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Playlist: Corekaben – Do, 14.03.24

Donnerstag, 14.03.24 – Coreknaben

20h DJ Zahnfee

Beartooth – Hated
Shark Tank – Fade Away
Converge – Dark Horse
Turnstile – Blackout
blessthefall – Hollow Bodies
Aviana – Obsession
We Came As Romans – Learning to Survive
For the Fallen Dreams – No Heaven
Tenside – Along with the Gods
Northlane feat. Winston McCall – Miasma
Periphery – Scarlet
Of Mice & Men – Obsolete
While She Sleeps – Self Hell
Svalbard – Listen to Someone


As I Lay Dying – I Never Wanted
Parkway Drive – Wishing Wells
Within Destruction – No Way Out
Spite – Dedication to Flesh
Carnifex – Drown Me in Blood
Suicide Silence – Wake Up
As Blood Runs Black – In Dying Days
Darkest Hour – A Blessing in Tragedy
Alpha Wolf – A Quiet Place to Die
Boysetsfire – Rookie
August Burns Red – Ghosts
Architects – Seeing Red
Infected Rain – Orphan Soul
Make Them Suffer – Erase Me
thrown – dwell
Job For a Cowboy – Bearing the Serpents Lamb
Left to Suffer/ Paleface Swiss – Lost in the Dark


Slaughter to Prevail – Conflict
Cabal – Exit Wound
Attila – Pizza
Hatebreed – Seven Enemies
Heaven Shall Burn – Numbing the Pain
Bring Me the Horizon – Sleepwalking
Falling in Reverse – Popular Monster
Tallah – Vanilla Paste
Kim Dracula – Make Me Famous
Lorna Shore – Pain Remains II: After All I’ve Done I’ll Disappear
Aborted feat. Despised Icon – Death Cult
Whitechapel – A Bloodsoaked Symphony
Neaera – Between Us and Annihilation
Knocked Loose – Blinding Faith
Bleed from Within – The End of All We Know


Architects – Modern Misery
Avenged Sevenfold – Nightmare
Bullet for my Valentine – Pretty on the Outside
Fit For a King – Annihilation
END – Necessary Death
Brand of Sacrifice feat. Will Ramos – Lifeblood
To the Grave – Miserable Summer
Bring Me the Horizon – Pray for Plagues
Motionless in White – Slaughterhouse
Landmvrks – Lost in a Wave
A Day to Remember – The Downfall of Us All
All That Remains – Six
Sworn In – Make It Hurt
Chelsea Grin – Suffer in Hell, Suffer in Heaven
Khroma – Wrong

Pantera – Walk – Reggae Version
Und damit sag ich: lauft gut nach Hause!

Playlist: Coreknaben – Do, 23.11.23

Donnerstag, 23.11.23 – Coreknaben

20:00 DJ KompaktScheibe

Polaris – Sonder
Architects – Meteor
August Burns Red – Ghosts
Elwood Stray – Uncertain Me
While She Sleeps – Brainwashed
Bullet for My Valentine – Hand of Blood
Beartooth – Hated
Black Crown Initiate – Invitation
As I Lay Dying – Confined
Wage War – The River
Walls of Jericho – The American Dream
ONI, Sikth – The Dread
DEVILOOF – Everything is all Lies
Spiritbox – Circle with me


Motionless in White – Reincarnate
Bring me the Horizon – Throne
Northlane – Rot
Caliban – VirUS
Born of Osiris – Bow Down
We Butter the Bread with Butter – Ich mach was mit Medien
Unicorn Hole – Just Deserts
Shadow of Intent – Of Fury
Get the Shot – Deathbound
Callejon – Kinder der Nacht
Heaven Shall Burn – Übermacht
Spite – Dedication to Flesh
Parkway Drive – Wishing Wells
Avenged Sevenfold – Almost Easy
Bury Tomorrow – Earthbound
Skywalker – Survival


Slaughter to Prevail – Bonebreaker
Imminence – Lighthouse
As I Lay Dying – Nothing Left
ERRA – Gungrave
Lamb of God – Laid to Rest
Eye of the Enemy – The Shift
Suicide Silence – Sacred Words
Paleface Swiss – God Looks the Other Way
Knocked Loose – Counting Worms
Chelsea Grin – Suffer in Hell, Suffer in Heaven
Kublai Khan TX – Self-Destruct
Annisokay – New Autumn Light
August Burns Red – Mariana’s Trench
Wage War – Stitch
Spiritbox – Holy Roller
Architects – Devil’s Island
Enterprise Earth – Where Dreams are Broken


Whitechapel – Possession
Lorna Shore – …And I Return to Nothingness
Shores of Lunacy – Voices
Escape the Fate – This War is ours
Bury Tomorrow – Choke
Trivium – In Waves
Skourged – Newborn Guilt
While She Sleeps – Empire of Silence
Everwave – Karman Line
Antigama – Division of Lonely Crows
Black Comedy – Prime Specimen
Carnifex – Lie to my Face
Caliban – Herz
SikTh – Vivid
Periphery – Scarlet
Tesseract – Juno


Ihr solltet euch jetzt ein Beispiel nehmen
Tiamat – I am the King (…Of Dreams)

Coreknaben – Do, 23.11.23

Aufgepasst Forcler!

Coreknaben steht wieder ins Haus – diesmal ein bisschen verspätet, danach aber wieder regelmäßig am 2. Donnerstag im Monat – Eintritt ist frei!

Am Donnerstag, 23.11.2023 von 20 bis 00 Uhr heißt es daher Metalcore, Deathcore, Hardcore!

Von eingängigen Melodien zum Mitsingen bis zu harten Breakdowns und wildem Haare schütteln ist alles dabei!

Parkway Drive, Architects, Bring me the Horizon, Spiritbox, Lorna Shore, Kublai Khan, Motionless in White, Knocked Loose – you name it, we play it!

Wir haben Bock und ihr hoffentlich genauso!