Fasching 03.03.2019

Der Dominator


Slayer – Black magic
Overkill – Mean, Green Killing Machine
Kreator – Flag Of Hate
Sacred Reich – Surf Nicaragua
SOD – Kill Yourself
Sepultura – Inner Self
Motörhead – Eat The Rich
Nitrogods – At Least I’m Drunk
Exploited – Beat The Bastards
Twiste Sister – I Wanna Rock
Mötley Crue – Too Young To Fall In Love
Anthrax – Madhouse
Brujeria – La Traicion
Red Fang – Hank Is Dead
Cranial – Bright

Sikfuk – White Castle Shit Dick
Cemetery Rapist – Little Girl Gonorrhea
Dying Fetuss – Subjected To A Beating

Caannibal Corpse – Shredder´d Humans
Brujeria – La Traicion
—–Short Track Straßner—–
___ ___

DJ Mexican Scotsman

arch enemy – dead eyes see no future
bolt thrower – the IV crusade
tool – prison sex
misfits – hate the living love the deada
five finger death punch – under and over it
Hatebreed – a.d.
parkway drive – carrion
obscurity – stritmacht bergisch land
turisas – stand up and fight
Black messiah – moskau
equilibrium – wirtshausgaudi
alestorm – shipwrecked
tyr – another fallen brother
black messiah – söldnerschwein
arno x dübel degenerated

Bumbersaufen, viel Erfolg

Strafplanet – freizeitstreess
korpiklaani – bring us pints of beer
eluveitie – gray sublime archon

DJ Wal der Qual

Burning Witches – Hexenhammer
Beast in Black – No Surrender
Bloodbound – Rise of the Dragon Empire
Ghost – Square Hammer
Heaven Shall Burn – Black Tears
Amon Amarth – Twilight of the Thunder God
Manowar – Warriors of the World United


Grave Digger – Rebellion
Rage – Higher Than The Sky
Saxon – Princess of the Night
Dio – Holy Diver
Twilight Force – Flight of the Sapphire Dragon
Gloryhammer – Rise Of The Chaos Wizards
Alestorm – Hangover
Mr. Hurely & Die Pulveraffen – Blau wie das Meer
Turisas – Rasputin
Ensiferum – Wanderer
SuidAkra – Decibel Dance
Machine Head – Davidian
Eisbrecher – Miststück
Saltatio Mortis – Prometheus


Nightwish – Nemo
Debauchery – Blood for the Blood God
Soilwork – As We Speak
Saltatio Mortis – Wo sind die Clowns?
In Extremo – Sternhagelvoll
ACDC – Highway to Hell
Twisted Sister – We’re Not Gonna Take It
W.A.S.P. – Wild Child
Alice Cooper – Poison
KISS – I Was Made For Lovin‘ You
Iron Maiden – Fear of the Dark
Blind Guardian – Mirror Mirror
Slayer – Angel of Death

Samstag, 02.03.19

20:00 Der Dominator

Desaster – Alliance To The Powerthrone
Bolt Thrower – The Killchain
Asphyx – Der Landser
Vader – Foetus God
Aborted – Gestated Rabidity
Sikfuk – Donkey Dicks And Hot Dog Tits
Analepsy – Depths Of Agony
No One Gets Out Alive – You’ll Never Leave The Mountains
Bösedeath – You Can’t Spell Funeral Without Fun
Vulvectomy – Dirty Rotten Infibulation
Defeated Sanity – Lusting For Transcendence
Anaal Nathrakh – Waiting For The Barbarians
Nattefrost – Black Metal Suicide
Marduk – The Black
Satanistischer Hamster – Hamstert Vampirisch

Mgla – With Hearts Towards None VII
Nightfalcon – Ragnaröck
Aaskereia – Als Der Blick Erlosch
Impaled Nazarene – Blood Is Thicker Than Water
Anaphylaxie – Der Pestarzt
Burzum – My Journey To The Stars
Cyanide – Soul Erosion (Technocrazy)
Amon Amarth – Legend Of A Banished Man
Dismembered – Forged With Hate

