Cabaret Du Neant, 28.11.19

DJ Razakeel


Clare Fader – Cabin fever
Harlequin Jones – Worried Ugly
Amoree Lovell – Prettiest Girl in the World
The Dresden Dolls – Sex Changes
Angizia – Im dunklen Tann
The Dirty Daubers – Wake up, Sinners
Circus Contraption – Marshmallows and a Holy Bible
The Scarring Party – Revelator
the Peculair Pretzelmen – 6 Volt Car
Evelyn Evelyn – Have you seen my Sister Evelyn?
Otto Reutter – Der Überzieher
The Dead Brothers – Geistzug
Rosin Coven – Bittersweet
Humanwine – Script Language
The Tiger Lillies – Script Language

Dj Galgenvogel


Jill Tracy – Sell my Soul
Reverend Glasseye – God help you dumb Boy
The Circus Contraption – were all mad
The Great Malarkey – Buckets of Blood
Clare Fader – The Wine
Harlequin Johnes – The epic song
The Scarring Party – no more room
Circus Contraption – shneykoyl
Amoree Lovell – The Alphabet Song
Ken Colyer – Hot time in the old town
Delaney Davidson – Around the World
Dead Brothers – The Story its always the same
The Circus Contraption – 23 Beers
Clare Fader – Drunk on Skin
The Scarring Party – Long legged daddy
Ken Colyer – Sister Kate
The Great Malarkey – Gimme Sugar
The Circus Contraption – Queen of the Bees
Dead Brothers – How Deep is the Water

DJ Razakeel


Aurelio Voltaire – When you’re evil
Tom Waits – I hope that I won’t fall in love with you
Angizia – Totenackerswing
Steam Powered Giraffe – Brass Goggles
Caravan Palace – Dramophone
Swingrowers – Butterfly
The Electric Swing Cirsus – Everbody want’s to be a Cat
Parov Stelar – Catgroove
Caravan Palace – Lone Digger
The Bad Things – Death of the Inferno
The Circus Contraption Band – If I told you once
Beat Circus – The Mack
The Citizens of Halloween – This is Halloween
Coppelius – I get used to it

DJ Galgenvogel


The Circus Contraption Band – Raining Pianos
The Scarring Party – The Kings Army
Johnny Hollow – Devils Night
Coppelius – Reichtum
Delaney Davidson – Lackies Man
The Bad Things – End of the world Polka
The Circus Contraption Band –
Circus Contraption – Hooochie Coochie Girls
Harlequin Johnes – Lords only Know
Bead Circus – Mandalay song
Copplius – Bitten DankePetitieren
Circus Contraption – Pink Elephants on paradea
Dead Brothers – Drunkards Dream
Delaney Davidson – i slept late
The Scarring Party – The Apostate
Tango with Lions – In the Bar

Rammstein Morgenstern

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