Playlist: Masters of Metal – Fr, 13.01.23

Freitag der 13.01.2023 – Masters of Metal

20:00 Uhr DJ Kabelsalat

Overkill – Fuck you
Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train
Burning Witches – The Deathlist
S.O.D – Speak English or Die!
Ensiferum – Run from the Crushing tide
Equilibrium – Heimwärts
Eluveitie – Ategnatos
Sodom – Remember the Fallen
Obituary – Ten Thousand Ways to Die
Kreator – Violent Revolution
Metallica – The Four Horsemen
Iron Maiden – Caught Somewhere In Time
Warkings – Sparta
Grave Digger – The Keeper of the Holy Grail


Grailknights – Superhero Medley
Gamma Ray – The Guardians of Mankind
Parkway Drive – The Greatest Fear
Bullet For My Valentine – 4 Words (to Choke Upon)
Architects – Animals
Cannibal Corpse – Make them Suffer
Slayer – Black Magic
Tankard – Zombie Attack
Blind Guardian – Violent Shadows
Orden Ogan – The Things We Believe In
Brothers of Metal – To the Skies and Beyond
Beast in Black – Eternal Fire
Arch Enemy – Handshake with Hell
In Flames – Trigger

22:00 DJ Der Wal der Qual

Children of Bodom – Hatebreeder
Norther – Death Unlimited
Bloodbound – Odin’s Prayer
Sabaton – 82nd All The Way
Gloryhammer – The Unicorn Invasion of Dundee
Machine Head – Locust
Hatebreed – Cling to Life
Iron Maiden – Flight of Icarus
Savatage – Hall of the Mountain King
Annihilator – King of the Kill
Kreator – Phantom Antichrist
Ice Nine Kills – Assault & Batteries
Týr – Hold the Heathen Hammer High
Hammer King – Kingdom of the Hammer King


Hammerfall – Ravenlord
Blind Guardian – Lost in the Twilight Hall
Soilwork – Stålfågel
Arch Enemy – House of Mirrors
Avatar – Colossus
Kalmah – Heritance of Berija
Mastodon – Blood and Thunder
Disturbed – The Vengeful One
System of A Down – BYOB
Amon Amarth – Deceiver of the Gods
Finntroll – Mot Skuggornas Väld
Unto Others – Give Me To The Night
Slayer – Angel of Death

0:00 DJ The Wall
Testament – Dark Roots of Earth
Disturbed – Hey you
Manowar – Black Wind, Fire and Steel
Subway to Sally – Was ihr wollt
In Extremo – Herr Manneling
Guardians of Time – Brawn in Blood
Sabaton – Father
Blind Guardian – Curse My Name
Torfrock – Beinhart
Brothers of Metal – Berserkir
Peyton Parrish – Bardagi
J.B.O. -Schlumpfozid im Stadtgebiet
Tenacious D – Belzeboss


Accept – Fast as a Shark
Rammstein – Sonne
Freedom Call – Warriors
Grailknights – Cthuluhu
Warkings – Azrael
Motörhead – Bad Religion
Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
Versengold – Thekenmädchen
Manntra – Ori Ori
Dymytry – Chernobyl
Ice Nine Kills – Hip to be Scared
Five Finger Death Punch – Welcome to the Circus
Axxis – My Fathers Eyes

Der Dominator

Bolt Thrower – Challenge For Power
Insect Wafare – Self Termination
Kill The Client – Test Tube NMation
Wormrot – Sledgehammer
Disfear – Deadweight
Wolfbrigade – Hour Of The Wolf

Das Ende
Modern Talking – You’re My Heart

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