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Almost Weekly NEws

Moin Forcler!

Auch diese Woche haben wir zu unserem üblichen Programm auch noch ein paar Specials im Angebot!
Am Donnerstag ist wieder unser monatlicher Spieleabend angesagt, kommt gerne vorbei ob mit fixer Spielegruppe oder einzeln zum Dazugesellen. All kinds of Metal wird die Hintergrundbeschallung für den Abend.
–> Spieleabend Februar

Am Samstag heißt es bei uns erstmals Punk’s Undead im New Force – DIE Batcave Party in Franken mit Gast-DJ Deka Denz. Den ganzen Abend Deathrock, Batcave, Post-Punk, Gothrock, Dark Punk, Underground NDW, Cold & Minimal Wave satt. Aufgepasst: Los geht der Spaß erst ab 21 Uhr für schmale 3 Euronen!
–> Punk’s Undead – New Force Special

Wir sehen uns, bis denn!
Cheers \m/

Almost Weekly News

Hey Forcler!

Diese Woche haben wir wieder ein paar Schmankerl für euch vorbereitet, die wohl vor allem Freunde der alten Schule anlachen werden.

Am Donnerstag gibt’s Hearts of Power Teil 3, für Fans der bunten weiten Welt des Power Metal abseits der handvoll Bands, die eh jeder kennt. Schaut vorbei!
–> Hearts of Power III – Unlimited Power

Der Freitag ist wohl absolut selbsterklärend – Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, AC/DC Special! Wir widmen den Abend den absoluten Größen des Heavy Metal.
–> Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, AC/DC

Feiert mit uns, gerne wie auch am Rock Classics Mittwoch heute oder zu Force Extreme am Samstag!

Bis denn, Cheers! \m/

Almost Weekly News

Moin Forcler!

Die Specials diese Woche: Donnerstag gibt’s „All you can play“, d.h. alle Metalsubgenres werden bedient, kommt vorbei & wünscht euch worauf ihr grade bock habt.

Freitag lassen wir bei unserem „Best öf 2019“ das vorige Jahr musikalisch Revue passieren. Gespielt werden die Metal-Neuerscheinungen von 2019. Was war euer bestes Album des letzten Jahres?
–> Best öf 2019

Bis dahin, Cheers! \m/

Samstag, 11.01.20

Der Dominator
Deicide – Serpents Of The Light
Suffocation – Catatonia
Misery Index – Theocracy
Lock Up – Life Of Devastation
Lividity – A Woman’s Place Is On My Face
Dying Fetus – Wrong One To Fuck With
Devourment – Cognitive Sedation Butchery
Unleashed – Before The Creation Of Time
Bloodbath – Mouth Of Empty Praise
Obituary – Chopped In Half
Desaster – Satan’s Soldier Syndicate
Darkthrone – Muffle Your Inner Choir
Nargaroth – Abschiedsbrief Des Prometheus
Disfear – No Hope Of Survival

Disrupt – Unrest
Skitsystem – Human Waste
Busuk – Self Profit Purpose
Infant Annihilator – Soil The Stillborn
Cannibal Corpse – Make Them Suffer
Anal Trump – You Gotta Treat Em Like Shit
Anal Trump – PTSD Is Gay
Anal Trump – Some Mexicans Aren’t Rapists
Anal Trump – I Like The Soldiers Who DON’T Get Captured
Anal Trump – My Daughter Is A Piece Of Ass
Anal Trump – Poor People Are Too Stupid To Get A Loan From Their Parents
Anal Trump – There’s My African American!
Anal Trump – Blood Coming Out Of Her Wherever
Anal Trump – Mexican Judges Don’t Count
Anal Trump – Journalism Is Gay
Anal Trump – I’d Date My Daughter
Anal Trump – Grab Em By The Pussy
Anal Trump – Take His Coat
Anal Trump – Breast Feeding Is Gay
Anal Trump – Ted Nugent Is Cool
Anal Trump – Dave Mustaine Is Cool
Anal Trump – Trump Tower Has The Best Taco Bowls
Anal Trump – Poll Watcher
Anal Trump – Some Things Saddam Hussein Did Well
Anal Trump – Changing Diapers Is Gay
Anal Trump – Build That Wall
Anal Trump – Alex Jones Is Smart
Anal Trump – I’m In Astonishingly Excellent Health
Anal Trump – Stay In Your Pens
Anal Trump – 911 Was Inconvenient For Me, Personally
Anal Trump – Make America Great Again
Anal Trump – Nobody Respects Women More Than Me
Anal Trump – Harriet Tubman Is, Like, A 3
Anal Trump – I Demand An Apology!
Anal Trump – That Makes Me Smart!
Death – Pull The Plug
Vader – Wings
Asphyx – The Rack

