Freitag, 15.11.19

DJ Weizen


Tankard – R.I.B
Sodom – In War and Pieces
Holly Moses – Devils Dancer
Metallica – The Four Horsemen
Kreator – Against the rest
Slayer – Repentless
Megadeth – Hangar 18
Iron Maiden – Where Eagles Dare
Saxon – Princess of the Night
Black Sabbath – N.I.B
Savatge – Hall of the Mounten King
Grave Digger – Havy Metal Breakdown
Blind Guardian – Valhalla


TYR – Lady of the Slain
Skiltron – Skiltron
Ensiferum – Lai Lai Hey
Heidevolk – Het bier zal weer vloeien
Finntroll – Jaktens Tid
Amon Amarth – Shield Wall
Haven shall Burn – Hunters will be Hunted

DJ Beardless

Arch Enemy – Nemesis
Dethklok – Go into the water
Ensiferum – One man Army
Equilibrium – Die Weide und der Fluss
Blind Guardian – Nightfall


Brothers of Metal – Njord
Rage – Soundchaser
Burning Witches – Wings of steel
Heilung – Alfadhirhaiti
Amon Amarth – The way of vikings
Dethklok – Awaken
Destruction – Bestial Invasion
Metallica – Orion
Rob Zombie – Dragula
Pain – Let me out
Slipknot – Psychosocial
In Flames – Cloud connected


Motörhead – Ace of Spades
Rage – Straight to hell
Wind Rose – Diggy diggy hole
Hammerfall – Renegade
Beast in Black – No surrender
Brothers of metal – Son of Odin
Bloodbound – Giants of heaven
Orden Ogan – Dying paradise
Equilibrium – Unbesiegt
Wolfheart – The hunt
Amon Amarth – First Kill
Sepultura – Roots bloody roots
Korn – Evolution
Tenacious D – Belzeboss


DJ Weizen

Runnging Wild – Under Jolly Roger
Helloween – Heavy Metal (is the Law)
Manowar – Sleipnir
Testament – Eyes of Wrath
Tankard – Die With a Beer in Your Hand
Slayer – South of Heaven
Anthrax – Caught in a Mosh
Sodom – M-16
Burning Witches – Jawbreaker
Judas Priest – One shot at Glory
Iced Earth – Seven Headed Whore
Amon Amarth – Iron Side
Kataklysm – In Shadows & Dust


DJ Domi „Hardcore Fucking Punk“ nator

Erstma mehr Thrash

Dark Angel – Perish In Flames
SOD – Speak English Or Die
Warbringer – Systematic Genocide
Destruction – Mad Butcher
Kreator – Ripping Corpse
Exodus – Bonded By Blood – wer hat die CD geklaut!
Slayer – Black Magic
Tankard – Acid Death
Motörhead – Iron Fist
Exploited – Beat The Bastards
Rawside – Your Life Gets Crushed
Crude SS – Chaos
Discharge – Protest And Survive
Nuclear Devastation – Rotting In Guilt
Azidec – Don’t Ask For Permission
Extreme Noise Terror – Jesus On My Side
Disfear – Testament
Anal Trump – That Makes Me Smart LP
You Gotta Treat Em Like Shit
Some Mexicans Aren’t Rapists
I Like The Soldiers Who DON’T Get Captured
My Daughter Is A Piece Of Ass
Poor People Are Too Stupid To Get A Loan From Their Parents
There’s My African American!
Blood Coming Out Of Her Wherever
Mexican Judges Don’t Count
Journalism Is Gay
I’d Date My Daughter
Grab Em By The Pussy
Take His Coat
Breast Feeding Is Gay
Ted Nugent Is Cool
Dave Mustaine Is Cool
Trump Tower Has The Best Taco Bowls
Poll Watcher
Some Things Saddam Hussein Did Well
Changing Diapers Is Gay
Build That Wall
Alex Jones Is Smart
I’m In Astonishingly Excellent Health
Stay In Your Pens
911 Was Inconvenient For Me, Personally
Make America Great Again
Nobody Respects Women More Than Me
Harriet Tubman Is, Like, A 3
I Demand An Apology!
That Makes Me Smart!

Fuck Off And Die

Prodigy – Breathe

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