Bloodbath – Furnance Funeral
Rompeprop – Vaginal Luftwaffe
Gutalax – Robocock
Torsofuck – Raped By Elephants
Ahumado Granujo – Cold Turkey
Satan’s Revenge On Mankind – We Come To Eat You
Wormrot – Indoesia
Insect Warfare – Street Sweeper
Napalm Death – The Kill
Nasum – Bullshit
Archgoat – Invocation
Arckanum – Eldkniver
Nargaroth – Semper Fi
Darkthrone – En Vind Av Sorg
Mayhem – Freezing Moon
Bathory – A Fine Day To Die
Verdunkeln – Antlitz Des Himmels
Cranial – Bright

23:00 Uhr – DJ Zahnfee 

Batushka – Yekteniya 1 
Marduk – Woman of Dark Desires 
Finsterforst – Weltenpilger 
Bathory – A Fine Day to Die
Ihsahn – Undercurrent 
Satyricon – Mother North 
Mütiilation – Destroy your Life for Satan 
Urgehal – Goatcraft Torment 


Judas Iscariot – From Hateful Visions 
Death – Spirit Crusher 
Bloodbath – Devouring the Feeble
Cannibal Corpse – Stripped, Raped & Strangled 
Necrophagist – Fermented Offal Discharge 
Arsis – Servants to the Night 
Anaal Nathrakh – Le Diabolique est l’Ami du Simple 
Dying Fetus – Grotesque Impalement 
Obituary – Dying 
Enslaved – Svarte Vidder 
Gorgoroth – Carving a Giant 
Shining – Låt Oss Ta Allt Från Varandra

01:00 Uhr 

Dark Fortress – Evenfall 
Alkaloid – Funeral for a Continent 
Behemoth – Slaves Shall Serve 
Decapitated – Spheres of Madness 
Death – Open Casket 
Meshuggah – Future Breed Machine 
Cattle Decapitation – Plagueborne 
Ne Obliviscaris – And Plague Flowers the Kaleidoscope 
Forgotten Tomb – House of Nostalgia
Solstafir – Fjara 


Playlist coreknaben 28.02.19

Coreknaben mit DJ Wal der Qual


August Burns Red – Meridian
In Flames – Come Clarity
Invent, Animate – Nocturne: Lost Faith
Adept – The Ivory Tower
Dead by April – Breaking Point
Annisokay – Blind Lane
Hatebreed – I Will Be Heard
Sonic Syndicate – All About Us
Slipknot – Duality
All That Remains – Forever In Your Hands
Disturbed – Mistress
Trivium – In Waves
Thy Art Is Murder – Holy War
Heaven Shall Burn – Valhalla
Bring Me The Horizon – Alligator Blood


Buried in Verona – Couldn’t Give 34 Fucks
Eskimo Callboy – We Are the Mess
The Unguided – Eye Of The Thylacine
Alazka – Phoenix
Architects – Royal Beggars
Parkway Drive – Wild Eyes
Miss May I – Hey Mister
Bury Tommorow – Black Flame
Bullet For My Valentine – All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me)
Korn – Here To Stay
Hollywood Undead – We Are
System Of A Down – Toxicity
All Shall Perish – Royalty into Exile
Unearth – From the Tombs of Five Below
DevilDriver – Burning Sermon


5FDP – Bad Company
Heaven Shall Burn – Godiva
I Prevail – Stuck in Your Head
Crystal Lake – PROMETHEUS
Crossfaith – Omen
Comeback Kid – Didn’t Even Mind
Architects – Doomsday
Beartooth – Beaten In Lips
Killswitch Engage – Rose of Sharyn
We Came As Romans – Hope
Eskimo Callboy – Light the Skyline
The Browning – Dragon
Disturbed – The Vengeful One
Slipknot – Psychosocial
The Ghost Inside – Engine 45


