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Playlist: Prophets of Doom – Sa, 16.03.24

Samstag, 16.03.24 – Prophets of Doom

20 Uhr DJ DrehtSichNochScheibe

Cathedral – Ride
Lake of Tears – To Die Is To Wake
Winter – Servants of the Warsmen
Celtic Frost – A Dying God Coming into Human Flesh
Hooded Menace – Chime Diabolicus
Katatonia – Gateways of Bereavement
Crypt Sermon – Key of Solomon
Black Sabbath – Hand of Doom Zwinker Zwinker
Danzig – How the Gods Kill
Candlemass – Bewitched
Saint Vitus – Born Too Late

21 Uhr DJ DrehtNimmerScheibe

Boris – Afterburner
Konvent – Waste
40 Watt Sun – Between Times
Warning – Faces
Pallbearer – Worlds Apart
My Dying Bride – Your River
Tiamat – The Ar

DJ Hauthaar

Occultation – All hallow’s fire
Plateau Sigma – She kept the sacred fire still


Swallow the Sun – Falling World
Cavernous Gate – Those who walk the fog
Cannibal Corpse – Festering in the Crypt
Electric Wizard – Barbarian
YOB – Grasping air
Ophis – Pazuzu
(Dolch) – Tonight
Ahab – Mobilis in Mobili
Bong-Ra – Oon (Precession of the Equinoxes)


Valborg – Kommando aus der Zukunft
Dopethrone – Porcelain God
The Ruins of Beverast – Daemon
Necros Christos – Nine Graves
Evoken – Ceremony of Bleeding
Candlemass – Copernicus
Verdunkeln – In die Irre
Saturnalie Temple – Black Smoke
Doom:VS – Half Light


Hemelbestormer – Portal to the Universe

DJ ZuSpätScheibe (DB lässt grüßen)

Axegrinder – The Final War
EyeHateGod – My Name is God (I Hate You)
Spiritus Mortis – Holiday in the Cemetery
Nekrovault – Totenzug – Funeral Hillscapes
Amorphis – First Doom
Froglord – (((((or))))
Reverend Bizarre – Caesar Forever

01 Uhr DJ WirdWiederSchnellerScheibe

Triptykon – Aurorae
Draconian – Sleepwalkers
Paradise Lost – As I Die
Atlantean Kodex – Twelve Stars and an Azure Gown
Swallow the Sun – Enemy
Tiamat – Visionaire
Trees of Eternity – My Requiem
Katatonia – Day
Woods of Ypres – Allure of the Earth
Jex Thoth – Nothing Left to Die
Anathema – One Last Goodbye
Urfaust – Voodoo Dust

02 Uhr Dann kommt mal laaaaaangsaaaaaaam naaach Haaaauuuseeee

DJ Hemorider – Eat the Meat