Playlist: Ceremony of Melodies – Melodic Death Metal Special Fr, 22.07.22

Ceremony of Melodies – Melodic Death Metal Special
Freitag, 22.07.2022

20:00 Uhr DJ Zahnfee

The Haunted – 99
Mors Principium Est – Reclaim the Sun
Parasite Inc. – The Pulse of the Dead
Ghost Brigade – Into the Black Light
Marianas Rest – Unsinkable
Dark Age – Outside the Inside
Scar Symmetry – The Anomaly
Starkill – Burn Your World
DevilDriver – I Could Care Less
Soilwork – Distortion Sleep
In Flames – Biosphere
Deadlock – Code of Honor
Sonic Syndicate – Denied
Neaera – I Loathe

21:00 Uhr DJ Razakeel

Kalmah – Time takes us all
Eternal Tears of Sorrow – Autumn’s Grief
Norther – Dead
Barren Earth – Further Down
Amorphis – Heart of the Giant
Aether Realm – Redneck Vikings from Hell
Wintersun – Beyond the dark Sun
Frosttide – Revenant
In Flames – Star Ablaze
THRON – The Prophet
Dethklok – I ejaculate Fire
Nothgard – Age of Pandora
Amon Amarth – Raven’s Flight

22:00 Uhr DJ Zahnfee

Children of Bodom – Hate Crew Death Roll
Arch Enemy – War Eternal
Omnium Gatherum – Frontiers
Insomnium – While we Sleep
Be’lakor – Fraught
Gormathon – Land of the Lost
Dark Tranquillity – The Treason Wall
Hypocrisy – Fearless
Heaven Shall Burn – Numbing the Pain
Edge of Sanity – Black Tears
Carcass – Heartwork
Bodom After Midnight – Paint the Sky with Blood
Kambrium – Dawn of the Five Suns
The Agonist – Danse Macabre

23:00 Uhr DJ Razakeel

At the Gates – Cold
Before the Dawn – Dying Sun
Children of Bodom – Everytime I die
Dark Tranquillity – Nothing to no one
Amon Amarth – Tattered Banners and bloody Flags
Wolfheart – Ghosts of Karelia
Arch Enemy – Nemesis
Soilwork – The ageless Whisper
Countless Skies – Heroes
Netherbird – Lunar Pendulum
Wintersun – Starchild
In Flames – Only for the Weak

DJ Zahnfee

Amorphis – Black Winter

Day 00:00 Uhr DJ MelodicZahnfee

Magenta Harvest – Apparition of Ending
Heaven Shall Burn – Hunters will be Hunted
Cypecore – Dissatisfactory
Kalmah – Heroes to Us
Ghost Brigade – In The Woods
Scar Symmetry – Morphogenesis
Wolfheart – Routa pt. 2
Amon Amarth – Cry of the Black Birds
Children of Bodom – Are you Dead Yet?
In Flames – Another Day in the Quicksand
DevilDriver – Sail
Swallow the Sun – Falling World
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter – Slaves of Hate

01:00 Uhr DJ Razakeel

Vindland – Treuzwelus
Dark Tranquility – ThereIn
Crypta – From the Ashes
Amon Amarth -Destroyer of the Universe
Beyrevra – Fallen Son
Netherbird – Saturnine Ancestry
A Canorous Quintet – Everbleed
Enshine – Dual Existance
Kaunis Kuolematon – Syttyköön toinen aurinko
Duskmourn – Through the Wild
Aetherian – Black Sails

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