Playlist: Sa. 16.07.22 – Blasts in Brucklyn

Samstag, 16.07.2022 – Blasts in Brucklyn

20.00 DJ Agent Orange

Agents of Satan – joe ryder
weekend nachos – prioritize
kill the client – false flag attack
spoonful of vicodin totally news exposure
maruta – behind the steel curtain
insect warfare – information economy
shitstorm – paranoid existence
man will destroy himself – fuse
total fucking destruction – human is the bastard
chainsaw to the face – hating life
magrudergrind – inevitable progression
asra – chrytridomicyosis
wasteoid – drink in hand
su19b – world is doomed to violence
coffins – acid orgy
thors hammer – norge
benediction – i bow to none
morbid angel – day of suffering
suffocation – infecting the crypts
devourment – choking on bile
napalm death – suffer the children
cemetary – dead red


obituary – redneck stomp
sijjin – angel of the eastern gate
whisky ritual – 666 problems
nattefrost – sluts of hell
hellripper – black arts and alchemy
darkthrone – those shores are damned
hellhamer – the third of the storms
celtic frost – the ursuper
armagedda – for i am his slave
mgla – excercises in futility IV
satyricon – mother north
dödsrit – svart aska
disfear – get it off
total jävla mörker – rasist i uniform
skitsystem – stigmata
khold – svart heligdom


jungle rot – gasping for air
obituary – slowly we rot
bolt thrower – eternal war
neaera – ours is the storm
heaven shall burn – hunters will be hunted
as i lay dying – meaning in tragedy
thy art is murder – eye for an eye
anaal nathrakh – pandemonic hyperblast
cattle decapitation – death atlas
despised icon – bad vibes
imperial triumphant – excelsior
japanische kampfhörspiele – menschenverachtende untergrundmusik
revenge – banner degradation


1349 – manifest
judas iscariot – an eternal kingdom of fire
archgoat – apothesis of lucifer
immortal – blashyrkh (mighty ravendark)
marduk – beast of prey
dissection – soul reaper
emperor – i am the black wizards
dark funeral – king antichrist
ajattara – kituvan kiitos
deicide – once upon the cross
beyrevra – the hermits torment
runemagick – enter the realm of death
necros christos – necromantique nun
dismember – dismembered


DJ Razakeel

Dead Congregation – Feasting Angelcunts
Deströyer 666 – Trialed by Fire
Gratzug – Meyster der Ewigkeit
The Order of Apollyon – The Curse is poured upon Time
Inquisition – From Chaos they came
Sonne Adam – Hater of Mankind
Cult of Fire – Vltava
Spectral Wound – Woods from wich the Spirits once so loudly howled
Trespasser – Tachanka
Midnight – You can’t stop Steel
Sodom – M-16
Bolt Thrower – Where next to conquer
Illdesposed – Case of the late Pig God
Dethroned – Hating Life
Cannibal Corpse – They deserve to die
Katatonia – Evidence
Ahab – Nickerson’s Theme
Shape of Despair – The distant Dream of Life
The Ruins of Beverast – Silhouettes of Death’s Grace
Pure Wrath – Grief of our Fathers
Blacklodge – Neo.Black.Magic
Pensees Nocturnes – Le Tango du Vieuloniste

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