Playlist: Sa, 30.12.23 – Blasts in Brucklyn

Samstag, 30.12.2023 – Blasts in Brucklyn

20:00 DJ Hauthaar

Agrypnie – Der tote Trakt
Konvent – Trust
Mare Cognitum – Pyre of Ascendance
Psycroptic – Echoes to come
Vomitory – Chaos Fury
Anaal Nathrakh – In the constellation of the black widow
Kriegsmaschine – None shall see redemption
Behemoth – Blow your trumpets gabriel
Dark Funeral – My funeral
Zeal & Ardor – I caught you
Paleface Swiss – Hellhole
Kublai Khan – Before it’s too late


Conjurer – Choke
Septic Flesh – Coming storm
Carach Angren – When crows tick on windows
Ephel Duath – The passage
Rolo Tomassi – Alma Mater
Au-Dessus – VIII
Necros Christos – Christ was not of goatborn blood

DJ vvVVvvVyyYyyYYnnnnNNnnNnnNnn

Evocation – Children of The Storm
Spite – Dedication to Flesh
Slaughter to Prevail – Baby Yaga
Fit for an Autopsy – Still We Destroy


All Shall Perish – Wage Slaves
Thy Art is Murder – Holy War
Cabal – Plauge Bringer
Lorna Shore – Pain Remains II
Annal Nathrakh – We will Fucking Kill You
Zeal & Ador – Run
Dark Funeral – Temple of Ahriman
Dimmu Borgir – Stromblast
Skeleton Witch – This Horrifying Force
Sadus – Scorched and Burnt
Death Angel – Dream that Calls for blood
Naglfar -12th Rising

23:00 DJ Des Menschen Freund

Spectral Wound – Woods From Which The Spirits Once So Loudly Howled
Mgla – Exercises In Futility V
Spectral – Stormriders
Sulphur Aeon – Devotion To The Cosmic Chaos
Rotting Christ – In Nomine Dei Nostri
Belphegor ~ In Blood – Devour This Sanctity
1914 – …And A Cross Now Marks His Place
Marduk – The Blond Beast
Black Curse – Seared Eyes
Kataklysm – Thy Serpent’s Tongue
In Flames – Take This Life
Deserted Fear – Kingdom Of Worms
Gojira – Wisdom Comes

00:00 Dj Des Menschen Freu(n)d

Heaven Shall Burn – Black Tears (Geburtstagswunsch – alles Gute Kerstin)
Bleed From Within – The End Of All We Know
Suicide Silence – Fuck Everything
Bring Me The Horizon – Chelsea Smile
Neaera – Slaying The Wolf Within
Fleshgod Apocalypse – The Fool

MK Ultra

immolation – god complex
amon amarth – guardians of asgaard
in flames – only for the weak
at the gates – slaugher of the soul
unleashed – to asgaard we fly
falkenbach – a heathen foray
carach angren – … and the consequence macabre
imperium dekadenz – der dorlch im gewande
satyricon – fuel for hatred
legion of the damned – same
dying fetus – groteque impalement
kataklysm – as i slither
xavleg.. – pneumo-irgendwas
katalepsy – rabit
devourment – babykiller
c.b.t. – enema bulldozer
rompeprop – vaginal luftwaffe
dismember – overide for overture
vader – wings
bolt thrower – the killchain
morbid angel – destructors vs. earth / attack
slayer – raining blood
alcest – percedes de luminere

alles hat ein ende auch dieses jahr

cypress hill – insane in the brain

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