Abend härteren Klängen des Black & Death Metal, Grindcore und Deathcore.

Wir freuen uns schon wahnsinnig auf eine geile Zeit mit euch!
Bis denn, Cheers \m/