Polaris – Consume
Lamb of God – Redneck
Falling In Reverse – Losing My Life
Attila – Moshpit
Parkway Drive – Crushed
Bring Me The Horizon – The Comedown
As I Lay Dying – 94 Hours
Caliban – Memorial
Rise of the Northstar – Samurai Spirit
Elitist – Numbered
Stray Fromt The Path – First World Problem Child
Stick To Your Guns – Married To The Noise
Heaven Shall Burn – Black Tears
Bring Me The Horizon – Throne
A Day To Remember – All Sings Point to Lauderdale
While She Sleeps – Hurricane

Playlist depressive special 16.02.19

20:00 DJ Metteo

Forgotten Tomb – Entombed by Winter
Urfaust – Der Mensch, die kleine Narrenwelt
Woods of Infinity – Mörkrädd
Wedard – Im Lichtrausche der Eisblume
Deletere – Sagina Caedenis
Lost Life – Downfall
Drowning the Light – The Cult of Shadows
Nocturnal Depression – Nostalgia


Vanhelga – Psykotisk Självinsikt
Kalmankantaja – Ruoskittu Ja Revitty
Aaskereia – Als der Blick erlosch

DJ Razakeel

Nyktalgia – Cold Void 
Freitod – Der unsichtbare Begleiter
Shining – Vilseledda Barnasjälars Hemvist
Woods of Desolation – The inevitable End

22:00 Uhr

Mesarthim – ..—
Cry of Silence – In my Dreams
Nachtig – …die Kerze erlischt
Lantlos – Pulse/Surreal
Alcest – Nous sommes l’emeraude
Thy Light – A crawling Worm in a World of lies
ColdWorld – Hymn to Eternal Frost
Kadotus – Melancholic light of Moon
Firtan – Innenschatten

23:00 DJ Metteo

Cenataphe – Quand lombre menac
Nargaroth – A Whistper underneath the Bark of old Trees
Happy Days – Dying Alone Done
Germ – I´ll give myself to the Wind
Drowning the Light – Through the Noose of Existance
Apati – I förträngda Minnens Sällskap
Ofdrykkja – I Skuggan Av Nig Själv
Lifelover – Androider
Sterbend – Einsamkeit
Peste Noire – Dueil angoisseus


Aaskereia – Aaskereia
Austere – This Dreadful Emptiness
Inferi – Dance of Shadows
Klage der Nacht – Was bleibt sind Spuren im Schnee

DJ Razakeel

Burzum -Det som en Gang var
Nargaroth – Seven Tears are flowing to the River
Antimateria – Sieltä mista balokaan ei milloinkaan karkaa
Warning – Footprints
Psychonaut 4 -Overdose was the best Way to die
Katatonia – Without God
Licht erlischt… – Cellar Bars
Eis -Mann aus Stein
Carpathian Forest – He’s turning blue
Urgehal – Goatcraft Torment
Lord Belial – Monarchy of Death

Tschüss, keiner mag euch!!

Playlist valentinstag ’19/goreporn-special


Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair – Be my Valentine
Analkoholik – mes ques una beer
Brutanal – nasal anal
Cumchrist – mary had a little clam
Defloration – Xtreme blowjob
Extra hot sauce – look out for the chiba man
General surgery – omnius lamentation
Hemdale vaginal decay
Anal cunt – i don’t wanna dance
Jig-ai – samurai gay party
Mortician – chainsaw dismemberment
Putrid Pile – Gorging on labia
Razor rape – Clitoris cheese slicer
Ahumado granujo – cold turkey
Convulse – evil prevails
First days of humanity – feasting on the mamoth’s skull
Last days of humanity – Obscene compulsion towards fecal digestion
Prostitue disfigurement – she’s not coming home tonight
Satan’s revenge on mankind – jesus loves you because he is gay
Skinless – overlord
Aborted – nailed through her cunt
Inhume – human fucking guinea-pig
Nuclear vomit – H!N1, Bitch !!!
Ingnested – better offf dead