DJ Don Hugo Zerstörung

Napalm death – shattered existence
Enslaved – frost
Deserted fear – welcome to reality
Satyricon – mother north
Dimmu Borgir – gateways
Burzum – ea, lord of the depths
Depravation – Submerge


Hexis – ashanti
Archgoat – goat and the moon
Dödsrit – Svart aska
Entombed – left hand path
Cattle decapitaion – pacific grim
Autopsy – ridden with disease
Deicide – sacrificial suicide
Morbid angel – maze of torment
Nuclear devastation – baptised in hellfire
BOAK – Heartstopper
FiDGET -Seagull Policy
Info Wars – Super male vitality
Mediated form – a fixing of the human form
Cranial – unceasing lack

Der Dominator
Mantar – Astral Kannibal
Ingested – Extinction Event
Carnifex – Die Without Hope
Thy Art Is Murder – Holy War
Shining – Claws Of Perdition
Psychonaut 4 – Overdose Is The Best Way To Die
Bathory – Enter The Eternal Fire
Venom – Black Metal
Anti Cimex – Nailbiter
Blood – Inquisitor Witchskinner
Terrorazor – The Fouling
Nailed Down – Might Is Right
Sordo – No HxC Dancing
Ahumado Granujo – Cunt Slime
666 Shades Of Shit – La Fappe
Gutalax – Robocock
Jig-Ai – Geisha Sucks European Cocks
Torsofuck – Raped By Elephants
Malevolent Creation – The Will To Kill
Celtic Frost – Circle Of The Tyrants
Mayhem – Funeral Fog
Marduk – 502
Impaled Nazarene – Abscence Of War
Midnight – You Can’t Stop Steel
Kosmokrator – Death Worship

Don Zerstörung Hugo

Minimum wage assasin – kill pile
Unholy grave – war on terror
Warfuck – lixiviat
Gridlink – island sun
Necros Christos – black mass desecration
Impaled nazarene – via delorosa
septicflesh – god pyramid flesh
Skinless – execution of reason
Gronibard – pomme d’anus
Gut – dead girls don’t say no
5 stabbed 4 corpses – romantic slaughter boy
Agathocles – distrust and abuse
Brodequin – bunt in effigy
Captain cleanoff – adidas
Mincing Fury And Guttural Clamour Of Queer Decay – ‚Room In Your Ass
death toll 80k – profiting on fear
Extreme noise terror – use your mind
Feastem – detox day
Gets worse – kool brewster
Hørdür – speed herman
Insect warfare – paranoia
Jungle rot – straightjacket life
LPP – Animal teeth
Mörkhimmel – zima
Nasum – fury
Poppy seed grinder – disfigured face of the earth
Saccage – mort par la mort
Terrorizer – world downfall
Wolfbrigade – gasping for breath
Yacöpsae – Martina-Liebeslied
Death – flesh and the power it holds
Copraoch – at war with the neighbours
Watchmaker – falling upwards
Glue – flowers of friendship
Psycroptic – setting the skies ablaze

Greta Thunberg Dance Remix – Bombs Away (HOW DARE YOU)

