Playlist: Blasts in Brucklyn – Sa, 11.11.23

Samstag, 11.11.23 – Blasts of Brucklyn

DJ Vynnnnn

20:00 Uhr

Morbid Evils – In Hate
Cranial – Dark
Ahab – O Father O Sea
Behemoth – O Father O Satan O Sun
Mgla – Groza II
Gaerea – Salve
Noctem – Sulphur
Marduk – Frontschwein

21:00 Uhr

Windir – Todeswalzer
Lorna Shore – To The Hellfire
Enterprise Earth – You couldn’t save me
Slaughter to Prevail – Hell
Brand Of Sacrifice – Demon King
Larcenia Roe – Alienation
Suicide Silence – Wake Up
Thy Art is Murder – Puppet Master
Carnifex – Bury me in Blasphemy
Get The Shot – Survival Denied
Paleface Swiss – Skin People
Acrania – Disillusion in an discordant System
Cattle Decapitation – Finish Them
Devourment – Babykiller
Esophagus – Killing For Sport
The Dark Prison Massacre – Silence of Decay
Skinless – The Optimist


MK Ultra

immolation – god complex
kataklysm – guillotine
debauchery – let there be blood
vader – this is the war
divine empire – the mauler
watain – legions of the black light
gorgoroth – carving a giant
primordial – to hell or to the hangman
arch enemy – deceiver, deceiver
heaven shall burn – corium
caliban – memorial
mantar – white nights

antigama – empty paths
napalm death – suffer the children
bolt thrower – the killchain
morbid angel – lord of all feavers an plagues
samael – ceremony of oposites
agalloch – not unlike the waves
alcest – ecailles de lune #2
dismember – override of the overture
deranged – mutilate and dump you
dying fetus – grotesque impalement
the crown – crowned in terror


Alles gute Blume, du alter sack

blind guardian – nightfall
rompeprop – vaginal luftwaffe

DJ Wundexperte

Death – Zombie Ritual
Obituary – Slowly We Rot
Entombed – Left Hand Path
Killengod – Masquerade The Master
Hypocrisy – Penetralia
Cryptopsy – Phobophile
Fleshgod Apocalypse – The Violation
Dödsrit – Svard Aska
Kokomo – Kill The Captain, Feed The Fishes


Withered Beauty – Lies
Impaled Nazarene – Sadhu Satana
Desaster – The Art Of Destruction
Celtic Frost – Circle Of The Tyrants
Yacopsae – Frost
Nasum – I Hate People
Rotten Sound – IQ
Death Toll 80K – Bleak
Archagathus – Terrible Human
Slund – Sickness
Agathocles – No More Faith
Lautstürmer – Let´s Raise The Dead
Disfear – Get It Off
Carcass – Carnal Forge
Gorleben – Contaminated
Melt Banana – The Hive
ZEUS!!!- Sick And Destroyed

Tom Petty – Free Fallin´

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