Freitag, 22.11.19

DJ Beardless


Metallica – The day that never comes
Megaderth – Devil’s Island
Anthrax – Madhouse
Slayer – Angel of death
Amon Amarth – First kill
Wind Rose – Drunken dwarwes
Brothers of Metal – Gods of war
Sabaton – Fields of verdun
Beast in Black – Blind and frozen
Blind Guardian – Into the storm
Accept – Teutonic terror
Savatage – Chance


Metal Church – Dead city
Bloodbound – Rise of the dragon empire
Victorious – Super sonic samurai
Rage – Lord of the flies
Iron Maiden – Bloodbrothers
Tenacious D – Tribute

DJ Weizen

Rammstein – Engel
Edguy – Lavatory love Mashine
Hammerfall -Heeding the Call
Iced Earth – Black Flag
Alestorm Captain Morgan´s Revange
Bloodbound – Blackwater Bay


Adorndbrood – Hammerfeste
Tyr – Another Fallen Brother
Grave Digger – The Round Table
Helloween – Dr.Stein
Grailknights – Grailquest Gladiators
Gloryhammer – Hootsforce
Metallica – Whiplash
Sodom – Agent Orange
Venom – In Leage with satan
Judas Priest – Braking the Law
Accept – i´m a Rebel
Powerwolf – Night of the Werewolfs
Burning Witches – Executed
King Leoric – Warrior´s Tune


DJ Beardless

Wind Rose – Diggy diggy hole
Brothers of Metal – Son of odin
Dark Oath – Brother’s fall
Equilibrium – Blut im Auge
Alestorm – Drink
Korpiklaanii – Vodka
Turisas – Rasputin
Blind Guardian – The bard’s song (in the forest)
Blind Guardian – Nightfall
Sabaton – To hell and back
Beast in Black – Sweet true lies
Gloryhammer – Universe on fire
Rhapsody – Power of the dragonflame


(kleines Geburtstagslied)

Brothers of Metal – Prophecy of ragnarök
Amon Amarth – The way of vikings
Ensiferum – One man army
Dethklok – Awaken
Belzebubs – Blackened call
Ensiferum – In my sword i trust
Nightwish – Over the hills and far away

DJ Weizen

Heidefolk – Sachsenland
Finntroll – Nattfödd
Caladan Brood – Book of the Fallen
Black Messiah – Mime´s Tod


Iced Earth – The Hunter
First Strike – Science Aganst Life
Axxis – White Light
Metallica – Welcome Home
Tankard – One Food in the Grave
Slayer – New Faith
Kreator -Phobia
Toxic Holocaust – Endless Amageddon
The Vision Bleak – Lone Night Rider
In The Woods – I am your Flash
Black Dahlie Murder – Kings of Nightworld
Dimmu Borgia – Hybrid Stagmata

Family Guy – Don´t mess with Mr. Booze

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