Freitag, 10.01.20

DJ Fifty Shades of Red

20 Uhr

black sabbath – war pigs
crowbar – planets collide
life of agony – underground
mastodon – blood and thunder
sleep – dragonaut
motörhead – sex & death
dust bolt – living hell
toxic holocaust – rat eater
municipale waste – beer pressure
s.o.d. – kill yourself
testament – practice what you preach
slayer – supremist
rebel riot – pull the plug
madred – prodigal


judas priest – leather rebel
iron maiden – bloodbrothers
blind guardian – mordrids song
sabaton – primo victoria
kamelot – insomnia
hammerfall – the unforgiven blade
children of bodom – touch like angel of death
midnight – lust, filth and sleaze
desaster – angelwhore
kreator – pleasure to kill
sodom – nuclear winter
sacred reich – surf nicaragua
sarcofago – alcoholic coma
celtic frost – dethroned emperor

Dj Oli

Iron Maiden – Aces High
Iced Earth – Watching over me
Metallica – For whom the bell tolls
Alestrom – Rum
In Flames – Trigger
Amon Amarth – Destroyer of the Universe
Arch Enemy – The Eagle Flies Alone
Pain – Shut your mouth
Traveler – Starbreaker
Blind Gurardian – Vallhalla
Dropick Murphys – Rose Tattoo
W.A.S.P – Animal
Judas Priest – Painkiller


Dio – Rainbow in the dark
Areosmith – Janie’s Got a Gun
Saltatio Mortis – Wo sind die Clowns
Grave Digger – Rebellion
Alestorm – Drink
Hammerfall – Hearts on fire
Allen Lande – Master of Sorrow
Stormwarrior – Norsemen (We Are)
Kamelot – When the lights Are Down
Gloryhammer – Universe on Fire
Twilight Force – The Power of the Ancient Force
Manowar – Hearts of Steel
Rammstein – Engel


DJ Beardless

Ruoska – Mies yil laidan
Pain – The great pretender
Equilibrium – Renegades a los generation
Amon Amarth – Farfner’s gold
Týr – Empire of the north
Brothers of Metal – Prophecy of ragnarök
Rage – Empty hollow
Orden Ogan – To new shores of sadness
Axxis – Shadowman
Helloween – Keeper of the seven keys


Iced eath – Melancoly
Slayer – Raining blood
Kreator – Satan is real
Metallica – All nightmare long
Anihalator – For the demented
Disturbed – Decadence
Ozzy osbourne – Under the graveyard
Dope – Die motherfucker die
Artas – Black pinata
2 times terror – forever mine
Turmion katilöt – Verenperintö
Belzebubs – Dark mother

Samstag, 04.01.20

Der Dominator

Six Feet Under – The Enemy Inside
Morbid Angel – Piles Of Little Arms
Lay Down Rotten – Murder Instinct
Tormented – Burning Torment
Cryptopsy – Swine Of The Cross
Deicide – Kill The Christian
Anaal Nathrakh – Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes
Marduk – Accuser/Opposer
Nargaroth – Whither Goest Thou
Burzum – Jesus Tod
Archgoat – The Apocalyptic Triumphator
Dismember – Forged With Hate
Bloodbath – Furnance Funeral
Obituary – Chopped In Half

Ingested – Extinction Event
Bösedeath – You can’t Spell Funeral Without Fun
Whoresnation – Raw Rabid Brutality
Rompeprop – Pelikanelul
Darkthrone – Quintessence
Mayhem – Freezing Moon
Mgla – With Heart Towards None
Verdunkeln – Das Antlitz Des Himmels
Horna – Ars Laternaru
Necros Christos – Black Mass Desecration

DreisterneDj Popov
bloodbath – eaten
unleashed – hammer battalion
amon amarth – releasing suturs fire
body count – talk shit, get shot

torsofuck – raped by elephants
macabre – vampire of düsseldorf
dimmu borgir – kings of the carnival creation
impaled nazarene – impure orgies
god dethroned – serpent king
hellfucked – ich raste aus
nargaroth – conjunction underneath the alpa wheel
thorns – existance
marduk – chrsitraping black metal
children of bodom – follow the reaper
one man army – cursed by the knife
dethklok – go forth and dire
mshuggah – bleed
fear factory – archetype

nasum – closer to the end
martyrdöd – tystvar
mütilation – destroy your life for satan
dödheimsgard – ion storm

