Playlist: Samstag 30.04.22

Samstag 30.04.22 Force Extreme

DreisterneDJ Popov


gone with the wind

dismember – override for overture
deicide – serpents of the light
at the gates – slaughter of the soul
amon amarth – death in fire
kataklysm – in shadows and dust
vader – xeper
antigama – sentenced to the void
anaal nathrakh – between shit and piss we are born
bathory – the lake
carpathian forrest – submit to satan
darkthrone – circle the wagons
marduk – baptism by fire
vinterland – a castle so clear
asphyx – deathhammer

reveal in flesh – the hour of the avenger
lik – le morte homme
the crown – corwned in terror
nile – lashed to the slave stick
slaughterday – victim of the insane
bolt thrower – the klillchain
pungent stench – why can the bodies fly
macabre – vampire of dusseldorf
dead – lowered expecations
skinless – the optimist
i – the storm i ride
satyricon – k.i.n.g.
watain – malfeitor
endstille – with the fog they come

enslaved – ruun
six feet under – war is coming
morbid angel – lord of all feavers and plagues
hypocrisy – roswell 47
carcass – heartwork
death – 1000 eyes
playmobil – piratenschiff
bloodbath – eaten
amon amarth – arson
celtic frost – dethroned emperor
motörhead – orgasmatron
finntroll – trollhammeren
ensiferum – iron
dissection – night’s blood

gorgoroth – carving a giant
mayhem – deathcrush
midnight -evil like a knife
wolfbrigade – web of lies
le scrawl – boiling point
behemoth – slaves shall serve
dying fetus – gotesque impalement
blood – dogmatize
dismember – time heals nothing
in flames – jotun
hypocrity – eraser
entrails – voices
autopsy – ridden with desease
belphegor – bondage goat zombie
naglfar – i am vengance
beasty boys – sabotage

kokomo – kill the captain, feed the fish
primordial – coffin ships
rocky horror picture show – time warp
gut – cripple bitch
cbt – enema bulldozer
rompeprop – vaginal luftwaffe
katalepsy – rabit
slayer – angel of death
metallica – NicNacs
kreator – phobia
motörhead – ace of spades

die leut ham an seier schau mer mal was geht
blind guardian – nightfall
iron maiden – fear of the dark
judas priest – painkiller
slayer – south of heaven
dimmu borgir – mouring palace
equilibrium – unbesiegt
devourment – babykiller
nasum – relics
doddodo – doddodo death
dj scotchegg – scotchhausen
bolt thrower – powder burns

Etz is gut, gehmer ham!

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