Playlist: Do, 29.03.24 – Grinddonnerstag

Donnerstag, 29.03.24 – Grinddonnerstag


Dj Donna Armani

Cocaine piss – ugly face on
FID – let’s go
moom – ma ye hasof?
hetze creep
gel – attainable
weak ties – veil
xiao – change
initiate – alone at the bottom
days spent – gaslighter
g.l.o.s.s. s/t (we’re from the future)
disobey – lantang menetang
timah panas – dosa
tekad – lost culture
melt banana – vertigo game
taransient – false philanthropy
self deconstruction – hypocrite
escuela grind – hyper-creep
speech odd – control
cloud rat – last leaf
SxFxC – over production, over consumption
gulch – fucking towards salvation
goolagoon – culture shock
strafplanet – ehrensache
wrest. – esdte yourself
terminator x – dpi
scemo – colmo di speranze
LØVVE – you can’t understand
Victims of classwar – giftspirale

und jetzt wieder der Don

Wolfbrigade – the wolfman
mörkhimmel – na veky veku
Wreck – v is for violence
six score- tötungsmaschine
wormrot -all go no emo
Nuclear devastation – baptised in hellfire


DJ WundXperte

Martydöd – Nödkanal
Fredag Den 13e – Mera Gift
Antigama – Sentenced To The Void
Gadget – Enemies Of Reason
Mörser – Kirchengang
Yacopsea – Kamikaze
Gets Worse – Space Boys
Endless Swarm – Split Brain
LiliXelbe – Contempt
Busuk – Self Profit Puropose
Brutal Truth – Stench Of Prophet
Tool Of The Trade – Fake
Terrorizer – Fear Of Napalm
Blood – Retrogression
Mesrine – Feed On Fear
Death Toll 80k – No Escape
Trepan Dead – Aunt Sally
Birdflesh – Dead Is Alive
Eat The Turnbuckle – Falls Count Everywhere
Roger Moore – Suicide
Organ Dealer – An Ending
Alehammer – Half Pint Army
Whoresnation – Who´s The Blame? What´s The Blame?
Ona Snop – Mustard Farm
Magrudergrind – Built To Blast
Nasum – Closer To The End
Pig Destroyer – Trojan Whore
JapKa – Zieh die jacke falsch rum an
Psudoku – TODesprog3000
CE – Brick Top Day
Satan´s Revange On Mankind – I Am Legion
Brodequin – Ambrosia
Devourment – Babykiller


hymen holocaust – whorified
razor rape – wouldn’t mind her in the grinder
haemorrhage – oozing molten gristel
looking for an answer – la matanza
nashgul – guerra droen
teething – devouring friendship
spasm – miss piss junior
impetigo – intense mortification
rompeprop – pelikanenlul
macabre – acid bath vampire
wormhole – almost human
dying fetus – from womb to waste
napalm death – contagion
repulsion – radiation sickness
gadget – i am
poppy seed grinder – naked mind
stillbirth – legalize it
gorgasm – axe to mouth
cätarro – hiroshima e nagasaki ainda sofrem
worse – gout
unholy grave – waves of death
test – árabe macabre
wojczech – grindcore no talent
takafumi matsubara – ice pick
meth leppard – woke
info wars – sex pervert
infest – in his name
bloody phoenix – no past no future
iron lung – sexless/no sex

DJ WundXperte

Travolta – Modern Day – Witch Hunt
False – Bricks
Rotten Sound – Lies
Assück – jhfdkjfhadf
Dispyt – Sommmarstaden
ENT – Deceived
Blockheads – When You´ll Become A Shadow
Lautstürmer – Oil Black Blood
No One Gets Out Alive – Banjo Slam
Carcass – Carbonized Eyesockets
Sordo – No hXc Dancing
Guineapig – Maruta
Clown Core – Hell
Suffocation – Thrones Of Blood
Archaghatus – Dance Hall Derelict
BruceXcampbell – Casual Control
Analepsy – The Vermin Devourer
Benighted – A Quit Day
Ahumado Granujo – Attention- Your Virtous Body Is Running Out
Despise You – Fears Song
Satanic Malfunctions – No Masters Or Slaves
Agoraphobic Nosebleed – As Bad as it is…
BowelFuck – Snitch
Shitbrains – Spam
Nasum – Relics
Agathocles – Lights Off
Cyness – Alltagstrott
Gadget – I Am
Trigger – The Good Hunters

Und nun kurz vorm Karfreitag noch ein bischen Optimist
Eric Idle – Always Look On The Bright Side Of Live

Aber jetzt, SEHR stiller Feiertag…
Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence

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