DJ Ex-Getränkemarkt
Nattefrost – Merket For Helvete
Desaster – Spare No Coward
Dimmu Borgir – Blessings Upon The Throne Of Tyrants
Nattefrost – Merkets For Helvete
Desaster – Spare No Coward
Nuclear Devastation – Baptised In Hellfire
Crude SS – Blue Eyed Devils
Infest – Nekra Vatre Gore
Suffocation – Liege Of Inveracity
Skinless – The Optimist
Devourment – Fed To The Pigs
Anal Cunt – Radio Hit
Insect Warfare – Dead Inside
Kill The Client – Test Tube Nation
Sewn Shut – Reduced To Nothing
Dismembered Fetus – Beaten To Death
Sordo – Only Human
Feastem – What Must Be Done
Pig Destroyer – Ghost Of A Bullett
Sikfuk – Shitfisted Superman
666 Shades Of Shit – La Fappe
Ahumado Granujo – Cold Turkey

Spasm – Paedophilic Kindegarten Party
Isacaarum – Teenage Cunt Powerplay
Analepsy – Rifts Of Abhorrence
Mantar – Astral Kannibal
Cranial – Bright
Morbid Evils – Crippled
Mourning Beloveth – Autumnal Fires
Hypocrisy – The Fourth Dimmension
Aspyx – The Rack
Vital Remains – Dechristianize
Saw Throat – Indestroy

Brodequin – Ambrosia

Almost Weekly News

** Force Almost Weekly News **

Einen Guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr an alle Forcler!

Damit sich keine arme Seele umsonst zu uns verirrt, gleich mal die deutlich Ansage: Wir haben zu Silvester und auch Neujahr wie üblich GESCHLOSSEN! Wir hoffen, ihr feiert alle gut rein ins neue Jahr, habt eine geile Zeit, wir sehen uns dann im neuen Jahr 2020!

Wir beginnen die erste Woche erst mal etwas ruhiger, am Donnerstag gibt’s unseren monatlichen Spieleabend. Trefft euch in illustrer Runde zu Brett- Karten- oder sonstigen Spielen und metallischen Klängen.
–> Spieleabend Januar

Das Wochenende gibt’s unser übliches Rahmenprogramm, also Freitags Heavy, Power Thrash & Pagan Metal und eben alles was Otto-Normal-Metaller so kennt. Samstags fahren wir die härtere Schiene auf mit Black, Death, Grind & Crust und einigen Undergroundperlen.

Bis dahin, Cheers! \m/

Lemmy Memorial, 28.12.19


no sleep til hammersmith
on your feet or on your knees
doctor rock
stone deaf in the usa
iron horse – born to loose
stone dead forever
dogface boy
lost in the ozone
on parole
its a long way to the top


love me like a reptile
i aint no nice guy
im so bad
no class
runaround man
just cos you got the power
i wont pay your price
shoot you in the back
twist and shout
no class
killed by death
dancing on your grave
cat scratch fever
lifes a bitch
fast and loose


talking head
whorehouse blues
eat the rich
ace of spades
please dont touch
angel city
you better run
all the aces
iron fist
smiling like a killer
sympathy for the devil


louie louie
the hammer
doctor rock
rock n roll
born to raise hell
beer drinkers and hell raisers
the chase is better than the catch
jack the ripper
death or glory
blessing – the wolf
we are the road crew
iron horse – born to loose
deaf forever


going to brazil
we bring the shake
love me forever
tie your mother down
the one to sing the blues
built for speed
god was never on your side
god save the queen
teach them how to bleed
enter sandman
stay clean
another perfect day
like a nightmare
steal your face


march or die
thunder and lightning
serial killer
we are motörhead
i am the sword
shut you down
damage case
blue suede shoes
lost johnny
ill be your sister
nothing up my sleeve
cradle to the grave
dead men tell no tales
motörhead alternate take
wer hat an der uhr gedreht

