Samstag, 28.09.19

D reisterneDJ Popov

starring janet leight – wrath
vomitory – when silence conquers
hypocrisy – the fourth dimmension
cranial – dark (mööp die spieln heut in Würzburg und ich bin hier -.-‚)
mantar – white nights
unleashed – execute them all
asphyx – deathhammer
deicide – serpents of the light
scalpture – flattened horizons
bethlehem – dorn meiner allmacht (wow, du bist hart tiefgründig)

DJ Metteo

aaskereia – gedanken (aaaahhhh aaaaaaah)


Marduk – Accuser / Opposer
Necros Christos – Black Mass Desecration
Anaal Nathrakh – The Joystream
Macabre Omen – Alexandros Ode A´
Nagelfar – Hetzjagd in Palästina
Drudensang – Sterbelicht
Bathory – The Lake
Batushka – Yekteniya IV
Kvelertak – Mjod
Tankard – Freibier
Toxic Holocaust – Nuke the Cross
Spasm – Miss Piss Jr.


Torsofuck – Raped by Elephants
No One Gets Out Alive – My Rifle, My Banjo and Me!
Ahumando Granujo – Ashtray made of Beef
Gutalax – Tease the Ass
Trigger – I don´t wanna let you dance
Bob Malmström – Du kan lita pa mig
Disrupt – Tortured Lungs
Wolfbrigade – Reality Lashes
Conan – Volt Tower
Legalize Crime – 50 Bags of Cocaine
Nikander – Ve Stinu Val
Dopethrone – Scum Fuck Blues
Lord Dying – A Wound Outside of Time
Temple of Oblivion – Unbarmherzig Peitschen die Wogen
Woods of Infinity – Slicka Fitta
Lifelover – Led by Misfortune
Silencer – The Slow Kill in the Cold
Cult of Fire – Death
nargaroth – A Whisper Underneath the Bark of Old Trees
Nattfog – yön Varjoista
Dodsferd – Hypocritic Shitfuckers Still Breathing
Norrhem – Voittoon Tai Kuolemaan
Oscult – Nihilistic Schizophrenia
Schrat – Kriegsgericht

DreisterneDJ Popov
lifelover – ms salmonella
carpathian forrest – he’s turning blue
dimmu borgir – puretania
pig destoroyer – the diplomat
nasum – closer to the end
necrophagist – fermented offal discharge
the faceless – xenochrist
fleshgod apocalypse – the violence
immolation – god complex
anaal nathrakh – this cannot be the end
thorns – stellar master elite
immortal – blashyrk
satyricon – fuel for hatred
coldworld – tortured by the solitude
gut – cripple bitch
gronibard – a life’s a life
dying fetus – pissing in the mainstream
broken hope – pitbull grin
blood – dogmatize
macabre – vampire of dusseldorf
le scrawl – one by one
isacaarum – bitchbrigade
grave – into the grave
nile – lashed to the slavestick
death crystal mountain
opeth – deliverance
radiohead – creep
beasty boys – sabotage
johnny cash – hurt
kokomo – kill the captain feed the fish
enslaved – ruun

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