Playlist: Masters of Metal – Fr, 05.07.24

Freitag, 05.07.24 – Masters of Metal

20 Uhr

Dj Kabelsalat

Iron Maiden – Darkest Hour
Gamma Ray – Somewhere out in Space
Kreator – World War Now
Infant Annihilator – Blasphemian (Tom Wunsch 🙂
Wintersun – Battle Against Time
Amon Amarth – War of the Gods
Rotting Christ – Like Father, like Son
Bathory – Father to Son
Queensryche – Revolution Calling
Dio – Night People
Grave Digger – The Bruce

21:00 Uhr

Limp Bizkit – Take A Look Around
Linkin Park – QWERTY
Architects – Impermanence
Parkway Drive – the Greatest Fear
Brothers of Metal – Heavy Metal Viking
Blind Guardian – A Voice in the Dark
Metallica – My Friend of Misery

DJ KompaktScheibe

Faith no More – Land of Sunshine
Prong – Beg to Differ
Korn – It’s On!
Trivium – Feast of Fire
The Dillinger Escape Plan – Unretrofied
Enforcer – Running in Menace
Iron Maiden – Rime of the Ancient Mariner

22 Uhr

Budgie – Crash Course in Brain Surgery
Sir Lord Baltimore – Lady of Fire
Ozzy Osbourne – Over the mountain
Candlemass – Black Candles
Megadeth – Take no Prisoners
Alice in Chains – Would?
Lamb of God – Laid to Rest
Five Finger Death Punch – Jekyll and Hyde
Godsmack – Sick of Life
Ice Nine Kills – Thank God it’s Friday
Death – Leprosy
At the Gates – Unto Others
Grip Inc. – Hostage to Heaven
Control Denied – Consumed

23 Uhr

Judas Priest – Rapid Fire
Savatage – Edge of Thorns
Dream Theater – Pull me Under
Avatar – Bloody Angel
Gojira – The Shooting Star
Ghost – Square Hammer

DJ Menschenfreund

Finch – Ink
Architects – Day In Day Out
Wage War – Manic
System Of A Down – Holy Mountains
Limp Bizkit – Thieves [Ministry Cover]
Pantera – Heresy
Anthrax – Medusa

00:00 Uhr

Annihilator – Now Thy Death Day Come
Machine Head – Take My Scars
Soulfly – Seek ‚N‘ Strike
Fear Factory – Cyberwaste
Sybreed – ReEvolution
The Halo Effect – Last Of Our Kind
Parasite Inc. – Once And For All
Arch Enemy – House Of Mirrors
Night In Gales – Razor
Killswitch Engage – Just Barely Breathing
Bury Tomorrow – Man On Fire
Twelve Tribes – Muzzle Order

01:00 Uhr

Slipknot – Interloper [Demo]
Pantera – 5 Minutes Alone
Chimaira – Salvation
Kreator ~ 666 – World Divided
AC/DC – If You Want Blood (You Got It)
In Flames – Moonshield
Unto Others – When Will Gods Work Be Done
A Perfect Circle – The Hollow
Brutus – What Have We Done
The Birthday Massacre – Red Stars
Gospelheim – Into Smithereens
Katatonia – Evidence
Turnstile – Pushing Me Away
Amnezia – Far And High

Na denne, kommt mal gut nach Hause, sche war’s.

The Simpsons – Stonecutter’s Song

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