Cliteater – Pissing Out The Seasons
Nephrectomy – Diarrhea Smothered Member
Urinal Tribunal – Potenz Primonenz
Cemetery Rapist – Little Girl Gonorrhea
Sikfuk – Donkey Dicks And Hot Dog Tits
Lividity – The Cumming Part III
Gut – Cripple Bitch
Cock And Ball Torture – Fist Fuck Family
666 Shades Of Shit – La Famme
Anal Cunt – I Lit Your Baby On Fire
Last Days Of Humanity – A Divine Proclamation Of Finishing The Present Existence
Spasm – Gib Mir Schwanz
Guineapig – Coccobacilli Shotgun 
Rectal Smegma – Midget Dwarf Fucker
Satan’s Revenge On Mankind – Submit To Satan!
Gonorrhea Pussy – Vaginal Shotgun
Torsofuck – Fistfucking Her Decompose Cadaver
Lymphativ Phlegm – Liver Transplantation For Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Deep Dirty – Deamon King
El Kaso Urkijo – Recortes En El Escroto Do Rajoy
Dead Infection – After Accident
Enema Shower – Fist Of Love (Tight Teen Version)
Uritarkia Anal – Mariachi Grinder
Dying Fetus – Grotesque Impalement

DJ All Hail The Brexit; Brexit is very GOOD

Spasm – shy lesbian’s defecation
Medecophobic – aterial spray
Ultrawurscht – camenbert -dismember-bear
Looking for an answer – cocncienca genocida
Cannibal corpse – stripped raped and strangled
Isaacarum – teenage cunt powerplay
Gadget – H5N1
Vulvectomy – deformed tits collection
Inhumate – Urges!
Defeated sanity – blissfully exsanguinated
rompeprop – Vulcanic Eskimo
Vicitim – homicide
Mortician – hacked up for barbeque
Disgorge(MEX) – ravenous funeral carnage
Poppy seed grinder – fetus of hatred
Gut – Vagina berserker
Anal Grind – aunt cunt
Asphyxiate – Gallery from the killing field
Gorerotted – stab me till i cum
Kraanium – pentagrandma
Analepsy – atrocity deeds

DJ – I must grab them by the WALL

Nunwhore Commando 666 – Heroin
Libido Airbag – Ambidextrous Amok Marathon
SMES – Pro-Zak
Mindgrinder – I Hate Everything
Pothead – Ganja Jihad
Skitsystem – Pain, Death, Hate
Anal Cunt – I couldn’tz Afford To Buy You A Present So I Wrote You This Song
5 Stabbed 4 Corpses – Just Another Funeral
Ultimo Mondo Cannibale – Pornorazia
Erotic Gore Cunt – Aids Cocktail
Hymen Holocaust – Sluts With Nuts
Rompeprop – Embryoyo
Gut – Reign In Bukkake
Ahumado Granujo – To Mince And Fuck Up
Jig-Ai – Boxing The Belted Tits
Razorrape – Rabid Shemale Rap Squad
Sikfuk – White Castle Shit Dick
Cmetery Rapsit – 63 Body Bags
Haemorrhage – Oozing Molten Gristle
Impetigo – Boneyard
Mucurupulent – Hardcore Selfie

Matze wird alt

Tankard – Zombie Attack

playlist 25.01.19 best öf 2018

Best Öf 2018
DJ Wal der Qual


Agrypnie – Aus Zeit erhebt sich Ewigkeit
Deafheaven – Honeycomb
Amorphis – Daughter of Hate
Wolfheart – Valkyrie
Omnium Gatherum – Gods Go First
Ghost – Dance Macabre
Judicator – Spiritual Treason
Necrophobic – Tsar Bomba
Aborted – TerrorVision
Torture Rack – Mace Face


Tomb Mold – Final Struggle of Selves
Nikander – Ve Stínu Val
Mantar – Obey the Obscene
Immortal – Northern Chaos Gods
Groza – Unified in Void
Satan – Death Knell for a King
High on Fire – Electric Messiah
Judas Priest – Lightning Strike
Victorius – Razorblade Raptor
Dire Peril – Total Recall
Elvenstorm – Ritual of Summoning
Primordial – To Hell or the Hangman
Ungfell – De Türst und s Wüetisheer


