Playlist: Sa, 03.02.24 – Blasts in Brucklyn

Samstag, 03.02.24 – Blasts In Brucklyn


DJ Wundexperte

Totenmond – Kadavernazion
Gorleben – Contaminated
Ahab -The Pacific
Hypocrisy – Osculum Obscenum
Deserted Fear – The Black Incantation
Bolt Thrower – Dark Millenium
Slaughter To Prevail – Viking
Thy Art Is Murder – Holy War


Shadow Of Intent – The Migrant
Takafumi Matsubara – Path To Isolation
Terrorizer – Human Prey
Napalm Death – As The Machine Rolls On
Repulsion – Acid Bath
Satanic Malfunctions – Pissed & Angry
Ona Snop – Don´t Tell Me What Do
Gadget – In The Name Of Suffering
ArnoXDuebel – Fucked Up
Endless Swarm – Split Brain
Disfear – The Furnace
Dödsrit – Celestial WIll
Dimmu Borgir – Gateways
Anaal Nathrakh – Timewave Zero
Forest Silence – Philosophy Of Winter
Eikenskaden – There Are 666 Trees In My Forest
Begotten – A Waning Silhouette


Krieg – Nemesis

DJ IchTueSoAlsWürdeIchMenschenMögen

Efraah Enhsikaah – Budgeting For Betrayal
Dark Fortress – Self Mutilation
Ulcerate – Visceral Ends
Vitriol – Shame And Its Afterbirth
Vomitory – Revelation Nausea
Kataklysm – In Shadows & Dust
Frozen Soul – Arsenal Of War
Terrorizer – Fear Of Napalm
Fear Factory – Leechmaster
Lamb Of God – Resurrection Man
Slipknot – (Sic)
Disbelief – Democracy
Mantar – The Spell
Spectral Wound – Woods From Which The Spirits Once So Loudly Howled

DJ Mensch, ist das Leben nicht beschissen…?

1349 – Pitch Black
Wake – Swallow The Light
The Dillinger Escape Plan – Jim Fear
Paleface Swiss – Please End Me
Kublai Khan – No Kin
Filth – Stay Gutter
Thy Art Is Murder – Anathema
Fallujah – Abandon
Underling – Clawing At The Rot
Ghost Bath – Burial
Totalselfhatred – Anything
Départe – Seas Of Glass

00:00h DJ Zahnfee

Lifelover – Myspys
Thulcandra – Hail the Abyss
Dimmu Borgir – Glittertind
Horn – Alpenland
Bathory – One Rode to Asa Bay
Dordeduh – Descant
Rotting Christ – Out of Spirits
Immortal – Beyond the North Waves
Gorgoroth – Maneskyggens Slave
Black Lodge – Prequel to the Kult


Ingested – Paragon of Purity
Entheos – I Am the Void
Fires in the Distance – Wisdom of Falling Leaves
Gorefest – Goddess in Black
Morbid Angel – Maze of Torment
…And Oceans – Cloud Heads
Drudkh – Forests in Fire and Cold
Shining – Ohm (sommar med siv)
Freitod – Unter schwarzen Wolken
White Ward – Love Exchange Failure

Um euch doch noch fröhlich nach Hause zu schicken:
Alien Fucker – I want it that way!

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