Freitag, 27.12.19

DJ Wal der Qual

Marianas Rest – Restitution
Tomb of Finland – Death of the Sun
Words of Farewell – Telltale Notion
Countless Skies – Solace
Mors Principium Est – We Are The Sleep
Aether Realm – Strength
Whispered – Hold the Sword
Brymir – Wings of Fire
Atlas Pain – The Moving Empire
Primordial – Where Greater Men Have Fallen
Atlantean Kodex – Twelve Stars and an Azure Gown


Moonspell – Opium
Wilderun – Far From Where Dreams Unfurl
Borknagar – Voices
In Mourning – Celestial Tear
Enslaved – Havenless
Keep of Kalessin – The Dragontower
Ensiferum – Treacherous Gods
Wintersun – Death and the Healing
Týr – By the Sword in my Hand
Manegarm – Call of the Runes
Arkona – Yarilo


Thyrfing – Mjölner
Hammerfall – Hammer High
Blind Guardian – Sacred Worlds
Iced Earth – Stormrider
Powerwolf – Armata Strigoi
Orden Ogan – To The End
Nightwish – Amaranthe
Judas Priest – Turbo Lover
Running Wild – Conquistadores

Dj Oli

Helloween – Keeper of the seven keys


Skid Row – 18 and life
Avantasia – The Raven Child
Marko Hietala – Stones
Alice Cooper – Schools Out
Korpiklaani – Vodka
Equilibrium – Blut im Auge
Metallica – Seek and Destroy
DragonForce – Through the Fire and Flames
Iron Maiden – Powerslave
Brothers of Metal – Yggdrasil


Dream Evil – The chosen ones
Rammstein – Mutter
In Extremo – Sternhagelvoll
Gamma Ray – Land of the Free
Helloween – Heavy Metal (Is the Law)
Tankard – (Empty) Tankard
Sodom – Bombenhagel
Destruction – Mad Butcher
Kreator – Flag of Hate
Fear Factory – Powershifter
S.O.D – Speak English or Die
Slayer – Angel of Death
Metallica – For whom the bell tolls


Iron Maiden Wasted Years
Blind Guardian – Valhalla
Running Wild – Prisoner of our Time
Grave Digger – Heavy Metal Breakdown
Eluveitie – Slanias Song
Mötley Crüe – Kickstart My Heart
Manowar – Kings of Metal
Judas Priest – Firepower
Iron Maiden – Where Eagles Dare
Beast in Black – Blind and Frozen
Nightwish – Nemo
Brothers of Metal – One
Kabat – Dabel A Syn

Donnerstag, 26.12.19

Dj GalgenVogel

Civil War – War of the World
Exciter – Metal Crusaders
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter – Das Paradies
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter – Fatima
Amon Amarth – First Kill
Kadaver – Black Sun
To the Other – Void
Conan – Vexxagon
Zatokrev – The Bat
Sulphur Aeon – Calls from Below
Behemoth – Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer
Debauchery – Death Metal Warmachine

DJ Ich wichs in deinen Orangensaft

anaal nathrakh – satanachrist
impaled nazarene – the endless war
hypocrisy – eraser
testament – true believer
slayer – war ensemble
bloodshot dawn – godless
neaera – i loathe
jungle rot – gasping for air
deicide – homage for satan
skinless – the optimist
carcass – corporal jigsaw quandary


anthrax – refuse to be denied
hammerfall – hearts on fire
mastodon – blood and thunder
valborg – ultragrab
black sabbath – electric funeral
elephant tree – wither
grim van doom – the storm
absent minded – clouds
necros christos – i am christ
amenra – nemelendelle
cranial – burning bridges

mahnah mahnah