Whoresnation – Mephitic
Neckbeard Deathcamp – XXXL Obersturmfuhrer Leather Duster
Negative Slug – Slugs & Snails
Slugdge – Slave Goo World
Voivod – Obsolete Beings
Behemoth – God = Dog
Slaegt – Masician
Sleep – Marijuanaut’s Theme
Wolftooth – Sword of My Father
Black Viper – Metal Blitzkrieg
Angra – Black Widow’s Web
Beast in Black – Sweet True Lies
Bloodbath – Bloodicide
Chaos Invocation – Calling from Dudail


Obscura – Diluvium
Rivers of Nihil – Where Owls Know My Name
Harakiri for the Sky – Fire, Walk with Me
Graveyard – Please Dont’t
Archgoat – Sorcery and Doom
Sulphur Aeon – Cult of Starry Wisdom
Visigoth – Traitor’s Gate
Thaurorod – Feed the Flame
Tribulation – The Lament
Sargeist – The Bosom of Wisdom and Madness


Ripped to Shreds – Open Grave
Inferi – Behold the Bearer of Light
Human Serpent – For I The Misanthropist
Powerwolf – Incense & Iron
Borealis – River
Jon Schaffer’s Purgatory – Dracula
The Worst Band In The History Of Music – Charles Manson Was A Good Guy
At The Gates – To Drink from the Night Itself
Conan – Volt Thrower
Chapel of Disease – Void of Words
Watain – Nuclear Alchemy
Schrat – Alptraumgänger
Hyperdontia – Of Spire and Thorn


Dimmu Borgir – Interdimensional Summit
Kamelot – Vespertine
Stratovarius – Enigma
Shining – Svart ostoppbar eld
Outer Heaven – Bloodspire
Revocation – Of Unwordly Origin
Mammoth Grinder – Superior Firepower
Portal – Esp Ion Age
Orion’s Reign – Elder Blood
Panopticon – En hivt ravns död
Summoning – Carcharot

Playlist 24.01.19 funeral doom special

DJ Razakeel


Thergothon – Yet the watchers Guard
Skepticism – The Organium
Depressed Mode – Alone 
Tyranny – Coalascent of the Inhuman Awareness
Mourning Beloveth – Narcissistic Funeral
Thorr’s Hammer – Dommedagsnatt


Evoken – The Mournful Refusal
Ahab – Redemption Lost
Funeral – Forgotten Abominations
Nux Vomicia – Reeling 
Graves at Sea – The Ashes make her beautiful


Shape of Despair – The blank Journey
Mournful Congregation – Scripture of Exaltation and Punishment
Bell Witch – Rows (Of endless Waves)
Tyranny – In the Arcane Clasp of unwritten


Ea – Laeleia
Ahab – The Hunt
Shadowmaster – When Shadows binds your Soul
Dö – Astral Birth
Ophis – Pazuzu
Forn – Cosmic Desolation


Caravan Palace – Star Scat

Playlist 12.01.19

20:00 DJ Metteo

Forteresse – Spectre De La Rebelion
Psychonaut 4 – Lethargic Dialogue
Horna – Saastainen Kaste
Black Witchery – Curse Of Maligancy
Anal Cunt – I Lit Your Baby on Fire
Conqueror – War Cult Supremacy
Gorgoroth – Under The Pagan Megalith
Meuchelmord – Schlachtenlärm
Minenwerfer – Ein Bisschen Frieden
Mavorim – Das Fleisch Der Engel
Runenwacht – Blutrecht
Immortal – Blashyrkh
Oscult – Apophis
Krodа – Selbstwelt III: Довгий​-​довгий Самотній Шлях
Nattfog – Yön Varjposta…


Vader – True Names
Schrat – Kriegsgericht
Lifelover – Androider
Nyktalgia – Cold Void
Aaskereia – Aaskereia

Der Dominator

Brodequin – Infested With Worms
Devourment – Fed To The Pigs
Analepsy – Rifts Of Abhorrence
Defeated Sanity – Consumed By Repugnance
Dying Fetus – Praise The Lord
Suffocation – Anomalistic Offerings

