Playlist: Blasts in Brucklyn – Sa, 09.09.23

Samstag, 09.09.2023 – Blasts in Brückling

DreisterneDJ Popov

dödsrit – aura
martyrdöd – martyren
alcest – ecailles de lune (beide!)
marduk – funeral dawn
antigama – sentenced to the void
napalm death – the code is red … long live the code
carcass – black star
morbid angel – chapel of ghouls
deranged – mutilate and dump you
katatonia – evidence
mgla – age of exuse VI
judas iscariot – from hateful visions
nattefrost – sluts from hell
nargaroth – sommer
heretic – i bring chaos
legion of the damned – sons of the jackal
immolation – god complex
misery index – traitors
nile – lashed to thje slave stick
dying fetus – praise the lord
khroma – wrong
lorna shore – sun//eater

Don Hugo Armani

Dimmu borgir – interdimensional summit
Cryptic wintermoon – grave without a name
Eisregen – salz der erde
dethklok – awaken
Pungent stench – hypnos
Valborg – plasmabrand
Amenra – razoreater
Arkona – goi, rode, goi!
Uada – retraversing the void
Satyricon – filthgrinder
Rotting christ – rituals 3
Hexis – molestus
Aktiv dödshjälp – beväpnadför att döda
Nasum – living next door to malice
Repulsion – bodily dismemberment
Blood – sodomize the weak
morgoth – under the surface
grotesque – incantation
massacra – enjoy the violence
coffins – stillbirth
kruelty – harder than before
sol sistere – the narrow path
death – spiritual healing
cerebral bore – the flesh reflects the madness
six feet under – victim of the paranoid
vomitory – terrorize brutalize sodomize

DreisterneDJ Popov

enslaved – ruun
mgla – exercised in futiliy IV
wolves on the throne room – subteranian initiation
dimmu borgir – mourning palace
cradle of filth – her ghost in the fog
suffocation – infecting the crypts
dawn of decay – meow hell
tiamat – visionare
dawn – the knell and the world
katatonia – my twin
kreator – totalitarian terror
milking the goat machine – iss’n knodel, mach’n knödel
edge of sanity – enigma
disillusion – and the mirror cracked
carcass – heartwork
bolt thrower – the killchain
borknagar – the winterway
harcide – act of god
primordial – the coffin ships
alcest – percedes de lumiere

und schluss

laserkraft 3d – nein, mann!

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