Playlist: Blasts in Brucklyn – 06.05.23

20:00h DJ Zahnfee

Agalloch – Limbs
Dark Fortress – Satan Bled
Rotting Christ – Sanctos Diavolos
Deserted Fear – The Carnage
Gorefest – Goddess in Black
Terrorizer – Nightmare
Antigama – Discomfort
Anaal Nathrakh – Of Fire and Fucking Pigs
All Shall Perish – Wage Slaves
Thy Art Is Murder – Reign of Darkness
Fear Factory – Powershifter


Gaerea – Conspiranoia
Karg – Petrichor
The Spirit – Celestial Fire
Hath – Usurpation
Angelmaker – I Long For Rest
Chelsea Grin – Cheyne Stokes
I Prevail – There’s Fear in Letting Go
Cradle Of Filth – Her Ghost in the Fog
Marduk – Serpent Sermon
Mayhem – Funeral Fog
Hypocrisy – Roswell 47
Acid Bath – Scream of the Butterfly


Sepultura – Roots Bloody Roots
Pantera – This Love
Death – Symbolic

DJ Wundexperte

Suffocation – Return To The Abyss
Dying Fetus – Your Treachery Will Die With You
Rotten Sound – Blind
Nasum – The Smallest Man
Massgrav – Napalm Över Stureplan
Napalm Death – Life?
Terrorazor – The Fouling
Wake – Infinite Inward
Archagathus – Violence For No Reason
Gutalax – Anus Nanuk
Guineapig – Maruta
Satan´s Revenge On Mankind – We Come To Eat You
Devourment – Babykiller
Gutrectomy – Filius Mulieris Meretricis


No One Gets Out Alive – Banjo Slam
Benighted – Let The Blood Spill Between My Broken Teeth
Cannibal Corpse – Make Them Suffer
Cattle Decapitation – Death Atlas
Ne Obliviscaris – Graal
Dimmu Borgir – The Serpentine Offering
Immortal – Unholy Forces Of Evil
Gorgoroth – Satan-Prometheus
Gojira – Stranded
Amenra – De Evenmens

24:00 MK Ultra

origin – the aftermath
godflesh apocalypse – the violation
immolation – god complex
dissection – wheere dead angels lie
helrunar – älter als das kreuz
vreid – pitch black
mütilation – destroy your life for satan
primordial- the coffin ships
alcest – perces de luminere
benediction – magnificent
bloodbath – eaten
necrophobic – frozen empire
mantar – white nights

DJ Kompaktscheibe

mastodon – where the behemoth strides
sansera – my damnation
bring me the horizon – pray for plagues
we came as romans – darkbloom
wage war – the river
aviana – illuminate
brand of sacrifice – eclipse
boundaries – your own murder
melechesh – grand cathas of baal sin
agathodaimon – stingher / alone
nightrage – nauseating oblivion
dissection – frozen
white ward – love exchange failure

Damit ihr euch wieder jung genug zum gehen fühlt
queens of the stone age – first it giveth
queens of the stone age – little sister
the strokes – Reptilia

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