Brujeria – Hermanos Menendez
Napalm Death – Unchallengeed Hate
Blood – Flames And Gas
Agathocles – Archaic Spectrum Disorder
Organ Dealer – Violence Ensues
Wormrot – Fuck… I’m Drunk
Nails – Cry Wolf
Terrorizer – Fear Of Napalm
Disrupt – Slave To Stupidity
Disfear – Deadweight
Wolfbrigade – Barren Dreams
Dispyt – Va Fanvill Du?
Crude SS – Nazi Go Home
Possessed – The Exorcist
Bolt Thrower – More Pizza
Magenta Harvest – Volatile Waters
Coffins – Altars In Gore
Tankard – Zombie Attack
Exumer – Possessed By Fire
Impaled Nazarene – Blood Is Thicker Than Water
Anal Cunt – All Our Fans Are Gay
Slayer – South Of Heaven
Sodom – In War And Pieces

23:00 Uhr

DJ Razakeel

Carcass – Corporal Jigsswa Quandary
Desaster – Teutonic Steel
Dying Fetus – Your Treachery will die with you
Cannibal Corpse – Shredded Humans
Truppensturm – Sodomy 
Archgoat – Phallic Descrator of sacred Gates
Nightbringer – Lantern of Eden’s Night
Marduk – Serpent Sermon 
Sargeist – Satanic black Devotion
Gratzug – Schwarze Kunst
Caladan Brood – Echoes of Battle
Almyrkvi – Stellar Wind of a dying Star
Kalmen – Gizeh
Sielunvihollinen – Hurmepolku
+++Hier könnte Ihre Werbung stehen+++
Inferno – The Firstborn from Murk


DJ Guzmán

Massgrav – napalm över stureplan
Haemorrhage – splatter nurse
Skitsystem – snutstat
Meth leppard – iceage
Benighted – fritzl
ArnoXdübel – bother
Misery index – day of the dead
Napalm death – scum
Nasum – the smallest man
Pig destroyer – the diplomat
Nails – scum will rise
Nashgul – invierno nuclear


Nekrogoblikon – we need a gimmick
Violator – Toxic death
Opeth – deliverance
Dethklok – volcano
Carach angren – when crows tick on windows
Lividity – my cock it bleeds
Macabre – poison
Mörkhimmel – ne veky veku
Kroda – heil ragnarok
Emperor – inno a satana
Necros christos – black mass desecration
Impaled nazarene – goat perversion

Eifel 65 – blue

Playlist Freitag, 11.01.19

Dj Ginger

Hirax – black smoke
deathrow – riders of doom
possessed – holy hell
grave digger – headbanging man
running wild – adrian s.o.s.
sabbat – hosanna in excelsis
slayer – supremist
sodom – blasphemer
kreator – flag of hate
destruction – mad butcher
blind guardian – lord of the rings
manowar – warriors of the world
hammerfall – hearts on fire
judas priest – painkiller
motörhead – overkill


metallica – harvester of sorrow
finntroll – aldhisslo
avantasia – farewell
gamma ray – the silence
iron maiden – aces high
helloween – i want out
pantera – domination
children of bodom – screaming for silence
sabaton – metal machine
bloodbound – moria
twilight force – gates of glory
equilibrium – blut im auge


DJ Weizen

amon amarth – twilight of the thunder god
celtic frost – the ursupper
venom – in league with satan 
Tankard – Die With a Beer in Your Hand
bathory – the woodwoman
Edgay – Lavatory Love Maschine
Motörhead – Shoot you in the Back
Judas Prist – Breaking the Law
Sodom – Bombenhagel
Annahilator – King of the Kill
Gost – Year Zero
Iron Maiden – Hallowed by the Name
Iced Earth – the Suffering: Slave of the Dark


Obscurity – Bergischer Hammer 
King Lyric – Warriors Tune
Kiss – Love Gun
ACDC – Hells Bells
Saxon – Weels of Steel
Powerwolf – Army of the Night
Gloryhammer – Angus McFife
Judas Priest – Firepower
Dream Evil – Chosen One
Blind Guardian – Time stands Still
Allestorm – Magnetic North
Kreator – Satan is Real
Tankard – (Empty)
Metallica – Master of Puppets

24:00 Uhr

Black Sabbath – Children of the Grave

DJ Moritz

Metallica – Harvester of Sorrow
Iron Maiden – Flight of Icarus
Tarot – Pyre of Gods
Motörhead – Be my Baby
Judas Priest – Rock hard Ride free
Slayer – Repentless
Pantera – Heresy
Trivium – Down and Torn asunder
Korn – Twisted Transistor
Slipknot – Duality
Still Remain – Stay Captive

01:00 Uhr

Jamie Christopherson – It has to be this way
Black Messiah – Söldnerschwein
Alestorm – Keelhauled
Raubtier – Achtung Panzer
Sabaton – Into the Fire
Powerwolf – Demons are a Girls best Friend
Hammerfall – Hammerfall
Within Temptation – In Vain
Epica – Storm the Sorrow
Nightwish – Nemo
Eluveitie – Inis Mona
Within Temptation – The Reckoning
Epica – Never Enough
Rammstein – Engel
Five Finger Death Punch – Far from Home

Force Almost Weekly News

Hey Forcler! 

Die Feiertage stehen vor der Tür und auch die Meddler kommen so langsam in Weihnachtsstimmung, aber wir haben noch einen kleinen Leckerbissen für euch. Denn das New Force wird am 18.12.2018 36 Jahre alt! Das bedeutet, dass wir bald doppelt Erwachsen sind – Wahnsinn wie die Zeit vergeht.

In erster Linie möchten wir uns bei euch bedanken. Danke, dass ihr unserem über alles geliebten Metalschuppen die Treue bewahrt, danke dass ihr bei unseren Veranstaltungen so zahlreich erscheint um mit uns abzurocken und/oder das ein oder andere Bierchen zu trinken. Danke für alles!

Nun ist es an der Zeit euch etwas zurückzugeben. Am kommenden Wochenende (21. & 22.12.) werden wir unseren Geburtstag in Form von zwei All you can play Abenden Feiern. Frei nach dem Motto „Evergreens und der heiße Scheiss.“ Abgesehen von freiem Eintritt, verschenken wir auch noch eine Kleinigkeit von uns an die ersten 36 Gäste! Also nutzt die Zeit vor Feiertagen um mit uns zu feiern, wir freuen uns!

Auch an Heiligabend werden wir Abends ab 20:00 unsere Türen für jene öffnen, die nicht am Weihnachtsfest interessiert sind oder nach dem Familienessen einfach noch gemütlich 1-8 Bierchen trinken wollen.

Heiter weiter geht es direkt am Donnerstag (27.12.) mal wieder mit einem „Zwischen Weihnachten und Neujahr Trash-Abend“ der besonderen Art. Da letztes Jahr das Scooter vs. Böhse Onkelz – Special so unfassbar gut ankam, werden wir unsere mit schlechtem Humor gefüllten Herzen einem Anrufbeantworter Special widmen. Das bedeutet nichts anderes als schlecht produzierte Musik aller Art. Was kann es Schöneres geben?

(Veranstaltung folgt)

Am darauffolgenden Freitag (28.12.) wird es etwas ernster. Wir gedenken einem der berühmtesten und bedeutendsten Rock Künstler aller Zeiten. Wir haben unser Kühlhaus bereits mit reichlich Jack Daniel’s ausgestattet, denn es wird Zeit für ein „Tribute to Lemmy“ Special! Wir hoffen ihr seid von der Idee Lemmy’s Erbe aufrechtzuerhalten ebenso angetan wie wir.

Hier geht’s zur Veranstaltung ——->

Und das war’s auch schon mit dem Jahr 2018. An Silvester werden wir unsere Türen schließen, da auch die Mitarbeiter nicht nüchtern ins neue Jahr rutschen müssen. Das Jahr 2018 war ein sehr schönes Jahr für uns und wir freuen uns das Jahr 2019 mit unserem allseits beliebten Rahmenprogramm Willkommen zu heißen.

Ade bleibt schee,
euer New Force Team

PS: Es gibt noch Weizenbock !

Frankens Metalclub Nr. 1